April 8 2014

Grnarrow art thread/Unity Assets

I really love some of the pieces he has put out. More importantly, all of the pieces featured on his thread have been submitted and accepted… You will recognize many of the books as being in game I am sure!

Here is something he had to say to me:

I’m only following SotA peripherally now, and won’t be doing any new items in the future. So you may not want to include me since I have, in effect, “retired”.

This is a bit disappointing but I also respect peoples choices.. but….. Pop by his thread and drop him a note, let him know how awesome his art is, and so forth… and maybe you’ll convince him to make us some more coolness!

I know I appreciate the fact that in 2015 when I am strolling through my library I know who to attribute a lot of those book covers to. Thank you Grnarrow!

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