May 7 2016

Subscription Box Review – The Handy Box – FATHER’S DAY IS COMING!! – *SPOILERS*

I’ve crawled to the depths of the dungeon, killed the dragon, and re-surfaced with my loot! This time, it looks like the great dragon was a subscriber to The Handy Box

I think The Handy Box is hands down one of the most useful and coolest subscription boxes out there. Regardless of age, sex, or circumstances, it will most likely offer things you will find useful at some point or another. By the way, I put the razor blade on the box to show the size of it. If you are familiar with subscription boxes, you will realize how much larger this thing is than typical!

Let’s take a look at the subscription box I received this month!

The first thing I pulled out that grabbed my attention was this 9′ x 12′ tarp. I am a bit knowledgeable on tarps, and this is a decent tarp. You have grommets, UV protection, and it is heavy duty. Useful for a thousand things or more I am guessing! I will share a tip for those of you that have to move leaf’s every year!

Take this tarp and drop it in your yard. Using a leaf blower blow all the leaves in the surrounding area onto the tarp. Grab a corner of the tarp and pull it into another leafy area and repeat. Once the tarp is full of leafs, just slide it to the curb, leaf pile your burning, compost pile, or bags depending on what you do with them. I have personally done this, and it saves an incredible amount of time.

GO TARPS! Mine is going in my booth survival gear for The Cavern Store. Was actually something I wanted to add to my equipment and hadn’t purchased yet.

Next item I pulled out with anticipation (as it was wrapped and tied shut), was the Groove Joint Polished Pliers. Or more commonly known in my area, as Channel Locks! High Carbon Steel, Drop Forged, Polished Finish, and soft handle. Not only a set of four but a nice carrying case.

Just about everyone will find a use for these! If you are not familiar with them, they are sort of like pliers, but they open more and have a better grip. I have used them for plumbing, opening jars of paint the lids dried on, food jars, stuck faucets, and an untold number of things in my life.

I only had a couple of pairs floating around here and there. Not a set and spread out in my swelling. They are a costly tool and while I have always wanted a set I have never been able to invest into it. Go The Handy Box

I’ll be slotting this set into the tool bag in the house closest toolkit. This is my tool kit I keep inside the house all the time and is my most commonly used tools so that I don’t have to run to the garage for everything.

So the description for the Furniture Sliders indicates they are “great for protecting floors from scratches and damage”. I think they are leaving out a huge perk, and that is that in many situations it makes moving furniture by yourself you otherwise couldn’t, possible or even easy.

I have these on my tv stand for a large tv. It’s all a bit top heavy and wobbly just by nature, and sliding it without it moving smoothly is a bad idea. Without them, I would have to take the tv off to move the stand. I have used them for other things as well and if you have some around you will quickly wonder how you did without them!

This set is going in with my survival kits for my convention booth business with The Cavern Store. Never know when this may come in handy, and I will be happy to have had the foresight to include them. Thanks to The Handy Box

Finally but certainly not least, a 6-in-1 screwdriver. Thank you and may I have another, please? You can’t have too many of these things! Well, I suppose you could, but I think id be ok with another dozen of them!

Handy to have at reach anywhere you are. You could put one in your car, bathroom cabinet, bedroom, laundry room, den, closet, and any number of other places. Needing the use of a screwdriver just about anywhere in the home will come up a few times in your life if you live there a decent amount of time. While you wouldn’t go out and buy more than a couple Typically, getting a bonus one like this is a score!

Mine is going in the bedroom, next to the bed, in a thing-a-ma-jig-sorter-organizer, I have some various standard tools in.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a huge Fathers Day win! Maybe I am wrong, but as Fathers day presents go, this seems epic! [pullquote]Maybe I am wrong, but as Fathers day gifts go, this seems epic![/pullquote]

Great gift for the father or grandfather wether you get them a month or a year. In many cases just introducing them to it may be a win.

I am not a gambling man by most standards but I am willing to take the occasional small wager. I would put $10 that the next few months will see at least a few outdoor items from The Handy Box
that would encourage some exterior adventuring to happen as well.

I only recommend products I believe in and use myself, and The Handy Box
falls in that catagory. This is a nice subscription box, usefull, and a good value. In my opinon anyway!

Gift The Handy Box Monthly Subscription Box

I sometimes receive product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review and opinions. These may be different from your own. I carry a high set of personal ethics, and I provide only my honest opinions. You will not see highly negative reviews from me as I will return a product before I give it a bad review. I only review that which has more positive than negative in my opinion. My reviews are not just reviews but products I am recommending to you after I have fully evaluated them.

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