January 31 2016

A SotA Pen and Paper RPG.. Just musing of Stile Teckel

So I was thinking a Shroud of the Avatar RPG would be really cool. Pen and paper that is. You know get together at a table, on a google hangout, or whatever your method and roll dice and speak to people.

It’s been done for other MMORPG’s. Everquest has one.

World of Warcraft

Many others. Now sure, I know what you may be saying. Stile, these are some major games with big budgets. Names large enough PRG companies are willing to partner up or they have the finances to hire someone.

Well sure, but that is where some of my musings came into play. If it was to ever happen, who would be involved in it? How could this be done without spending a lot of money?

Well, what if they made themselves and hired people they knew and had worked with to assist?

You have a very experienced team in place already really. Beyond that fact that the majority of the Developer team have some sort of play experience even if minimal all the way to veteran.

Scott Jones has himself published a very solid pen and paper RPG, Shard.

Denis Loubet was also very involved with the project and its artwork. You can find his Patreon over here.

Tortoise and Hare have already worked with Portalarium doing the Shroud of the Avatar comic book. Beyond that they have worked on numerous Pen and Paper projects doing artwork.

Mike Nystul is currently working on creating RPG and tabletop projects and is in that area, has worked with them before, as well has extensive experience.

Then come on, this is a given. Tracy Hickman! Helped to bring Dragonlance to the world just to name drop. Still working hard in the genre with the recent project of bringing us back ravenloft!

I don’t know if Richard Garriott has ever worked directly on a RPG Pen and Paper project. I know he has had extensive experience both playing and in knowing industry leaders such as Steve Jackson Games.

(great game, I highly recommend it).

However I do not believe he has ever been involved in creating one. Again I could be wrong but I think the same goes for Starr Long. I bet both of them could play small but essential roles on the project and enjoy the experience.

There is probally more development experience among our current dev team and their associates I am not thinking about in my current musings, so no one missed intentionally.

Interesting thought though for a side project in the future if this game sees success. You wouldn’t be able to work on it though until the game mechanics are finalized so you can create a pen and paper working comparable.

Although I think in an RPG version, home ownership needs to take a much smaller role and the Virtues a much large one.

Kickstart it for sure.

All I can say is… I’d Play that!

If they ever do though, they better make sure it uses 6-sides in it somewhere. Given out over 2000 of those things to date!

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