September 14 2016

Staying Caught Up With Shoud of the Avatar

Hopefully, it will not be much longer until I am caught up with everything I do in my life, once again. So that you know, Shroud of the Avatar is partly to blame for that, and I love every minute of my game time! Just wish I could take more!

If you missed the Postmortem, pull up a chair and take a peek!

Published on Sep 9, 2016
Watch as the team chats about Release 33 and looks ahead to Release 34. We also answered many player questions, and gave out awesome prizes during the livestream.

Gamezone published an interview with Richard Garriott that you will not want to miss! Titled “An interview with Richard Garriott: How Shroud of the Avatar is looking to change RPGs” by Tom Caswell it is a great interview but be warned, it is also long!

This guy coined the term MMORPG, so it was a delight to sit down with him and pick his brain on his past and future, both of which proved to be equally fascinating.

Go check it out here

Markee Dragon continues to roll out great videos that will help you out with your gaming needs!


If Discord is your thing then this may interest you.

SoTA Speak is a Discord Server set up to provide players with a centralized, interactive, non-private, region-specific voice chatting system to promote community interaction.

Go read the whole article over here!

August 27 2016

Tools for Shroud of the Avatar Players – Part Six

One of my favorite websites, SotA housing, added another tool a few months back. It is called “House Lot Fence Calculator.” Directly on the internet site, you can determine how much fencing you need, what quantity, what it’s going to cost, and more.

I have not had a need to use this one yet, but much like their Player Owned Town Housing calculator, I am sure when the time comes I will be very appreciative!

Markee Dragon is still putting out videos that will be of help to many, continually. So grab yourself a bucket of fried frog legs and enjoy!


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If that doesn’t sway you, consider this. I am losing game time when I do these!

That is it for now, but yes there is a part Seven, which shall be the last in this “catch-up” series. I still have enough notes to do another piece. So watch for that to come soon!

August 18 2016

Lots of Newer Tools for Shroud of the Avatar Players – Part 3

Ok, let’s keep this moving and hopefully I can get the rest of these out to you so as to avoid a part 4!

This is rather hot off the presses! If you do not understand the Deck System in Shroud of the Avatar, TheBalance has posted a guide in the Shroud of the Avatar forums.

The goal of this post is to leave you with a solid understanding of the mechanics behind the deck system. It is not to provide you with the best build, mandatory glyphs, etc. It’s an example. An example that is functional, powerful, and easily adapted to any role you can hope to fill in this game. You can modify any aspect of what I’m about to walk you through, and you should modify it.

The Balance - Screenshot  - Understanding SotA deck

Head over to the forums for the whole thing and if you find it of use, tell them Stile sent you!

I have a Dagger of +7 to Orc Slaying!!!!

Is that sort of thing you want to be able to say. Crafters make that happen by using different materials that can be found from the world, in their wares. So what types of materials will do what sort of thing? Weins201 has the answer to many of those type of questions for you done up in a nice chart form!

Crafting Material Properties (inc Obsidian) Updated as of R30 (release 416)

Armor Material Properties_zps1o9phlid

Part 4 to come everyone, out of time for today!

July 22 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U1, U9, and U3

The downside to this Ultima 1 is there are no coins with it from what I saw. The upside is, free shipping, and currently, only has one bid at $20.00. This will most likely go higher, sure, but overall It will end up an excellent buy for someone.

Ultima I by Lord British (Commodore 64, 1986)

Ultima IX Ascension Used Game With Case (PC, 1999)

This Ultima IX is missing everythign! The auction is just for the disc. If you NEED just the disc though then you may be happy to grab it about as cheap as you can get it by just itself.

Ultima IX: Ascension Used Game With Case (PC, 1999)

Ultima Exodus - Nintendo NES Game - Cartridge, Manual, Hint Book & CaseUltima Exodus - Nintendo NES Game - Cartridge, Manual, Hint Book & Case

I may be completely wrong as I have not learned the cartridges much yet. I say yet as I definitely plan on doing so, if from nothing else in my overlap interest in retro gaming. This seems like a fairly decent price to me though and it has reasonable shipping.

Ultima Exodus – Nintendo NES Game – Cartridge, Manual, Hint Book & Case