September 5 2018

Auction Spotlight – Shroud of the Avatar AND Ultima

Since I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of stuff popping up for a while, I am going to keep it short!

Currently has a $30 big and is about $10 shipping. Claims to be the $200 reward level, but as it is sealed no way to verify without opening.
Lord British's Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Collector's Edition | eBay

I spotlighted this one last time, but going to toss it up here again as it really is a nice auction!
Shroud of the Avatar SEALED Collector's Box Royal Founder Physical Rewards | eBay

What caught my eye on this one is it has the rune stones with it. Harder to find! I would verify count with the seller though. I’m missing one in my set (I knew that when purchased though), don’t want any surprises!

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (PC, 1991) 3.5" Disks, Rune Bag, Cluebook 17814788109 | eBay

This one triggered a successful spot check, as its flat out slick! Would love to have one of these in my Cave!

Ultima Online Lithograph UO 15th Anniversary – New Condition | eBay

Be sure to check out my Patreon! Themed around dice as a cool way to give you something back that is game related, but also helps pay for the time and hosting used for stuff like this!

Donate – Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond

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March 27 2018

A Prototype Art Review of Work Obtained from Relics by Rild


Having been here since day #1, I can only say it has been a wild ride so far, and I’m glad it’s technically just starting!!

Hello Players!

If you’ve been saying to yourselves lately, that Stile guy has become worthless.. Well.. I.. Um, Yeah, let’s just leave it at “busy” and not even try to go beyond that explanation!

I’m here though, so pony up the Bribes for your GM and let’s roll initiative! Pass me a Mountain dew, some Cheeto’s and pull out your enchanted daggers and magic Missles!

This session at the table is going to be quick as I need some sleep. I DO have a big Keeping up with SotA piece coming, and should have it out in the next day or two. I hope. It was originally going to be part of this one *green*

Rolling a critical today is Relics by Rild! Taking some serious notes over the past few years on the importance of releases, Rild decided to boost support for the game by launching an entirely new line of Canvas Prints ON GAME LAUNCH DAY!

Those cool paintings in-game? GET THEM FOR REALS! No dart trap’s, no Mimic’s, just fantastic objects of art! Not only that, Whether you want normal Human size or Colossal Red Dragon sized, you can get it!

Now I will admit I fudged a roll behind the screen back here, and the Featured image of this posts show’s one of these below a sword, making it look REALLY big!

Well, It might have done better at doing so, If I was a better photographer in terms of experience with trying to pull that off. It was a ruse though, as I just used a sword letter opener.

The one you’re seeing here in the photos is a prototype that some Rogue went in and slipped out of this massive pile of stuff Rild sleeps on, and burgled it out some back passageway, past this annoying bird that just kept pecking away. Until I eventually acquired it and now get to review it for you!

So I did what all folks do when acquiring a new item, and rolled my appraisal skill. I was highly impressed with the quality of the frame. The wood is clean, not rotting, no splinters. Corners meet well, plenty of staples to keep the Vinyl in place yet fully sunk at the same time! It’s not Masterwork, nor would one expect such for a hidden frame, but frankly, in my opinion, it’s better then it needs to be!

In fact, I contacted Rild and asked him if he was crafting in the shop and had leveled up his carpentry skills recently. We talked, it was a good time.

To create an entire scroll rack out of a simple appraisal roll, Id also add that I really like the small one’s as you could do up an entire wall with all the different ones! Then you could do your ceilings in the big ones!!

Lot’s of other cool things in the store including some sales that have Dwarven smiths running for their gem Caches!

Relics by Rild – Shroud of the Avatar Merchandise

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March 6 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U2 and U7

Two auctions that caught my eye today.

This first one, well, because it’s an Ultima Two and let’s face it. That’s eye-catching worthy on its own! The box is a beat up, and I am not too sure about the buy it now of $150.00. Not a bad price for a U2, but this one is not a 100% perfect. If I were buying for my collection right now, I’d consider it, though.

Ultima II Commodore 64 Atari 400 800 Home Computers Origin Systems Ultima 2 game

This U7 has no trinket and the map has some spots on the back. Regardless though with no bids, this could end up being an inexpensive addition for someone.

ULTIMA VII: The Black Gate ORIGIN 1992 RPG Computer Game w/ Cloth MAP & Box

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August 27 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Forever Map, Rustic Dragon Hobloth III

The Ultima Forever maps have eluded my grasp for a long time now, partly due to my insistence to get a good buy in the past. It’s actually rather interesting that at one time I had spent weeks watching them sell like crazy on Ebay and watched as the price was down to about $20-30.00. One week I loaded up to go to New York to visit Richard Garriott, came home, and saw that I had missed a chance to nab both maps they produced for under $15.00 while I was away. Yes, that still hurts!

I have only seen them go up on Ebay since that time a couple of times and usually for a starting price of about $50.00. Ahh, did that window of opportunity slam shut hard on me!

Ultima Forever: Quest For the Avatar Cloth Map

Ultima Forever Virtue Cards

Another cool SWAG item that Ultima Forever did were the Virtue cards. There was a smaller size set and a larger size set. I have one of them sealed (I believe it’s the larger) and they are pertty neat.

Ultima Forever Virtue Cards

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Double Sided Cloth Map Exclusive

If you didn’t attend or donate to the Hobloth III for a set of trinkets, you still have a chance to get them!

Rustic Dragon did a great job on these type of items for the previous events and they have been very popular in the community. I know that I am getting excited knowing I have a set of these coming to me in the mail from my donation! I also own a set from the Holboth II and they are superb. So if you have any doubts as to whether you want to add these to your colelction, shouldn’t! They are sweet!

Go get em!!!

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Double Sided Cloth Map Exclusive 18×12!

Grey Codex of Ultimate Wisdom Dice Bag HoBLotH III Hearth of Britannia Ultima

Blue Codex of Ultimate Wisdom Dice Bag HoBLotH III Hearth of Britannia Ultima

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Origin Wake Sew On Patch OSI