October 27 2016

Massively Posted about Shroud of the Avatar plans for 2016

This article is a few weeks outdated, but if you did not catch it may want to see what it is all about!

Link directly to the article:

October 27 2016

Shroud of the Avatar Release / Halloween Party

So Amber Raine just posted this over in the SotA Facebook Group. Something you may want to check out!


Up from the ashes they did rise
Look of shock and confusion filled the Avatars eyes
As Skeleton, Zombie, Wraith, and Ghost
Popped the cork on the keg to see who could drink the most

A party it was they sought to begin
and invited you are so join right in
The Day of the Dead is but 3 days away
And as it should be, Hallowe’en is being celebrated today!

FireLotus shall lead the troops away from the war
So leave your swords and bows next to the door
The bar is stocked with the best of Novian brew
So there is only one thing left to do

A new type of dance craze alike the monster mash,
A plague across the nation has taken holdfast
Here in Jade Valley we shall party til the rising of the sun
Scaring the the children with the dance called “The Starrlton”

Avatars it is that time again. Time to put down the swords and pick up the beers.
Time to stop killing and start partying!

Avatars Radio proudly Presents the Traditional FireLotus Release Party
We shall be celebrating the joy of a new release, new places to explore and so much more!

Join us for companionship, partying, and grand amounts of prizes!
Add-on Store and In game prizes given away during this event. You must be present to win.

Contact Mal Hari for Directions.

TIME: Friday, October 28th 2016. 2pm – 4pm NBT
Location of Party: Jade Valley

September 14 2016

Staying Caught Up With Shoud of the Avatar

Hopefully, it will not be much longer until I am caught up with everything I do in my life, once again. So that you know, Shroud of the Avatar is partly to blame for that, and I love every minute of my game time! Just wish I could take more!

If you missed the Postmortem, pull up a chair and take a peek!

Published on Sep 9, 2016
Watch as the team chats about Release 33 and looks ahead to Release 34. We also answered many player questions, and gave out awesome prizes during the livestream.

Gamezone published an interview with Richard Garriott that you will not want to miss! Titled “An interview with Richard Garriott: How Shroud of the Avatar is looking to change RPGs” by Tom Caswell it is a great interview but be warned, it is also long!

This guy coined the term MMORPG, so it was a delight to sit down with him and pick his brain on his past and future, both of which proved to be equally fascinating.

Go check it out here http://www.gamezone.com/originals/an-interview-with-richard-garriott-how-shroud-of-the-avatar-is-looking-to-change-rpgs-k1yk

Markee Dragon continues to roll out great videos that will help you out with your gaming needs!


If Discord is your thing then this may interest you.

SoTA Speak is a Discord Server set up to provide players with a centralized, interactive, non-private, region-specific voice chatting system to promote community interaction.

Go read the whole article over here!

August 27 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Forever Map, Rustic Dragon Hobloth III

The Ultima Forever maps have eluded my grasp for a long time now, partly due to my insistence to get a good buy in the past. It’s actually rather interesting that at one time I had spent weeks watching them sell like crazy on Ebay and watched as the price was down to about $20-30.00. One week I loaded up to go to New York to visit Richard Garriott, came home, and saw that I had missed a chance to nab both maps they produced for under $15.00 while I was away. Yes, that still hurts!

I have only seen them go up on Ebay since that time a couple of times and usually for a starting price of about $50.00. Ahh, did that window of opportunity slam shut hard on me!

Ultima Forever: Quest For the Avatar Cloth Map

Ultima Forever Virtue Cards

Another cool SWAG item that Ultima Forever did were the Virtue cards. There was a smaller size set and a larger size set. I have one of them sealed (I believe it’s the larger) and they are pertty neat.

Ultima Forever Virtue Cards

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Double Sided Cloth Map Exclusive

If you didn’t attend or donate to the Hobloth III for a set of trinkets, you still have a chance to get them!

Rustic Dragon did a great job on these type of items for the previous events and they have been very popular in the community. I know that I am getting excited knowing I have a set of these coming to me in the mail from my donation! I also own a set from the Holboth II and they are superb. So if you have any doubts as to whether you want to add these to your colelction, shouldn’t! They are sweet!

Go get em!!!

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Double Sided Cloth Map Exclusive 18×12!

Grey Codex of Ultimate Wisdom Dice Bag HoBLotH III Hearth of Britannia Ultima

Blue Codex of Ultimate Wisdom Dice Bag HoBLotH III Hearth of Britannia Ultima

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Origin Wake Sew On Patch OSI

August 27 2016

Tools for Shroud of the Avatar Players – Part Six

One of my favorite websites, SotA housing, added another tool a few months back. It is called “House Lot Fence Calculator.” Directly on the internet site, you can determine how much fencing you need, what quantity, what it’s going to cost, and more.

I have not had a need to use this one yet, but much like their Player Owned Town Housing calculator, I am sure when the time comes I will be very appreciative!


