February 13 2016

Thank you to Rick/Elgarion of RPOTA.COM from The Caverns!

It’s exciting for me to be able to do a post expressing my thanks to one of The Sponsors of The Caverns!

Elgarion of RPOTA.com recently signed up on Patreon to help support The Caverns! Without support of this nature I honestly would be in a lot of trouble both with my credit card company and my wife. Every dollar adds up and I appreciate what anyone can do!

I definitely want to talk a bit more about Elgarion and RPOTA beyond that though as the generosity certainly does not end there. If you haven’t been to or at least heard of the RPOTA.COM website, I would be very surpised. They have been featured multiple times in the weekly official Portalarium update for Shroud of the Avatar and they have a gorgeous website!


RPOTA stands for Role-Players of the Avatar. Or to translate that for those that may not understand it would mean for the person playing who is role playing a character. A place for stories, artwork, and more that the players can share in a community of people with similar interests.

They also cover in game role-play events, quests, videos, you name it! If you are a Role-Player you want to be involved in this group. Even if you aren’t they have a vast amount of information that any player will find useful so be sure to bookmark them. Here is a bit about them in their own words.

RPOTA, ROLE-PLAYERS of the AVATAR, is a social environment featuring a robust RP database which allows SOTA role-players a vehicle to connect with other like-minded individuals. Here, you will find a creative outlet for story writing and adventure creation. We are a community which feeds your desire to be someone else… a crazed barbarian, a cunning scoundrel, maybe a quirky wizard or perhaps a mysterious assassin. There are no limits here as to what character you can explore since we allow for any role-player or role-playing guild to join us from Shroud of the Avatar. Below are some spotlighted features at RPOTA.COM!

Thier support in the community is continual. Whether it’s events, quests, or collaborating with other groups they truly are always involved and trying to offer something.

Now one of my favorite things that they do and that I have been a fan of for a while now, is their monthly contest(s) in which they give away a 170.00 in Shroud of the Avatar store credit in addition to a grand prize of custom art from Tortoise and Hare Creations! So they are not only giving cool prizes to the community, supporting and promoting the game, but are also helping the game and others in the community.

Being a Patreon supporter of Tortoise and Hare myself, I love to see them doing this every month! Be sure to partake in their contests and get an opportunity at some of these great prizes yourself.

RPOTA Contest

Elgarion had also seen that Asclepius, Lord Baldrith, and myself were poking around a bit more and asking authors to please submit work to Echoes of The Caverns to be turned into podcasts. It’s very hard for just a couple of us to monitor thousands of posts and users for individual pieces of fan fiction and then also reach out for permissions and we were (and still are!) asking for the writers to please, please just send it to us and make life easy!

Collaborating with Echoes From the Caverns he coded and even put it into place on the Echoes site for us, cross-connection to the writers on RPOTA in terms of making it easy for them to submit stories for podcasting. If that’s not going above and beyond to lend a hand in the community I am not sure what is!

I always love the opportunity cross-collaborate with other people and groups and this has been a great experience so far. I hope we have more opportunities in the future and if you stop by their site, tell them The Caverns sent you!

Ankh Quill

Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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1 thoughts on “Thank you to Rick/Elgarion of RPOTA.COM from The Caverns!

  1. Rick / Elgarion

    You honor me, Stile, with such kind words — and thanks so so much for speaking so highly of my labor of love, RPOTA.COM. If you, or anyone ever has any ideas/suggestions or wishes to collaborate with RPOTA in some way, let me know!

    Thanks again Stile, and thank you for bringing us TheCaverns.net!


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