August 28 2015

Put your heraldry in your house!

So I liked this. I hope it is of interest to some of you! I think this should appeal to many of The Shroud of the Avatar backers that are getting their Heraldry in game.

I have my own out of game version of my official heraldry I use like many do. I decided to work with Cave Geek to do a physical version of mine in his special medium!

Stile Teckel Heradlry by Cave Geek

The photo doesn’t come close to doing it justice due to the way the fibers photograph. This was done for me as a 4×4 square and it is on wood, making it easy to hang in one’s Caverns Museum.

Stile Teckel Heradlry by Cave Geek added to Caverns Museum

This is a very affordable piece but yet one that I will enjoy having in my collection. I could even see wanting to get some of my other heraldry done in the future. Thought you may find it cool as well! If you do contact the Cave Geek to order one of these or any other pieces, please be sure to let him know you heard it from Stile!

Visit him here,

Not only could you do heraldry but you can also do character avatars or maps! Just depends on your tastes and budget!

August 12 2015

Some things of note and worth with some links grooving together in an internet with a Google

Wow! sorry everyone, things have been insanely hectic for the last few weeks. Gen Con, Windows 10, Out of Town guests, leaking water heater, overtime at work, OH MY! Thats just the appetizers! So I apologize I have not been keeping you informed as much as normal or even for that matter not saying anything about it! Caught me off guard! Rest assured It is not lack of interest and I hope to get some pieces out to you soon.

Onto the good stuff!

Blake Blackstone shared this piece over on the Shroud of the Avatar Forums. Want a history of Hats? With cool graphics by Dennis Loubet and voice work from The Mad Hermit?

To bad… BUT.. Just kidding! Here you go!

I really enjoyed my experience at Richard Garriott’s Curtain theater in Austin. As such i’ve grown fond of news about it and if you ever have the chance, GO! It’s a nice set-up!

So check this out!

Young Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the romantic comedy with a delightful cast of characters: Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and let’s not forget the brilliant Viola, the lovelorn Olivia and the melancholy Orsino, who opens the show with “If music be the food of love, play on!” At Richard Garriott de Cayeux’ Elizabethan replica of The Curtain Theatre off City Park Rd. (near FM 2222 & Loop 360)

Head on over and take a look at the full article at over here:

Last thing I have for the moment (trust me, much more on the sidelines!), is a photo update from the Caverns Portalarium Museum! Another cos-play item.. A Horse! Its right there at the top on the left and right side of the clock! This would be a cos-play version of our in game horse 🙂

You can check out the image here. I can’t currently embed it, new bug that I just now discovered, I shall fix it soon!

If you want to buy your own, I’ll share the source with you.