Markee Dragon is still putting out videos that will be of help to many, continually. So grab yourself a bucket of fried frog legs and enjoy!


Hey, if you find these articles of use, show a little love back and toss me a $1.00 or two via donation or subscribing to my Patreon. The cost of living is not going down, and the costs to keep everything running, go up every year.

If that doesn’t sway you, consider this. I am losing game time when I do these!

That is it for now, but yes there is a part Seven, which shall be the last in this “catch-up” series. I still have enough notes to do another piece. So watch for that to come soon!

August 21 2016

More Tools for Shroud of The Avatar Players – Part Five

Yep, that’s right. Part five. What can I say, the community creates?!

Green Star

Astronomy is going to be important in Shroud of the Avatar. I have heard Richard indicate in the past that there are plans for cosmic events. The moon has been shattered in the world, and that plays an important role. We have Star Dials in the game and more. While we do not know yet what all forms of interest it will take in this game, we are aware it’s important to keep an eye in the sky.

This web page over here may help with that!


That adventuring experience pool is taking some hits, and you need to put something into the pool? Having trouble with your quests maybe?

WALKTHROUGHS! While you may not want to spoil the gameplay, it can also be just as bad to be so stuck you just cannot progress. That is when I will turn to a walkthrough.

So if you find you need a little help with your quests, you may want to try Quests of the Avatar.


You have that new book you wrote ready to be published, you want 500 copies, and you walk over to either your Magical Printing Press or your Soujerner’s Tales Magical Printing Press, and… your clueless!

Don’t Panic! Grab a Towel and head over to the forums to check out this handy guide on what to do from Themo Lock.


Markee is still putting out video that will guide you through your adventures.

Not really a tool or resource (at least yet!), but Ember Isolte just put up her contest entry video for Shroud of the Avatar’s new trailer!


When one is going deep under the earth with your fellow travellers, don’t get lost during your spelunking adventures. Take a map!

[pullquote]Sewer, Catacomb, Mine and Dungeon Maps[/pullquote]

So I finally cleaned off the muck, grime and ectoplasmic residue from visiting some old spots in Novia and the Hidden Vale. Let me tell you what, funky things are living below us and most of them aren’t too friendly. Good thing I have a trusty sword I “borrowed” from a burned out village, and hat that glows in the dark!

There are many cartographers in this community of ours. Each offer something special. These are done by Spero Gottskraft and you can find them here on the forums. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/sewer-catacomb-mine-and-dungeon-maps-updated.56554/


Looking for all the emotes you can pick up from NPC’s in game? Spoon is helping the community keep a list and where to get them over here.

So there are lots of sign language one can learn from the locals here in New Brittania. Here is a list of some of them.

Can you find any more? (Not listed the ones from pledge, recruit, purchase etc – ie only ones one can earn in game).


August 19 2016

More Tools for Shroud of The Avatar Players – Part Four

Let’s see if I can wrap this series up this time, eh?

First, grab a bag of popcorn and catch another show from Markee!


Not a tool, but also not a piece I wanted to do its own article on. What would have happened if Shroud of the Avatar had not been crowd-funded? Now that it has, is it possible in the future it may be part of a larger company, other then Portalarium?

Richard Garriott talks a little bit about this with “MC Computer and video Games” . Here’s the link.


Umuri has put out a HUD!

Umuri's SOTA HUD

I am EXTREMELY excited about this. Not this particular utility in particular as at this time, I do not have an interest in the things it is doing. That is just because right now (and could change later), I am not too worried about the things it offers. Regardless it is going to appeal to a lot in a major way!! My personal excitement is that where there is one, more will follow.

I look forward to seeing what additional utilities similar to this, but offering different things and features, the Shroud of the Community will be creating!

Here is a snippet from the post on the forums:

Hello and welcome to the first public release of Umuri’s SOTA HUD.

A clean viewable interface for the /stats command, no more looking at a wall of text that’s hard to read!
Combat statistics, see how much you hurt something for, what the average damage is, and how high your crits are!
Crafting statistics, see your salvage rates!
Skillgains and logon/logoff timestamps. Did that person really log off an hour ago or was it just 10 minutes ago when you weren’t looking?
Chat tab that lasts more than 5 minutes of history!
Ability to view previous days logs, to pull historical stats
Opacity and on-top mode! Now you can have that second chat window you always dreamed about
Exporting of parsed stats/chatlogs to CSV format
Much much more!

There is a lot more information on this, though, so get over and check it out! Tell em I sent you!


Need help getting started in Shroud of the Avatar? If you do and if you are a video person, then Lace’s Tutorial Video’s are the answer for you!

This link will take you to a Youtube playlist of (currently) 33 videos! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw_HS_MivFItXCQ5hYwpDjpyYNlvmBhWf

Here is a link to the thread in the Shroud of the Avatar forums if you want to stay up to date and discuss things.

