December 2 2016

Aartemis Posted “The Lunar Rift Chronometer!” For Shroud of the Avatar

If you plan on doing any travel by Moon Gate, this will definitely be of interest to you!

Release 1.1 (9/26/16)
– Added Current Moon Phase to Display.

Release 1.0
– Adjusted/Tested in Multiple Time zones (We are Eastern)
– Might have to adjust when Daylight Time ends. 🙂 Did testing, but you never know.
– Added Destination Names for each Rift Location – Might be helpful for some.
– Added a Comment Box for concerns/questions.
– Did as much research and testing as we could to make sure it was as accurate as possible, however as with anything else, we built it for fun as game helper app. Hopefully it works for all of you as well.

Here is a link to it at the SotA forums. Be sure to tell them Stile sent you!

November 7 2016

Ultima & SotA Auction Spotlight – MD, Adventures, and Sword of Midras

Martian Dreams for a buy it now of $40.00 with reasonable shipping seems like a fairly good deal to me if it is complete. This one does look like it is, but do a thorough check before bidding!!/Ready-For-Battle-Cape/p/54095609/category=14393408

Sword of Midras Book Cover

For you Shroud of the Avatar fans and collectors that have been waiting to get The Sword of Midras at a lower price. Looks like you are in luck! Seven dollar buy it now with resonable shipping is one of the cheapest copies I have seen of this on Ebay so far.

Mouse over image to zoom Have one to sell? Sell now Blade of the Avatar: The Sword of Midras : A Shroud of the Avatar Novel 1 by


I saw a note from a member of the UDIC (Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter) about this acutions, so thought I would share it!

Avatar Adventures – Second Trilogy Guide Book 1992

November 4 2016

Shroud of the Avatar Homes of New Britannia – Decorating Contest

Contest Homes

Currently in Shroud of the Avatar, one of the more enthusiastic and active parts of the community are those decorating their homes. There is a multitude of reasons for this, but let’s look at it from a logical and straightforward standpoint.

The game is in pre-release stages right now and has not officially launched. Personally, I could play for a year or more the way it is now and not get bored! I think it’s about choosing your attitude and looking at what is present instead of focusing on what is still in development, not going to be done, or isn’t coming for a long time yet.

However one of the most flushed out aspects of the game IS the housing element. Therefore it is straightforward that the players most interested in that would also currently be the ones most interested in the housing. As other areas are fully launched the player interest for those areas will also increase. I LOVE being in a game to be a part of that emerging development.

So knowing all that it’s time to decorate! What better way to do that then to have contests?

From Berek over on the forums:

Get those creative house decorating ideas ready, Avatars! Show the community the curb appeal you can bring to a town as folk walk down the street, and the wonder in the eyes of those who step in to visit your cozy abode. Throw it all up on the walls for this contest and see what sticks!

As the contest progresses, each week on either Monday or Tuesday, we will announce on social media the latest submissions in a Facebook screenshot gallery. Peruse the screenshots there, or go to the forum submission thread to find coordinates to the homes so you can tour them in-game!

Interested in learning more? Head on over and when you post your images be sure to include a dedication to The Caverns for me!

November 2 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U9 and ROV Japenese Add

Two things caught my attention that are currently up on Ebay in the Ultima Realm.

The first isn’t anything to get overly excited about, although you most likely would want in a collection. The reason it caught my eye is the price tag has a great potential.

The downside is I am not sure what shipping could be on this, as it’s coming from Denmark and the seller indicates they will invoice corrected shipping. Might want to get an estimate first.

For under 8.00 though, what is listed as a complete Ultima 9, may be a great buy for someone.

Ultima IX: Ascension (PC Big Box, Complete, VG Condition)


This other piece is a Japeneese advertisement for Ultima Runes of Virtues. Not sure if the pricing is fair but it sure is pertty!


November 1 2016

Massively Talks about Death and Skill Decay in Shroud of the Avatar

I know that I have been personally enjoying the lighter death benefits we have had in the past.

After reading this new update, I am definitely going to need to die less!

Titled “SHROUD OF THE AVATAR EXPLAINS ITS SKILL DECAY DEATH PENALTY” You will find this bit posted by Massively Overpowered.

