July 15 2017

Results For This Months Patreon Drawing for CDB Has Been Posted!

Hello, everyone!

Happy to share that as the title indicates, this months giveaway for my Patron‘s and anyone that has donated a $1.00 or more since my last drawing, has been posted to my Patreon site.

It’s a great opportunity to make fun of my poor video skills when it comes to selfie’s as well as hear about some of the different things I have taking place as I ramble a bit in horrid attempts to entertain my viewers.

Enjoy, and as always thank you to those who help contribute to this blog and my other projects, so that I can continue to create.

If you just want to catch the announcement of the winner’s name, see the prizes, and read a couple sentences you can view the post here.

This month’s giveaway winner, and surprise prize finally shared! | Sir Stile Teckel on Patreon

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February 12 2017

Richard Garriott In the News

Richard Garriott is in the news on a general basis, but there are spurts based on his activities. Of late there has been a lot of pieces I have noticed. Here are some of the more interesting ones!

Polygon did this great piece titled “Richard Garriott: the man, the myth, the mischief”, which dives deeply into Richard’s new book.
Richard Garriott: the man, the myth, the mischief

Over on App.com is “FAN THEORY: Richard Garriott talks ‘Explore/Create”.
FAN THEORY: Richard Garriott talks 'Explore/Create'

Interesting topic over here at PC Magazine “Can Online Games Keep the Modern World From Falling Apart?”.
Can Online Games Keep the Modern World From Falling Apart?

I thought this piece was very cool as it just seems like something that would be very interesting to do. Published by Austin’s Business Journal “50 startups will pitch to Richard Garriott, LA Dodgers’ CFO at 2017 SXSW Accelerator contest”.
50 startups will pitch to Richard Garriott, LA Dodgers' CFO at 2017 SXSW Accelerator contest

Another book review by “The Space Review”.
The Space Review: Review: Explore/Create

Nothing really to see here as it already took place and was live. Just personally thought it sounded like a cool appearance.

hursday at 9 PM Eastern time, tune into Ham Talk Live! to hear Richard Garriott de Cayeux, W5KWQ talk about operating ham radio from the International Space Station and his new book, Explore/Create!

hursday at 9 PM Eastern time, tune into Ham Talk Live! to hear Richard Garriott de Cayeux, W5KWQ talk about operating ham radio from the International Space Station and his new book, Explore/Create!

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February 7 2017

Shroud of the Avatar Auction Spotlight – Sword of Midras Audiobook

If you haven’t picked up the Sword of Midras on Audiobook yet, this is a good chance to get it at a great price! Listed on Ebay with a Buy it Now of $8.32 and free shipping!

The Sword of Midras: A Shroud of the Avatar Novel

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December 21 2016

Ultima & SotA Auction Spotlight – U9, U5, and Midras

Just a few auctions that poked me a bit. Decent but not over the top exciting or anything.

For the Ultima IX crowd, here is an opportunity to get the Prima Strategy guide for under $10.00.

Ultima IX Ascension Prima’s Offical Strategy Guide

How about an Ultima V for a possible $25.00 + shipping? Wait! Don’t get too excited, as it is missing coin.

Commodore 64 Ultima V 5 Warriors Of Destiny Complete (No Coin) Great Shape

As an avid book reader, I have been very surprised by the amount of time it is taking for The Sword of Midras, by Tracy Hickman, to come down in price on Ebay. Overall it has stayed in the $15-22.00 range, and I see an occasional copy for around $5.00. This is one of those, so you Shroud of the Avatar fans may want to jump on it.

Sword of Midras: A Shroud of the Avatar Novel Blade of the Avatar

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December 11 2016

Geeks Cooking With Video Games, TV, Movies, and Books

A friend of mine has this concept that I think is cool, and was the first time I had ever heard of anything like it. Basically to take all the foods presented in a video game or series of video games, and making real life versions of those recipes as close to the games as possible. Put those all together into a cookbook and how cool is that?

In fact, he has a Patreon in place for just that thing. Goes by The Hearth of Britannia and you can check it out here if you are interested in the project. It revolves around the Ultima game series.

So when I saw a World of Warcraft Cookbook come across my radar, I was rather surprised! Then out of curiosity poked around on Amazon a bit. The following images link to Amazon (me being an affiliate and all that), but it’s a selection of what I would call “Geek Cookbooks”!