Color-coded overview of Land Selection order and info

Balec’s description on what this is, is so much better then any comments then I could make that I am just going to quote it.

A one page color-coded overview of the staggered land rush schedule for your browsing and convenience. In spreadsheet form.

Here’s the forum thread!


August 3 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Maps!

A lot of maps have been showing up of late on Ebay for Ultima games, and some with potential for a great buy.

First, one we have up is an extensive collection of maps. Mostly paper version but there is some cloth. You will have to decide if this is worth $60!

Origin Ultima Map Lot I II III VI IX Underworld Online T2A Cloth and Paper

Ultima Online UO Renaissance Paper Map Britannia

Want a Ultima Online UO Renaissance Paper Map but not that big lot above? This seller has tat up for sale, free shipping, buy it now of $29.99 or make an offer (Always make an offer!).

Ultima Online UO Renaissance Paper Map Britannia!

Ultima III Exodus Cloth Map

Ultima III was the first Ultima I ever played, and it is also one of my favorite maps. This one is currently going for less then $20.00 with the shipping included, but bids are still taking place so hurry!

Ultima III Exodus Cloth Map

Ultima Online Cloth Map

The Ultima Online Cloth Map with Pin are one of the most sought after items I see. What I have not seen before in my various eye wandering over Ebay auctions is the pin inside the original little plastic case! This one should be in pristine condition if kept like that. You are going to have to bid for this auction, which MAY be to your advantage.

Ultima Online Cloth Map

Ultima VIII 8 - Pagan cloth map - Origin systems 1994 Vintage

Finally, at least for this piece, an Ultima VIII Cloth map. More commmon and not as highly sought after this is still a great deal for someone. Currently minnimum bid is under a dollar!

Ultima VIII 8 – Pagan cloth map – Origin systems 1994 Vintage

July 26 2016

Shroud of the Avatar is Picking Up In the News – Even PC Gamer!

It’s good to see the gaming news that is popping up all over regarding the upcoming final wipe of Shroud of the Avatar. I have been seeing more and more articles popping up all over the net of late but given how rarely PC Gamer covers the game I took note when I saw they had done a new article.

It’s been awhile since we last talked about Shroud of the Avatar, the crowdfunded, Early-Accessed MMO that Richard “Lord British” Garriott unveiled to the world back in 2013.

You can read the full article here:

Gamasutra also just published a press release on this as well.

July 24 2016

Preparing for a Game Launch

Anytime you have a new video game coming out that you are excited about, and you have invested into; there is bound to be a certain amount of excitement. Possibly even preparation so as to make the most time to enjoy said game as possible.

This, not a launch, Shroud of the Avatar has a significant milestone taking place on July 28th. The last time the game data is deleted (persistent play), and the land rush schedule for pioneers to stake their claims. To me and many others, this is very much a launch even though it’s not a real launch yet. I thought I would share some of my preparations with my readers for consideration, whether they are also preparing for SotA or may find of use in the future.

Demon book

Scheduling time off work, life, and everywhere else you can. With the wipe taking place on the 28th and one of my placement spots being soon after, I have scheduled the 28th and 29th off of work. This gives me an overall four-day gaming weekend to get started with things on, before returning to a schedule.

I have also made my friends and family aware that this will be the majority of my time, and I would appreciate if I am left alone to enjoy *winks*. I am working extra hard and will continue to do so, catching up on as much of my chores, obligations, and other things that could be an interference until the 27th. Unfortunately, I will not be 100% where I want to be and will still lose a little time to obligations, but it will be minimal.

Be sure your gaming area and tech are ready to go. Your environment and tools are critical! Is there any hardware or peripheral upgrades you want to make? Is your area clean with everything in reach? I keep my gaming area immaculate on a regular basis, but some prepare to clean on an occasion. Make sure your all set for your special event!


One of the most important things is not forgetting to stock up on your snacks! Personally, I am not a fan of shopping and try to get as many things by mail as possible. Beyond that, though, if I am going to stock up for an occasion like this I would rather even make that aspect of it more special as well. Get as much enjoyment from my time off and preparations as possible, and keep it simple to do. So I would consider going with a subscription box or four!

Not only will I be playing for those first four days on my long weekend but I will also be working more time for gaming into my schedule for quite some time for a while. Therefore I will make sure I am going to have something on hand to snack on as enjoyment with my game more so than I normally would. Several months of a subscription box gives me a great experience delivered to my door to go with my game.

There are thousands on the market so you can find ones that suit you the most. However here are a few I have reviewed and am willing to recommend as good choices!


I know there will be occasions of play coming up that I will be doing some things that do not require all of my mental attention. Such as harvesting or farming for example. During these periods of times, I like to have some movies going on the TV. Maybe you should start preparing a watchlist now if you do the same thing, so that come game time you are not spending your time figuring out what to watch? Here are some recommendations!

Clicking on the image will take you to more details on Amazon.