These days, most MMO players don’t think about death penalties as much more than a time and/or small repair cost for gear. When it comes to Shroud of the Avatar, however, players will lose skill points on death in a new system called decay.

November 1 2016

Tour Novia, Kill things, Meet People, Have Fun – Dragon Tail Tours – Shroud of the Avatar

So GoldDraco72 started Dragon Tail Tours up. You not only meet up at scheduled times and learn some secrets of the land, you get to hunt along the way and your paths are chosen so there are plenty of things to hunt!

Fear not for you are given protection!

I’ve started a player ran tour, the first tour is a trip from Soltown to Etceter via underground passages, this tour includes stops at many mines/chests & secret locations. It is a great xp boost to younger players, and a good way to get gold/loot.

As a GM tank, I lead the party while protecting the players from what would otherwise be to tough of an area for most players. This is a great way to meet new players and work together in a party to clear areas we venture to!

The web page is coming in the future, but for now, there is a forum thread where you can get all the details, and post that I sent you!

October 31 2016

Shroud of the Avatar – Blacksmith Pricing Tool

Are you a Blacksmith?  Not sure how much to sell something for because you are not really sure what you have in it?

Lazio made a tool for that and made it a download on the forums. I haven’t tried it out myself yet but it sounds spiffy!

Pricing crafted items in SotA is pretty difficult due to the amount of materials and recipes involved, random benefits, items loss, etc. I made a tool for calculating prices of smithed items based on material values and fees that you set. Prices take into account all materials used, combines required, recipes required, item loss, and bonus quality.

All of the user set variables are at the top of the script under “raw materials and fuels” and “fees and modifiers”. I assigned the default values off the top of my head without much thought, so don’t take those as some kind of reference of actual material values.

Let them know Stile sent you!

October 31 2016

Tools for The Avatar – Taming and Summoning Chart for Shroud of the Avatar

If you like to play with the animals you will want this chart by community member Jaath Windsong.

Creature Name: Pretty much explains itself…
Pre-Tame Hit Points: Again, not too complex
Area: Where I found the beastie, key to the abbreviations is below the chart (rows 58 – 92).
Special Abilities: Abilities the beastie has that it retains after taming.
Half-life Modifier: Whether the number in the table reflects that I was able to half-life the beastie before taming. Goes from 0 at max HP to 10 at half HP on a linear scale (3/4 HP gives a 5 modifier, etc.) I have no idea how to half-life something with 2 HP, so these beastie’s taming score is unmodified.
Creature Level: My best guess at the internal level of the beastie.
Minimum Summoning: The minimum number of points needed in Summoning to summon the beastie from a necklace (self-tamed or purchased). It is (Creature Level – 20), minimum of 1.
Tame Level: The modified taming difficulty (with 0 Tame Creature). It is (19 – Creature Level + Half-life Modifier)
% Chance to tame at taming level: Again, fairly obvious. It is (Tame Level + Tame Creature Level * 0.6) rounded to the nearest integer.To use, just match up your Tame Creature skill on the top (there is a slider that only moves the level columns) with the beastie on the left side, and voilà!

You can head over to the forums for the whole thing! Tell them Stile sent you.

October 30 2016

SotA Community Spotlight – “Introducing SAMM -=[A FREE Mini-Map in the style of UOAM]”

Posted over at the forums by Elryin Silvertree, this is one tool you do not want to miss out on!

Good Day my fellow travelers,

I am Royal Lord Marshal Elryin Silvertree. Founder of the Silvertree Society, the Silvertree Consortium, and The New Brittanian Fighters League.

Through the Silvertree Community Group, I have worked over the last several months to bring you the first working Mini-Map program for Shroud of the Avatar…

There are a lot of features that are still being worked on and fine tuned, so some functionality may appear as if it is available, but unfortunately it may not be functioning.

This program is very basic and at this point in time it is still in development (should be nothing new to you guys) so it’s a little rough, not full featured, and limited to only a few select maps.

Go get all the details over here and tell them that CDB sent you!

October 29 2016

Lord British and Gamereactor Have a Chat About Virtues in SotA – Theres Video!

So be sure to grab your popcorn and watch the video as well as read the article! This one is titled “Lord British on the virtues of Shroud of the Avatar” and is posted over here at Gamereactor:

We sat down for a chat with legandary game creator Richard “Lord British” Garriott.