April 17 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – UIV Map, UIII Map, UII Map, UII

Several things caught my on Ebay right now, especially for the map collector!

An Ultima four map, currently at $5.50 with free shipping!
Ultima IV Cloth Map

How about an Ultima III at the same bid?
Ultima Cloth Map Exodus | eBay

Not good enough? Ultima two map currently at $6.50 with free shipping!
Ultima Cloth Map Revenge of the Enchantress | eBay

Looking for something more substantial than just some great potential deal on maps?

This Ultima Two is currently at $125.55. The shipping is a bit nasty so keep that in account when bidding, or ask them to switch to something more reasonable for you. Lot of times Sellers just choose the wrong shipping on accident!

Ultima II Revenge of the Enchantress Apple II Sierra On-Line Origin Systems game | eBay

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