June 12 2014

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Tools - Maps & Locations

NameLinkDescriptionMisc Notes
Ardoris Less Ardurous by Birko
Ardoris SewersMad Hermit Gaming
Cloth Style high detail map of New BritanniaBy Shrouded_Recluse
Dragon Cove Map by Decani Tour and Expedition
Interactive online map, filter legends
Map Collection on SotA Wiki
Map Coordinates - Spreadsheet
New Britannia - Island of Novia09-06-2015 - Stile Teckel Favorite
Player Town Calculator
Sewer, Catacomb, Mine and Dungeon Maps by Spero Gottskraft
SotA interactive map - SotAmap.com9-26-2015 - A Stile Teckel Favorite!
SAMMhttps://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/introducing-samm-a-free-mini-map-in-the-style-of-uoam-update-10-12-16.64307/A FREE Mini-Map in the style of UOAM

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