February 23 2014


Guy Filing

Things every SotA player will need or should want!

Caverns Crafting book with Sir Isycle
Font – New Britannia Language font – Machine – As if done by a typewriter – By Sir Frank.
Font – New Britannia language fonts (3 different versions, made by Dame Lori of Forsaken Virtues). Original Versions.
Font – New Britannia language fonts (3 different versions, made by Dame Lori of Forsaken Virtues). Version 2.0 – Dots instead of periods. TTF version.
Font – Ultima Rune language font. Whatever you type automatically converts to the Ultima Font. This collection includes 20 different fonts including Gargoyle.
Information packets from Portalarium for submitting artwork submissions. How, where, what, guidelines, etc. Contains 4 documents.
Pledge rewards chart/spreadsheet originally done by Sir Frank KC (updated by others at times) which show the rewards by pledge level or overall.
Quick Reference Card Catalog/Book - By Jynx
Store Catalog - created and maintained by Stile Teckel
Umuri's SOTA HUD - Combat stats, Log parsing, Legible /stats and more!

Some Recommendations from Stile that I wouldn’t want to go without!

Desktop Gadget (Windows Vista & 7) - D&D Dice Roller – With just a few clicks you can create any number sided die and in any quantities and combinations and hit roll. This can be handy when trying to figure out how how to make a tough choice, even if you do only use it as a 1D2 or 1D3 all the time.
Desktop Gadget (Windows Vista & 7) - NotesLarge – This is a post it note pad but my favorite ive ever found. It has 10 pages, which you can put as much text as you want in. You have two size options and 5 color options for each pad. You can install as many as you want.
Desktop Gadget (Windows Vista & 7) - Vistacalculator202 – This is the latest version of one of the Calculator desktop gadget options that came with Windows Vista. A very slick calculator in that it is simple. This is for doing quick math not Finite math. It does expand out and offer some additional functions when desired.
Twitter in Outlook!

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