December 24 2018

Adventure Post

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Adventure Post is a weekly subscription, sent as a post card, story game with both a roleplay and Table Top Gaming feel. Each campaign will have a duration of how many weeks from start to finish that the campaign will last.

Your first mailing will include supplies that you will need to play the campaign with examples such as a pencil, dice, and a token. You will also You will recieve a postcard that week and each week after in the mail so that you can begin (or continue) your adventure!

The front of the postcard or the “postage” side will, of course, contain all the basics needed to get the card to you. Depending on the current campaign, the funding, art support, and possibly other factors, this side of the card may also contain artwork relevant to that week’s adventure.

It will also have a scannable QR code that will take you to a webpage with any special rules, instructions, possibly more art, and who knows what else, that you need to know to play the game or help create immersion for you!

The other side of the card will have a tabletop component of the game you will use to play it, such as a map, creature statistics, Diagrams, Puzzles, or who knows what else!

The Idea behind Adventure post is that you get a Tabletop gaming experience in the mail each week at a low cost. Rather than be completely online or print your own, you get some physical items to use, take other places with you, and enjoy over and over again without having to put that time into assembling on your own.

Whether you are looking to suppliment your current gaming because you just don’t get enough, like the concept and the game, or can’t find a group in your area, Adventure Post is a cool and inexpensive way to add to your gaming needs. You can then also use the maps, creatures, and other cool things we send you in your own game campaigns!

You can then also use the maps, creaturs, and other cool things we send you in your own game campaigns!

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Subscribe to Adventure Post

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4 thoughts on “Adventure Post

  1. Francesco "Bodhbh Dearg" Peeters

    You may want to consider a PDF version of the ‘postcard’ for us across the pond! πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Sir Stile Teckel (Post author)

    Also, Gain a Level for finding you way here, within 24 hours of me adding the page, while its under constructions, and not having made any annoucements about it yet. AWESOME!


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