December 6 2014

Team Donkey vs Team Llama by Ender Andrew

Ender poses a very interesting question and has gave me permission to present it to you. Hope over to the forum thread when your done to discuss it and tel em the Caverns sent you!

Team Donkey vs Team Llama | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.


Donkeys vs Llamas – The Ultimate Showdown

[IMG] vs [IMG]

As you may aware, Shroud of the Avatar has a Stretch Goal Store. The store was added somewhat late, and currently the stretch goals don’t have a whole lot of traction. However, that is a double-edged sword. If no one else gets involved, then others think they won’t be unlocked so they don’t jump on. But if you start a snowball rolling, it can pick up steam. As it stands, if 11% of the backers bought either a donkey or a llama, we’d unlock pack animals.

Why pack animals you ask? Well, I’m glad I’m pretending you asked that. There are 5 stretch goals and frankly they all appeal to me. But this is not only the cheapest to unlock, it is also crucial. In these alpha pre-releases, encumbrance isn’t turned on. We can carry as much as want. But items do have weight, and there are skills in the skill tree to increase carrying weight. I believe Portalarium does intend to enable encumbrance at some point.

Eventually every item is meant to be useful for some crafting skill, so you’ll want to pick up and gather tons of items. You’ll need to carry weapons, armor, potions, repair kits and all of your gathering tools at all time, as well as any loot you get from mobs, maps and any crafting mats you get from gathering.

Right now heavy armor is popular and those wearing it will be hamstrung when encumbrance comes into play. I know there are skills in the skill tree specifically for increasing carry weight, but then you’re trading off points that can be put elsewhere, so PvP players can’t afford to do so. Not to mention that PvP players need to carry a full second set of heavy armor because they can lose a piece at any time with PvP loot.

Why now you ask? It is amazing that I’m imagining you’re asking all these helpful questions. The community is starting to pick up new members from Steam. There is enough of a game cycle in the pre-releases that the game is actually becoming fun to play now, even though a lot of it isn’t implemented yet. Now seems like a perfect opportunity to focus on the new players coming in, as well as wake up dormant members of our community who may be waiting for the game to pick up.

Can we really pull this off? You bet we can. We only need 11% of the current backers to buy a single pet, and some people may go nuts and buy the whole Pack Animal package (which includes both and a saddle bag decoration).

Who do I choose, the donkey or the llama? That is a tough call. Consider the donkey:

Consider the llama:

How do the devs feel about this critical debate?

Where do you stand on this critical debate? That is a really good question! But where do you stand? Are you Team Donkey? Are you Team Llama?

How can I get involved? I love your enthusiasm! The first step is pick a side and buy a llama or a donkey.

You can have PvP duels in game with members of Team Donkey fighting members of Team Llama to prove superiority. You can have contests and give away items (like SotA credit to help support the game even more!)

Post pictures of your purchase from the Stretch Goal store. Make signatures. Post fliers. Hire skywriters. Name your next child after you choice. Or maybe not. But I want to see some passionate support for your side.

-Ender Andrew



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