December 24 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Runestones and Maps

Something you won’t see up for sale by themselves very often is the Runestones from Ultima Underworld. I know this particularly well as I am missing just a single rune from my set and have been watching for just some misc runes for years!

This is a nice auction in that it has the stones, the bag, a couple of maps, and even comes with a cool box to hold it all! At the current minimum bid, the math works out to make this a reasonably fair purchase in my opinion. Sadly for me, I need one little rune out of all of that, so for me, it’s not a great buy unless I had the money to invest in some duplicates. For someone that needs the rest? Go for it!!

The Ankh box is cool too, even if not an official Ultima item!.

Ultima Map Runes Stone Box (5, 7, Underworld) | eBay

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