March 8 2014


File Desk

Bartle test – What kind of gamer are you? This Bartle test will give you results of what type of gamer you are based on 4 different categories. ITs fairly cool and works for most people to a certain degree if not completely.

Fantasy name Generator – This name generation form is almost limitless in its flexibility.

The Mad Hermits – Village of Reclusive – Play in his home from your browser, made of Shroud of the Avatar Game Asset’s including housing!

Map – Interactive map (choose different legends to show or not to show) of Novia.

Mozy – Backup your saves games, screen shots, contact information and more – offsite, automated, on your schedule, what you choose, up to 2 gigs per month for FREE. 
Story – I have personally been using Mozy for years. It has been beneficial more then once. More importantly a large pool of friends use me on occasion as IT help. So I told them all to USE MOZY!  Shortly after, one of them called me “My hard drive crashed, i lost all my photos”. I said “Didn’t use Mozy did you?”.  Well, they paid for hard drive data recovery.  USE MOZY – It works, its FREE! Use me as a referral and you get 250 more megs free (use the link on this page to use me as a referral automatically).

Trillian – One social network program to rule them all! I have been using Trillian since the early days when my social networks where ICQ, Aim, and MSN. Trillian gives you a single interface to connect all those. These days it still does all that but also with the addition of Face book, Twitter, and other modern social networks as well as voice chat integration. Its also free! I stopped using it for a long time but with my involvement of the SotA community had to get a Pro copy when it was one sale, because of the sheer number of people I work with and the vast differences in choices of communication.

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