April 25 2016

Amazon Having Big Sale on Card and Board Games Today

Last time Amazon did this I picked up a great game. There are several in this sale I recognize that I wouldn’t mind picking up myself. Here’s the link, and I will also make some recommendations to you.

Gets a huge recommendation from me. I was originally introduced to this game by Shroud of the Avatar developer Scott Jones. Not only was it a lot of fun but since then I have had at least a half dozen people try to “introduce” me to this game. Everyone loves it!

They also have the Rebellion Expansion for Coup, on sale.

7 Wonders
I haven’t played this but I have heard good things from people that have.

Nightmare Chess 3rd Edition:
I played the discontinued first edition and loved it. I have not played the 2nd or 3rd but being it’s Steve Jackson Games, I doubt it’s any less fun!

Also Steve Jackson Games, there are two Munchkin games on sale. This is a great card game the finds the humor in or makes fun of (depending your viewpoint), In Role Play Games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of fun and you can mix cards, expansions, to expand the game as much as you want.

They have a lot of other great games on sale, these are just my pick! If I was spending today, I would go with Coup personally.

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Posted April 25, 2016 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Games

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