I am an “ok” cook (some people say I am good, I disagree). I don’t enjoy cooking, and so cookbooks have never been my thing. I’ve had plans to buy the Ultima cookbook of course, because, that’s Epic. If I was ever going to buy any others, here’s my selection!

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December 2 2016

Auction Spotlight – Ultimas and Ernest Cline & Armada Patches

We have quite a few this time, so let’s move through them!


Nothing rare, and in fact rather common but a lot of fun going on here in that you get four items, so if you have none of them, its a nice lot at a low price.

Currently at $10.50 but the shipping is a tad high. Might ask them to switch that to an economy.



Three maps for $60.00 Isn’t what I would call bad, but these are definitely three of the more common. I’d most likely personally watch for them for 10-15.00 each, but if I was in a mood I might snatch this for the coolness factor.

3 original ULTIMA cloth maps – Quest of Avatar, Warriors Destiny, False Prophet


Ultima IX Journal for $3.49 and inexpensive shipping may appeal to you.



Currently only $9.99 with low shipping!

Quest of the Avatar Ultima IV Apple II


I enjoyed Ernie Cline’s book “Armada” and noticed these cool Armada Patches.

Earth Defense Alliance Patch Ernest Cline Armada Ready Player One NYCC Exclusive




Speaking of Ernest Cline, if you have not read “Ready Player One” then this is a cool way to nab it as you get a poster and some other cool stuff!


November 26 2016

Auction Spotlight – Richard Garriott’s New Book On eBay!

So, as just about any of my readers know at this point, Richard Garriott has a book coming out 01/10/2017 that is quite the hot topic in a lot of circles.

You don’t have to wait! The Advanced Read copy has made an appearance on eBay, and you can go But It Now!

Explore/Create UNCORRECTED PROOF ARC by David Fisher, Richard Garriott de Cayeux

November 22 2016

Book Spotlight from Stile Teckel

I had recently done a review on the book “Dungeon Born” by “Dakota Krout”, as a book, I would recommend, found a bit unusual from the norm, and just really enjoyed overall. Gave me some great ideas for an RPG system or how I would alter one of my own to run in the future as well.

Having enjoyed it, I decided to try out a similar novel called “The Slime Dungeon” by “Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue.” This one is a two part series (at the moment), and I did read both of them.

I have to report back that I both enjoyed and was disappointed in this series.

Taken objectively it was an enjoyable read. Being that the “slime” was one of my favorite “mobs” in the Ultima Games and Shroud of the Avatar, to read a book in which the dungeon setup revolves around slimes was very enjoyable for me. In fact, some guild members and I were just killing slimes in Serpent’s Mine in SotA a few nights ago!

On the other hand, these books were VERY familiar. To the extent that if someone told me it was the same writer under a pen name, or another writer trying to copy one and change it just enough to get away with it, I would not be surprised at all. That is where the disappointment came from. In some ways it was unique, but in many ways, it seemed very much like a remake… That was not done quite as well.

While I did not enjoy it as much as Dungeon Born, to give it it’s fair due, taken on its own I am glad I read it. I would have preferred to have read these two first, then Dungeon born but you cannot go wrong with any of them!

I hereby dedicate this article to all the slimes I have killed in Ultima over my life!


Ankh Quill

November 16 2016

Book Reccomendation by Stile Teckel – Dungeon Born

Many of you have seen me mention I have been reading a lot of books in the LITRPG genre over the last few years (do not worry, though, I do not ignore other genre’s!).

One that has passed across my screen as I have ben looking for something to read, many times is “Dungeon Born” by Dakota Krout.

I passed it up many times, not because I did not feel it would be good but after reading the description, it was not a taste I was in the mood for.

Finally felt like this would “hit the spot” recently, grabbed it, read it, and am now talking about it because it was fantastic!

It has the feel of a Pen and Paper RPG but unlike some LITRPG, does not present the story as a game, or use game mechanics to describe things.

The concept is that Dungeons are born as a gem and that the dungeons are an extension of themselves. Or to give it a vibe I liked, you could picture you being the GM in a game, playing the dungeon.

What was fun about this story is it did give a lot of plausible thoughts to the things your party always cry about. You know things like, why is the gold mine always by the entrance? Why is the entrance not hidden? Why does it continually respawn!!!!

All in all, it was an enjoyable read combined with the willingness to let my disbelief go for a bit.

What I would very much like to see, if it’s not already done (I haven’t checked yet so there may be!), is a RPG pen and paper version of this. I think it could make for some great gameplay and ma fun mechanics system for the GM!

Ankh Quill