May 9 2014

Slash finishes DND1 for contest AND an enhanced versions DNDX

Slash has determined he has finalized his DND1 entry!

Here’s what he has to say. Visit the site for full details and to try it out!

Oh my, it’s been quite a LOT of work!

I was frankly running out of motivation to finish this; had it not been for the other challengers and their messages in the forums, I would probably have given up :/

But it is not this day, this day WE FIGHT!

So, there are the finished version for both DND1 (The direct port) and… surprise oh surprise, DNDX, the remake I made from scratch!

DND1/DNDX – Finished at last | SlashLand.


Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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Posted May 9, 2014 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Crowdsourcing, Other Games

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