February 13 2016

Starr Long visits Sweden / Get Free Books From #DiscoverSciFi

What’s more is he is giving some presentations during his travels. Here’s a quick little snippet from an article with a video posted at TV2 OJ. This is from a Google Translate so it may not be perfect!

Tuesday morning he visited just Erhvervsakademi Dania to give a presentation about a new trend in the field of game development, “Open Development”.

I’m sure he is having a great time and is happy to be conducting business at the same time. Go check out the video and article here.


I’m all about the reading as you know. Always showing you cool books on Amazon and such!

A new reading source that I have on my radar is DiscoverSciFi.com. DiscoverSciFi.com is a website that is being done by multiple Science Fiction authors and they currently have a chance to enter for a drawing of some great prizes simply by popping over to the site and not doing much more then plugging in an email address.

Their grand prize package is a collection of some major books signed by some well known authors, I highly recomend checking it out!

Space.Com has a great article detailing the entire project.

The website, called Discover Sci-Fi, is a joint venture of 10 science fiction authors who intend to offer deals for discounted and free books, contests, sneak peaks and inside looks into the writers’ processes. It features the writers Matthew Mather, Nick Webb, Samuel Peralta, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Michael Grumley, Evan Currie, Autumn Kalquist, Jay Allan, Darren Wearmouth and Joshua Dalzelle (as listed in an introductory email).

You can grab that over here:

You ALSO GET A FREE E-BOOK! VERY EASY They send you a confirmation email, click a link, pick your format and/or delivery. You have it. They made this extremely easy to do for you and I am already interested in the site without the free goodies!

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