March 6 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U2 and U7

Two auctions that caught my eye today.

This first one, well, because it’s an Ultima Two and let’s face it. That’s eye-catching worthy on its own! The box is a beat up, and I am not too sure about the buy it now of $150.00. Not a bad price for a U2, but this one is not a 100% perfect. If I were buying for my collection right now, I’d consider it, though.

Ultima II Commodore 64 Atari 400 800 Home Computers Origin Systems Ultima 2 game

This U7 has no trinket and the map has some spots on the back. Regardless though with no bids, this could end up being an inexpensive addition for someone.

ULTIMA VII: The Black Gate ORIGIN 1992 RPG Computer Game w/ Cloth MAP & Box

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