November 28 2018

They Call her Lady Warrior – chapter 5 – by Cianna – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another chapter in this wonderful story from Cianna. It is entitled They Call her Lady Warrior Background music by Smartsound  

Chapter 5, “Ghosts of a Different Kind, Part 1 The sea air was chilly as Cianna stepped out of her house in Aelasar’s Forest. The leaves in the trees gently swayed with a breeze that caressed her face, reminiscent of the way her grandmother used to caress her cheek when she was a child. She sighed. “I miss you, Aelasar,” she whispered to her grandmother. “And you, Mother. Where are you both? They say you’re dead, but how can that be? You’re Outlanders. Outlanders don’t die, do they?” She shook her head. “But if you’re not dead, where are you? Why can’t I find you?” Her gaze settled on the old lighthouse on the small island off the coast of Aelasar’s Forest. It had been a favorite place for her to visit in her childhood. She and Aelasar would spend hours at the telescope, watching ships go by or looking at the stars and strange planets that circled overhead. Life had been so simple then. Cianna sighed again and then, on sudden impulse, started walking over the bridge to the small pier that would take her to the lighthouse. She hadn’t been there since she took over the care of the forest. The idea had been too painful. But now, she felt the need to relive those old memories. As she passed the decaying mansion to the right of the pier, Cianna was startled to see the front door ajar. No one lived in the old place, not since her grandmother had lived in it when she first began visiting the Forest. After her grandfather had purchased the small hamlet and built a new summer home there for Aelasar, the place had gone into ruin. Aelasar could never bring herself to tear it down, though. And neither could Cianna. She approached the decrepit building, warily eyeing the open door. Might just be an animal that’s gotten in, she thought. That door never hitched properly anyway. Still, she had to be careful. Her father’s people were looking for her, she knew. It’s possible they had tracked her to the Forest. She pushed the door open slowly, drawing a small dagger from her belt as she did. The interior was dark and dank. Cobwebs covered the walls, and the musty smell of dust and decay made Cianna want to sneeze. She held her breath till the feeling passed, then cautiously moved forward to the main room on the first floor. She cursed the misfortune of not having a torch with her to light the way. She jumped, rubbing her face with her free hand. “Damn cobwebs,” she muttered, the inevitable chill running down her back. Then she almost laughed out loud. You’ve killed men with your sword, she thought, yet you’re afraid of spiders. Some brave warrior you are! Cianna listened deeply to the silence. It remained unbroken. She took a few more steps down the foyer to the living room. She knew there were hidden rooms in the house, but it was unlikely anyone else would know about them. If someone were on this floor, the living room is where they would be. From the little bit of light coming through the dirty windows, she could see the old iron fireplace to one side. It had been beautiful once, she remembered. Her grandfather, Alron, had it restored when Aelasar first lived here. Sadly, time again had reduced it to a dusty relic. Its grate was cold to the touch. No recent fire, then, Cianna thought. She peered around the room, squinting to see. Nothing looked out of place. No dust had been disturbed on the floor that she could see. There was still silence all around. Cianna closed her eyes and went within, using her senses the way her grandmother taught her. “We are all one,” Aelasar said, “all of us, man and beast, are connected to the same universal mind through Nature. Use that connection. Trust it. It will not let you down.” Cianna reached out, her mind connecting with an owl sitting in a tree outside. “Brother,” she said respectfully, “may I use your ears?” The owl didn’t respond but Cianna was instantly aware of hundreds of new sounds, the chittering mice in the yard, the hawk soaring above, the distant sound of a boat passing the coastline. She drew the hearing inward, shutting out everything but her nearest surroundings. And she listened. “Nothing,” she said out loud after a few moments. “If someone has been here, they are gone now.” Resolving to return again with a torch for a closer inspection, Cianna backtracked and left the old house, once more turning her steps toward the lighthouse. It rose above the island like the good sentry that it was, a stalwart during storms, and a beacon of refuge when the waters were calm. It was the lighthouse that made Aelasar, an Outlander, want to build a haven here in the coastal forest, a place where she could go to escape the stress of her new life in Novia. She adored her husband, but marrying into the court life of the True Elf population in Novia had been a tremendous burden for her. “Druids are meant to be a part of the land,” she once told Cianna. “The machinations of man do not interest me much.” But she had been a loving, kind woman, with a grace and gentleness that earned her the love of Outlander and Novian alike, and her work to help those in need made her company much sought after. The Forest was the one place she could go to be alone, to catch her breath, to mourn, in private, the beloved life she’d somehow left behind in another world, and to practice her old Druidic rituals. As far as Cianna knew, she and her mother, Valandra, were the only two visitors from Court that Aelasar had ever allowed in the Forest. Well, except for Grandfather. But once he had purchased the land and fixed it up, including installing a strong, well-fortified Viking house for Aelasar (“I must insist, my love”), he had never returned. “It’s your space, now,” he had said. “I will not intrude.” Cianna opened the door to the small inner chamber on the ground floor of the lighthouse. She had standing orders that the interior was to be kept clean while she was away, and the room still looked as though Aelasar herself would walk in at any moment. Cianna felt her throat tighten and her eyes water as she looked around the room, so familiar, yet now so empty of Aelasar’s presence. Without lingering, Cianna mounted the steps, averted her gaze from the second floor room that had been Aelasar’s study, and reached the top. She pushed the door open slowly, feeling engulfed by memories.
Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns

