July 19 2014

Video Games: The Movie

This particular cool item was brought to my attention By Brad King. He did an article on it but was also cool enough to drop a post for it on the Shroud of the Avatar Face Book Group.

Not only does it look like a cool movie for those into video games but what makes it even more awesome? Richard Garriott and Ultima Online also make a brief appearance.

If you haven’t seen my mentions of Brad King in the past, he’s a really fantastic guy I have had a chance to talk with a time or two and I am not even going to try to capture all the stuff hes involved in! Instead go check out his blog post about this particular item at The Geeky Press and then maybe side track off a bit and see some of his other activities.

via A Story Related to “Video Games: The Movie”.

I highly recommend the book he co-wrote called Dungeon and Dreamers which also features Richard Garriott and many of his past work and the other big names in the history of gaming such as Dr. Cat!

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