February 9 2014

UO gets some new management

EA partnered up with Broadsword online Games to help with the Ultima Online future. I understand that this is a partnership and not a take over or sale. my take on it is I really even didn’t feel it was news worthy. As long as EA has a finger in it, I am not interested. They are a horrible company and as far as games go if its not Sports related I don’t think they should be involved. That’s me though and some people may be interested in this though, so here you go SotA – UO fans!

Producer Letter | Ultima Online.

Greetings Everyone!

I come to you with some exciting news! Since its humble beginnings at Origin Systems Incorporated in 1997, through development at EA Redwood Shores and for the last 7+ years at Mythic, Ultima Online™ has been enjoyed by millions of devoted players around the world.

Beginning February 1st, 2014, Mythic Entertainment Co-Founder Rob Denton’s new studio: Broadsword Online Games (http://www.broadsword.com) will partner with EA’s Mythic Entertainment to operate, support and develop Ultima Online on EA’s behalf. Electronic Arts will continue to provide billing and account services through its Origin™ portal. Broadsword and Electronic Arts will work closely together to ensure a bright future for Ultima Online. For future inquiries and support, you can contact UO@broadsword.com.

The UO team will continue to work as hard as ever under our new banner. In the immediate future, we will be putting out a publish for Valentine’s Day and a few bug fixes, along with polishing a final release of Vendor Search. I will be putting out a list very soon of all the features we will be working on this year to get everyone’s feedback as well as some updates regarding our ongoing projects.

I know this has left everyone with a lot of questions, so I will try to answer a few right off the bat. As always we will collect any additional questions and try to answer them as they come in.

Talk to everyone soon!

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong
UO Producer
Ultima Online

Lord British hang's out with people

Lord British hang’s out with people

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