January 17 2016

A Patreon drawing was held and a winner was born

So if you follow all my ramblings you may remember that sometime in January after the 15th I was going to do a drawing for one of my Patreons. This is not an official pledge perk mind you but rather just something that I decided to do at random and may do more in the future.

At this time I do not have any other drawings scheduled. There will most likely be more but I think the next one will be more spontaneous and I am going to give it a little time. Don’t want to ovr kill them! To be eligible you will need to be a Patreon supporter but please note that if and when I do these, any level is fine.

I have personally seen the power of a dollar added up and not only do those pledges mean a lot to me but it shows me someone who want’s to support me but has to be frugal in what they can give. As I never want anyone doing more then they can I am great with that!


Ok, ok!!

Right then! The lucky winner of the drawing was Jarrod Kailef who won an autographed by Stephen Daniele Magic the Gathering signed Warrioren-Kor card! This will be going out in the mail on Monday unless some unknown factor where to come up and cause a delay.


Please note that this is a stock image and not the actual card won.

A huge thank you to all my Patrons whose support allows me to keep the electricity on in the depths of The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond!

Hey Stile, speaking of donations and support, what’s with the 2015 fundraiser pledge thing on the website still?

I will be altering how I handle my fund raisers for the 2016 year. What I will be doing soon is changing the pledge meter to read 2016 fundraiser. The shortage from 2015’s goal will be carried over into 2016’s goal along with my estimated 2016 costs for running community related Shroud of the Avatar projects. This includes fees for things like web hosting, domain names, Teamspeak servers, various software, community giveaways, etc, etc, etc.

Treasure Chest 7

Whenever any donations come in the pledge meter will be updated with those donations. The way I will handle Patreon donations is instead of like in the past, where I reduced the yearly goal based on estimated Patron earnings, will now be reversed. Whenever Patreon sends me a payment from pledgers I will add that towards the received funds on the goal meter. This makes it simpler to handle given that Patreon donations can fluctuate so much.

I had hoped to not need to run a fundraiser again this year. While I have had some new Parton’s I have also lost some and overall I will be running heavily in the red on these costs vs. what I receive based on the current forecast. I will plan on trying to keep it discreet though and not pester folks to much until I see how things look mid-year.

I may do some giveaways or other telethon like type things towards the end of the year to boost things if necessary and if I have things I can use for that. I’ll try to spare you all the pain and horror of that. I would also rather spend my time creating content, not begging.

I will leave the meter up for the year. Should the goal be hit then extra funds will be used to add more resources or improve current ones. Alternatively stretch goals may be put into place or extra funding may be carried over and applied towards 2017’s goals.

Treasure Chest 3

My biggest request is no one ever donate that cannot afford to or more then you can afford to. I do however ask everyone to remember every dollar adds up, and if you can afford a dollar, please do! I am never insulted and I truly appreciate it.

My financial times are rough and if it wasn’t for those who help to pay me for the content and projects I create, I do not know that I would still be able to do so. Someone said it better then I recently and I am paraphrasing, but they said that when they ask for things like money they feel like a crooked used car salesman. I truly understand and appreciate that feeling.

Treasure Chest 6

On the other hand I try to remind myself that I myself try to support other communities and organizations myself. I do a lot of that more through making purchases with them and reviewing products, or even other behind the scene ways other than just Patreon or donations. Maybe its supporting their kickstarter.

I believe people would be surprised by how much financial support I give to people or groups that come from someone else acting on my behalf. I don’t seek credit or I would not do it that way. The point I am making is I try to remember I support those people or groups in those ways because I know they can use it and I believe in them and/or I find what they do or create of use and understand its right i contribute towards its costs if I can.

So while I always hate to do it, yes I do ask for and need your support as always. Thank you for helping me make 2016 a financially stable year! I will also in turn do my part in putting some of that back into supporting others.



Thank you,
Stile Teckel

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