October 31 2016

Tools for The Avatar – Taming and Summoning Chart for Shroud of the Avatar

If you like to play with the animals you will want this chart by community member Jaath Windsong.

Creature Name: Pretty much explains itself…
Pre-Tame Hit Points: Again, not too complex
Area: Where I found the beastie, key to the abbreviations is below the chart (rows 58 – 92).
Special Abilities: Abilities the beastie has that it retains after taming.
Half-life Modifier: Whether the number in the table reflects that I was able to half-life the beastie before taming. Goes from 0 at max HP to 10 at half HP on a linear scale (3/4 HP gives a 5 modifier, etc.) I have no idea how to half-life something with 2 HP, so these beastie’s taming score is unmodified.
Creature Level: My best guess at the internal level of the beastie.
Minimum Summoning: The minimum number of points needed in Summoning to summon the beastie from a necklace (self-tamed or purchased). It is (Creature Level – 20), minimum of 1.
Tame Level: The modified taming difficulty (with 0 Tame Creature). It is (19 – Creature Level + Half-life Modifier)
% Chance to tame at taming level: Again, fairly obvious. It is (Tame Level + Tame Creature Level * 0.6) rounded to the nearest integer.To use, just match up your Tame Creature skill on the top (there is a slider that only moves the level columns) with the beastie on the left side, and voilà!

You can head over to the forums for the whole thing! Tell them Stile sent you.


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