March 9 2014

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Resources - Game Guides

Book Publishing GuideUsing Magic Printing Press by Themolock
Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond Crafting Book. Crafting Recopies in Spreadsheet format.Originally created by Stile Teckel, taken to whole new levels and maintained by Sir Isycle
Emote List and LocationWhere to learn all the in-game Emotes at
Game InstructionsPortalarium offical
General Game FAQDame Lori's of Forsaken Virtues
Housing guide by Dame Lori of Forsaken Virtues
Housing Guide pagePortalarium offical
Tantalus Consortium Visual Guide to Player Owned Town Submission FormOfficial Forum thread
Understanding the Deck System - The 5/5/18 Method and How to Modify it For Your Needs

Caverns 2017 Fundraiser
$453 / $1,200

Donations towards the costs of running the Caverns Community are always appreciated and every tiny bit helps! Please visit the donation page for more information.

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