April 6 2016

Subscription Box Review – The Handy Box

It’s time for another subscription box review!

Specifically this time I am taking a look at The Handy Box

The Handy Box is a box of tools that any handy person can use around the yard and home. Where was this when I was moving out of mom’s house?! I hope this is around when my daughter moves into her own place as this would truly be awesome for someone starting out in their life, although certainly not limited to that purpose!

The Handy Box is the first monthly subscription box designed for handy men and women, DIY’ers (do it yourself-ers), and those who enjoy projects around the home. Each month, The Handy Box delivers useful tools and gadgets to help you complete projects of any size, whether you’re hanging a picture or renovating the bathroom.

I took a few days with this box and showed the photos to some friends of mine. Additionally, a couple of people were present when I opened it.

The overwhelming quote from four different people was something along the lines of “wow, that’s a lot of stuff for one subscription box!”. [pullquote]wow, that’s a lot of stuff for one subscription box![/pullquote]

This, of course, leads to different conversations about the box and its contents. The one that came up the most is that what makes this subscription great, is you can never seem to have too many tools. I used the example of having gone out a few years ago and buying 3x more screwdrivers than I needed and still can’t find the right one when I need it!

That is another aspect of extra tools. The ability to keep them in more than one place. I retain the majority of my things in the garage like most American men. Over time as I have collected extra tools I have also created toolkits that I keep in different places in the house for quick and small home projects. The Handy Box would be an excellent way to build up a tool collection and expand it into other useful places at the same time.

I don’t need to price the devices individually to see they are clearly worth more than the subscription cost of $28.95 (that includes the shipping).

I was personally happy with this box only as it will be useful. While I have more wrenches than anyone can ever use, they are hand me downs all in a big pile, so the wrench set was the coolest surprise for me!

Their website is easy to use, and I like the theme. They also show a lot of images of box examples which I like. I have been to numerous box sites where trying to find sample boxes is nearly impossible.

Summary? This box is a win! If you have a use or interest in these types of products I give it my recommendation.

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