August 30 2017

Portalarium, Shroud of the Avatar, It’s Dev’s, and It’s Community


Shroud of the Avatar has now successfully raised over Twelve Million in funding. That’s worth taking note of! My congratulations to everyone involved in that, something to be proud of.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent going on’s that are involved in that, shall we?

With Richard Garriott having opportunities to talk about it a bit at a Gaming Convention with over 350K people, I hope we will see a few new players!

Gamescom 2017 Keynote Speakers Announced; Includes Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene, Richard Garriott, and More

GamesCom 2017 – Preview

More than 350,000 attend Gamescom 2017 – Thumbsticks

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Panel Coming To Gamescom – GameSpot

Gamasutra – Press Releases- From Playerunknown's

Speaking of Richard Garriott and conventions.

Devcom to return in 2018 |

A community continuing to create resources for each other!

Travel journal about the South entrance to Dragomir Mori – Part 1 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Travel journal about the South entrance to Dragomir Mori – Part 2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

The Rest…

Shroud of the Avatar works on replacing placeholder scenes – Massively Overpowered

Also if you did not see one of my new projects, I am running an online auction site now. Located in my store,, where you can also find Shroud of the Avatar Items listed under the “virtual Games” category, under the “shop here” menu tab. More products being added all the time!

What’s great about this project is that we sell for the community for a fairly low commission. If you want to learn more about it why not just drop my an email at

I also have a nice write-up detailing the program over here in the forums:
Online Auction Services at being offered | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

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January 4 2017

General Updates From the Game Master

Hello everyone, yes I am still here! I was thinking about the fact I have not gotten many words out in the last couple of weeks and decided it was time for one of my rare updates!

First for those of you who follow the Ultima Auction spotlight’s, and other auction types I do on occasion. No worries! I just honestly haven’t seen much of anything that’s felt worthwhile.

I guess the Holidays have slowed down auction postings by people, much like my vendor sales in Shroud of the Avatar have died. Which (shameless plug) by the way, all have full sets of

crafting stations just for starters!

Back to updates…

If you missed it I lost my regular employment on 12/23/2016 (company lay off), and I have been preparing, one of my businesses selling LARP, Cosplay, and Gaming (board, card, RPG) to begin traveling and selling at conventions.

I will spare you with the details as to why it’s taking me weeks of working 120+ hours to get prepared! I begin going on the road in two days (*winces wondering how he’ll wrap up that quickly*)! Currently, I am working on getting my transportation ready for travel this weekend. My next two days will be consumed with almost nothing else, before going on the road Friday. While a lot looks done, I have barely gotten started!

So when will I be paying more attention to the blog? SOON!

I actually received a subscription box today that I will be trying to do a review on in the next few days.

I definitely need to write-up another Neon Milk Lyric review (or rather finish the one I have started).

Beyond that, I have several articles saved I hope to be getting back to soon!

So that’s the short version of the current news as it stands, and as always I am still here and hope to get back to regularly scheduled blabbering soon!

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June 23 2016

SotA Con 2016 – On the East Coast Announced

If you haven’t seen it floating around on the social sites and at the Shroud of the Avatar forums yet, you may want to take note that a Shroud of the Avatar Convention on the East Coast is being put together!

If you want to get in on the discussions, here is the offical forum thread. Tell them that Stile sent you!

Heres a snipper from the forum annoucment but go read it all!

At least someone from PaxLair, Port Phoenix, Avatars Radio, NBNN, and many other communities have committed to attendance.

At least 3 developers have committed to attendance. [pullquote]At least 3 developers have committed to attendance.[/pullquote]

Potentially, we will recreate a board game using the map of Novia as the board!

Group gaming opportunities

Potentially, group meals with garb encouraged!

Vendors from the SotA community

Potentially, a kid friendly area!A 1st year exclusive attendance reward will be given out at the event!

The SotAcon website is over this way: