February 2 2014


The site serves two basics purposes.

First, it is a community Hub, fan page, and digital storage center of links and information for a game made by Portalarium for their game Shroud of the Avatar and everything related to it.

Moreover, though it is a blog, which while covering a lot of topics in that area is also a blog for a gaming geek who even among gaming geeks is considered a geek. Other blog writers are welcome and also encouraged to use the site but primarily you will see the signature of Stile Teckel.

So you never know what kind of content may roll out on this site! Based on demographics, though, I believe, most gamers will find the majority of it of interest.

*Please note that sometimes on this site gender specific words such as he, she, he, she, his, hers, and so forth may be used in a general neutral context with the sex of the subject matter is unknown. This is to avoid conceptions of general, specific stereotypes regarding content. Much of the content on this site is opinion and unless stated as fact all content should be considered such. Please review all disclaimers in the legal disclaimer page under the about section of this site, before using this site.


About Stile:

Starting with pen and paper Role Play Games starting in the early 80’s, watching Anime that was sent to him in the mail on a recycled VHS from a kid in Japan undubbed being cutting edge, printing his swag on a dot matrix printer.. until today when he is a certified IT professional, has two degrees (General Studies and Business), a Father, Husband, Business Owner, full time employee, and often hundreds of other titles apply.

Stile Teckel is known to take his hobbies to the max. Exploring every aspect it can offer and investing thousands of hours of time and every penny he can scrape together. Stile Teckel is an avid pool player who might have been good enough to try to become a professional once upon a time (And who does own his own custom table), Weaves chainmail, plays games (look.. card, board, video, testing, miniature, table top, historical, LARP, I’ve done it, ok?), paints miniatures, models, Dioramas, reads (Stopped trying to even estimate after 5,000), watches tv and movies (Over 4,000 movies rated on Netflix, and watches TV show he doesn’t like much because he’s watched everything else), blogs, creates and runs web sites, spends time with his three Long Haired Miniature Dachshunds, and when it comes to hobbies that’s just the continued or recent choices. He’s given up more geek based hobbies then many geeks ever try!

Stile Teckel was being carried on his moms hip at conventions when he could barely walk and while his mom’s hobbies and lifestyle choices have often gone other directions his never has. Instead of Saturday morning cartoons in the mornings, he stayed up late on school nights to Play Ultima and watch Doctor Who.


From the moment he came of the womb an additional direction was immediately put on his compass called “geek” and it is the only direction he has ever followed. The only thing that has not always been and is not always related to a geek in his life has been his 9-5 which he works to support his actual life and passions. His motto in life has always been “work hard so that you can play even harder”! As he’s getting older he’s finding that it’s becoming, “do as much work as my body and time allows and feel guilty about playing to much”.

Please be sure to read all of the legal disclaimers in the about section of this site, before using the site.

If you are not familiar with Shroud of the Avatar: Shroud of the Avatar, please visit their web site. If you sign up for the game, please use my referral code #147!

To learn more about Shroud of the Avatar or how to get started in game here is a great list to consider:
About Shroud of the Avatar:

Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter + Stretch Goals (anything with a red check mark is committed)

Steam Store Page also contains feature list and development roadmap:

Official FAQ:

Unofficial FAQ:

Instructional/Game Play Videos:

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