May 27 2016

Recap’ing Neon Milk – An Idea From the Graybosch & Higby Readings

If you follow all of my work rather than just the title pieces that interest you, you have seen the work I have been doing with Matthew Grabysoch and Cynthea Masson. Matthew and I are doing a chapter by chapter review of Cynthea Masson’s book “The Alchemists’ Council”.

This project gave me an idea for another of my own. Why not do commentary pieces on my interpretation of the lyrics for the songs from Recap’s album “Neon Milk”?

One of my favorite things about the album was that the lyrics have some deep meaning. I am sure I will interpret some things differently than they meant them to be, but that is just part of the beauty of language.

A few important notes:
– I am not doing these on a set schedule. I try to stay fluid for creativity reasons, so will do these as inspired.
– Typically I will do one song per piece, but may do up to three per article.
– The Recap Band approves this project πŸ™‚
– Watch for the first one to come in the near future!

For you, Recap fans that think this will be a cool segment do me a favor and take a moment to check out the other project that helped generate the base concept for me!

Be sure to check out their books also, here’s some Amazon links!

The latest update from Matthew Graybosch and myself in which we read chapter 1 can be found over here. Cynthea Masson also posted in response to our piece on her blog over here.

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