June 14 2016

Shroud of the Avatar Dresses up Xounts and Makes Noise

Xounts is a new Kickstarter taking place which promises “the most immersive music experience ever”. I am not sure about you but that is a great item to have for any gamer! If you are a Shroud of the Avatar player though, you are really in luck!

Xounts has teamed up with Portalarium to offer a Shroud of the Avatar “style” for your Xounts at no extra cost! This thing makes it stand up and scream “SotA” from what I am seeing!

I can’t personally recommend the Xounts as I have not tried it, so, we will let Richard Garriott tell you a bit about it instead! You can view his video, the full details of this offer, how to take advantage of it, and watch some all videos by Xounts ambassadors all over here:

So here’s a clip from the details. Be sure to head over and check it all out and see if this may be the best thing you could get for Fathers day this year! Well.. Sign up for anyway, it IS a Kickstarter.

Top sound
Flat panel technology
6.5″ Subwoofer
Full connectivity
Warm-light LED bulb
White Basic Style Cover
Optional powerbank, Multicolor and Bluetooth
Save up to 40%

There was also some info on this cross-promotion in the latest release of the SotA Weekly Update.

Here is a link directly to the Xounts Kickstarter but be sure to use that first link I put up above if you want the Shroud of the Avatar skin!

*Please note I have not personally had a chance to use this product. I am pointing out it’s existance but without actually touching and using a product I do not rmake a “recommendation”. You will need to judge for yourself on this one unless I manage to acquire one of these in the future to give you a review on it. Until then, why not come back and post a comment if you try one of these out and let people know what you think? When you get it of course!

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