January 25 2015

Uderworld, Starr Long interview, SotA Role Players, Update #108

Ok if you haven’t heard about Underworld Ascendant yet then you may find it of interest if you where a past fan of Ultima Underworld. If you where not a fan of Ultima Underworld, STILL CHECK THIS OUT!

Underworld Ascendant – Underworld Ascendant.

One of the questions quickly become though is, any chance of this having any SotA Tie-ins? The question has been raised and Ultima Codex tackled a great article on it!

#IAmTheAvatar: Are Underworld Ascendant and Shroud of the Avatar Set in the Same Universe? – The Ultima Codex.

Personally I am hoping we see a little cross promotion on this project. I wont be putting a lot of money into it as I can’t afford to. I will however be backing it as it will be a game I will have to fit a little time in for.. somehow!

Don’t miss the interview you can see posted over here at Gamasutra with Starr Long titled “Crowdsharing development of Shroud of the Avatar” and from what I hear it is a very good interview! Definitely going onto my to watch list. It’s accompanied by an article.

Gamasutra – Video: Crowdsharing development of Shroud of the Avatar.

In case you missed a past piece I did on it, don’t forget that the Shroud of the Avatar Role Players moved to a new site recently! IF you are not familiar with them, they are a community with the goal of creating some role play cohesion among different role playing guilds, individuals, and groups in the community.

Shroud of the Avatar Role Players.

If nothing else swing by to take a look at their site! Wow! I’m jealous, that’s a nice theme!

Also, If you didnt catch update 108 be sure to grab that! I didn’t publish it at the time 🙂
Update of the Avatar #108 – 2015.01.16: Mad Hermit’s Lay of the Land, PAX South, R13 Postmortem, Duke’s Basement, Flesh Flayer, Steam Catchers, and More! | Shroud of the Avatar.

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