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September 5 2018

Auction Spotlight – Shroud of the Avatar AND Ultima

Since I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of stuff popping up for a while, I am going to keep it short!

Currently has a $30 big and is about $10 shipping. Claims to be the $200 reward level, but as it is sealed no way to verify without opening.
Lord British's Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Collector's Edition | eBay

I spotlighted this one last time, but going to toss it up here again as it really is a nice auction!
Shroud of the Avatar SEALED Collector's Box Royal Founder Physical Rewards | eBay

What caught my eye on this one is it has the rune stones with it. Harder to find! I would verify count with the seller though. I’m missing one in my set (I knew that when purchased though), don’t want any surprises!

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (PC, 1991) 3.5" Disks, Rune Bag, Cluebook 17814788109 | eBay

This one triggered a successful spot check, as its flat out slick! Would love to have one of these in my Cave!

Ultima Online Lithograph UO 15th Anniversary – New Condition | eBay

Be sure to check out my Patreon! Themed around dice as a cool way to give you something back that is game related, but also helps pay for the time and hosting used for stuff like this!

Donate – Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond

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September 4 2018

Shroud of the Avatar Auction Spotlight

When talking purchasing a Shroud of the Avatar Collectors Edition Box, sealed – PLEASE USE CAUTION!!! These boxes are not packaged equally, and there is NO WAY to verify the contents of a box without OPENING IT.

A sealed Lord of the Manner pledge Collectors Box will look identical to say, a Benefactor Knights pledge. The only way to know you were not lied to is to open the box. So please use caution and be careful of scammers.

I have seen a few listed on eBay now, but these are the only two I have seen priced reasonably enough that anyone is taking them seriously.

This first one is a bit different then you would expect. In addition to Shroud of the Avatar, it comes with a few of the Ultima Trinkets. Also be wary of the description as they are just copying the pledge rewards they are saying were originally listed. The book, for instance, is NOT included.

It claims Citizen Royal Founder, but how do you know for sure? Luckily with it being an auction and current bid around $20.00 right now, you can bid as its a low tier version just to get some of the basic goodies. THIS AUCTION WILL BE A TREND SETTER IN PRICING!
Shroud of the Avatar SEALED Collector's Box Royal Founder Physical Rewards | eBay

Heres another one currently at a $40 bid. Does not come with any trinkets and also doe snot make any claims as to what pledge level it was from.
Lord British's Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Collector's Edition Box (S | eBay

You can see box openings over here!

(123) Stile Teckel Box Openings – YouTube

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August 30 2018

Shroud of the Avatar Auction Spotlight

I wondered how long it would take for one of the Shroud of the Avatar Collector’s boxes to arrive on eBay.

