June 10 2014

ONBE, Chaos, Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant and ONBE Medal

Chaos Medal made by Sir Frank

ONBE is The Order of the New Britannia Empire. A designation/name by Portalarium of composed of real life people given membership by the game company. The first person to be given recognition as a member was Dame Lori.

  • Knighthood – A Knight hood is given to single individuals as recognition of a sort of service to the crown. Much like real life historical Knighthoods.
  • Royal Warrant – A Royal warrant is given to an individual or community that produces a good the crown uses. Again this is patterned after real life history. An example would be a king might have had a particular tailor that the King used as their tailor. They would grant a Royal warrant making it public that this is the king’s chosen tailor giving them fame.
  • Order of Chaos was added as a Reward for Starr “Lord Darkstar” Long to give out, with the first one going to Shooter Jennings on 7/6/2015. It his personal equivalent of the ONBE which is given by Lord British.

You can find a list of recipients, dates, and reasons on the SotA Wiki at the following links.

Knighthood – http://sotawiki.net/sota/Onbe

Roal Warrants – http://sotawiki.net/sota/Royal_Warrant

Order of Chaos – http://sotawiki.net/sota/Order_of_Chaos

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