April 13 2014

Redfish Art Thread/Unity Assets

Redfish is a great member of the community. Very active in the forums and he has also helped me out a couple of times with some things.

He also has an art thread for Unity Asset’s. Its not very big, no. It does have a couple of cool items on it though and even if it was a single one, that is worth mention in my onion!

One of the reasons he hasn’t done much with this is that hes been doing a lot of Vectors for the College of Arms. Considering he gets some pretty cool perks from Portalarium for submitted/accepted art and that (to the best of my knowledge anyway), College of Arms work doesn’t – I think that says a lot about his character and wanting to help the community.

So be sure to hit his forum

redfish's art thread | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.



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