Shroud of the Avatar Collector's Box NIS Royal Founder Ultima Lord British NEW | eBay

At a starting bid of $500.00, I do not expect to see this item get any bids, but you never know!

One thing to note is that it is indicated it is for the “Royal Founder Collector level”. Good idea to specify this, as I know that I personally have yet to be able to answer the question… Are these boxes all packaged with the same contents, regardless of pledge level?

I was also a bit flattered, as they show an unboxing video. I’m in it!

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August 6 2018 Photographs from Kamm Island Music Festival Mishawaka, IN

Hello readers! We were at the Kamm Island Music Festival in Mishawaka, Indiana this last weekend and thought we would share some photos of the booth setup. Please note that we were given a lot less time to set up than normal so had to skip a few things … Continue reading

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July 27 2018

20% Discount off Shroud of the Avatar Digital Goods – Celebrating R56!

R56 for Shroud of the Avatar really begins to start taking us in a new direction and begins to fire things up for Episode 2! Caveloot want’s to celebrate this release with fellow Shroud of that Avatar players, and that is why for the month of August you can get … Continue reading

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July 22 2018

Shroud of the Avatar, It’s Developer’s, & It’s Community – In the News

It look’s like we will see Shroud of the Avatar on Amazon at some point!

So let’s look at what else is going on?

Over here, Richard Garriott was on a podcast.
PODCAST: Richard Garriott's real life as amazing as his virtual worlds

Richard Garriott to be a speaker at devcom 2018, according to this article.
Gamasutra – Press Releases- NRW Indie Area at devcom 2018: North Rhine-Westphalia supports independent developers

Richard Garriott get’s a brief mention in this article.
Game review: Tempest 4000 is a classic you can’t keep down | Metro News

Both Starr Long and Richard Garriott are included in an upcoming book. You can see some exceprts here!
Gamasutra – Book Excerpt: A behind-the-scenes look at building Ultima Online

According to this article, Players gave over $4000.00 in items away to other players. Wow!

Over $4000 USD Given Away, The Ripple Effect, Walhalla Museum Opening Party • Shroud Of The Avatar – KABALYERO – Knight Of New Britannia

Looks like Shroud of the Avatar partner Travian games is adding some other partners.
Gamasutra – Press Releases- Travian Games reveals two new games: 4Sight and Startrail Destiny

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July 13 2018

Shroud of the Avatars New Britannia Theater Troupe Needs Thespians!

Every think about doing a bit of acting? Virtual style?

The New Britannia Theater Troupe is in need of some additional staff! As a founding member and actor myself, I can tell you that it does not take long, it is rewarding and fun. You should give it a try!

The following is from director Asclepius:

This is a CASTING CALL to all aspiring Thespians!

As you may know, I am the director of the New Britannia Theater Troupe. Between us we have delighted the community with many plays and stories, both live in-game plays and audio only radio plays.

I am currently looking for actors willing to take part in a live, in game play we are developing. I need one male and one, possibly two, female actors.
The deal is: I forward you lines to read. You record them and return them to me. I splice everything together, adding music and sound effects, to create an audio file.
At appointed times, we get together in game to rehearse. Our characters act out the story on stage, copy/pasting the text in time with the soundtrack as it is running.
When we are ready, we present it to the community. We have a truly wonderful location for the performance, it only awaits a production. As we perform, the audio will be simulcast on Avatars Radio, so the audience can see and hear the production.

So what am I looking for, and what do you need?

Firstly, enthusiasm. The most important requirement. I am not interested in people who accept a role and then don’t come through. This has been in the works for quite some time; for the sake of everyone else who has put effort into it, it deserves to get done and be shown to the community.

A decent voice is useful. Don’t stress, this is not Carnegie Hall, and you are among friends. Just the ability to read lines 😊

You also need a microphone and some recording software. Audacity is most commonly used – it’s free and easy to use. We mostly work with mp3 files, but I can accept almost anything.

You also need to be available for rehearsals and live performance in game, at times that suit everyone (by negotiation).

If you would like to join a great team, PLEASE PM me in the forum or at Love to hear from you, and I will be glad to talk you through any questions you have regarding recording, live work or anything else.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

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