October 23 2015

Halloween-Party with contests, 24th of October 2015

Looking to start celebrating Halloween? Want to tie that into SotA? Then this is for you!!!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of this world,

Lord Blake Blackstone of the Weeping Seven, Lord Jatvardur Elden of the RSFIE and Edelmann Sascha Biermanns would like to invite you to an End of the World R22 Party (Halloween event) at the Graveyard in the town of Vanguard, an Island southeast of Vertas Pass, west of the Blackblade, Arx Draconis and Blackstone Bluff.

The event shall be held on Saturday, the 24th of October 2015, at 3pm Austin Time (9pm GMT – UK, 10pm CEST – Central Europe).

You are invited to our party and we will entertain you with the following competitions:
Best Costume
Best original music piece from a player (The condition of originality is such that you compose your own piece.)
The prizes for the winners will be:
1st — Grim Reaper Statue ($15)
2nd — Witches Hat ($10)
3rd — $5 store coin
Each of the two competitions are separate and have their own set of prizes.

The Judges of the competions will be:
Lady @FireLotus
Lady @Sindariya Tyelma
Lord @Winfield
-Sascha Biermanns, Sep 29, 2015

Head over to the forums, get ALL the details, participate, and tell them Stile Teckel sent you!

Ankh Quill

Have you been to the Caverns Store? An internet store front ran and owned by Stile Teckel selling Replica armor, weapons, and more! Whether you want metal or foam we have it all. Almost another 100 products will be added to the store this weekend so subscribe and stay tuned for details! Included in the new product listing will be medieval tents (small to gigantic as well as with a period look) AND supplies for making your own custom LARP equipment!

Please consider us for your needs because as a news business starting out we need that support!

Serpent Sword - We sell these!

Serpent Sword – We sell these!

October 2 2015

Few things you may want to know about

Advertisements for the R22 decoration contest are taking place over in the forums! Sign up, decorate, and put your name in the archives of history as being the winner!

Your entrie should be something creepy for Halloween.
Decorate your homes and basements for Halloween or create a creepy scene.

Go read it here: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/welcome-to-the-r22-deco-contest-halloween.38564/#post-436551

From 10/2/15-10/6/15 – You can get the first Gina Hardwood book, written by our communities own Indi Martin, free on Kindle from Amazon!! It’s a great read, so jump on that!

Relics by Rild launched a new website experience! You may want to check that out and grab some coins for Halloween give-a-ways!

One of the major reasons I put together a new site was to provide customers with a better shopping and service experience. The new site should be easier to navigate…

Go see it all here! http://relicsbyrild.com/


Don’t forget, for all your Halloween needs The Caverns Store has you covered! Whether you need make-up, shrunken heads, prosthetics, clothing, or even some cool weaponry that is safe to hit people with, we have it!

Use this code to get 10% off your order until the End of October, at The Caverns Store “SOTAUDIC10%” located at http://www.store.thecaverns.net – Yes! We accept Paypal so that you know your transactions are safe as is your private information!

(Please note that The Caverns Store has no affiliation, association, or is any other way connected to Shroud of the Avatar. Portalarium, or it’s affiliates).

March 25 2015

Shroud of the Avatar – R16,

So you ready for Release 16? I KNOW I’M NOT! *chuckles* speaking of which, so that everyone doesn’t think I fell off the face of the earth, I am going to be away for a week or two, starting next week. Sorry for the absence and I will be checking in on things as far as correspondence but probably very little beyond that. I’ll be back.

Seriously though, I’m very ready for release 16. Unfortunately I think release 17 is going to be my personal big release as far as getting in game more often. I will definitely be in R16 a bit this weekend to spend some time with my friends and do some hat quests!

That’s why I am going to need the Release 16 instructions and so will you! Luckily Starr took care of it as always and hes got that.

Release 16 Instructions | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Greyhaven did this. This happened!

Greetings All

With thanks to Doctor Shroud for the source material, and Jarrod Kailef for his blessing to use his excellent tunes “Trekking in the Tall Grass” and “Beautiful Meadow”, here is my tongue-in-cheek video assessment of the winning druid home:

(Video) R14 Decoration Contest Winner & Kailef Music | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Live in New York? Going to be in NEw York this Weekend? Then you just may be interested in this!

@LaetitiaNYC & I are hosting a potentially explosive interactive gaming event @MoMath1 this weekend! Come join us!
-Richard Garriott via Twitter

Richard Garriott on Twitter: "@LaetitiaNYC & I are hosting a potentially explosive interactive gaming event @MoMath1 this weekend! Come join us! http://t.co/L2bvMcF4xu".

The Mad Hermit turned me onto this one, so I am going to let him tell you about it!

Follow @MrCacoPlays for #ShroudOfTheAvatar tutorials and help videos in Spanish.
-The Mad Hermit Via Twitter

The Mad Hermit on Twitter: "Follow @MrCacoPlays for #ShroudOfTheAvatar tutorials and help videos in Spanish. https://t.co/1ASAwaQJkz".

Mr Caco – YouTube.

Ankh Quill

March 21 2015

Tuesday’s Newsday

So, hopefully some of this isn’t to old as not to be of use.. man, when I start catching up on old news pieces, you guys are going to go “really.. that old Stile?”.. Meanwhile so that I am not of complete waste:

So this piece really caught my attention. Its over at Gamers Nexus and its focus is on Richard Garriott and Chris Roberts talking, space.. Why did that catch my attention? What a combo on that topic!. Fun and short read even if my musing wasn’t!

Chris Roberts & Richard Garriott Playfully Discuss Zero G Physics [Video] | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

Miss the most recent Church of the Dark Star? Visit Amber Raine’s thread where she even posts the audio for you! Church of the Dark Star – Saturday Services | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Matterio posted a thread over in the Sota forums announcing the SotA community app has went Alpha.

SotA Community App | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Umuri did something pretty cool. I really am not even going to try to explain this thing, you just need to check it out.

Ok, so I’ve been working on a functional almost fully self-crafted house decor entry, and now that it’s done for this release 16 hours positioning and 6k boards later, figured I’d run a contest.

So, hidden on this lot are a number of apples, I won’t say exactly how many, but first one to find them and post screenshots of them at each apply with /loc showing wins 100k gold. So you have to ask yourself, did you find them all? Or maybe you didn’t and your post will tip someone off to where their missing one is? Good luck! Since no one’s put an entry up yet, The following reward applies, for every apple you are missing, your reward is cut in half, and the remaining apples rewards are still open.

So whoever finds the final apple gets 50k, the second to last gets 25k, third to last gets 12.5k, etc

Head on over and see the full details. Go check the place out, I hear its really cool!
Scavenger Hunt for 100k gold! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ok, disregarding anything else, this is one catchy title!

Con Man: Quick … Take My Money!

Tracy Hickman is strongly supporting this project. It has some amazing people involved and it really looks awesome. I figured while not really SotA related it was a cool blurb that many might be interested in.

Con Man: Quick … take my money!.

Need some combat lessons? Heres a class that took place you can watch!

Combat Lessons – From Novice To Master (Introduction) – YouTube.

Published on Mar 21, 2015
A combat lesson by Net
Assisted by Gaelis Trajan
Commentary by Amber Raine

Shroud of the Avatar has passed 6 million dollars… HUZAH!! HELLLLL YEEAHH!!! Well, to tell you all about it, who better then the Ultima Codex?
» Shroud of the Avatar: $6 Million RaisedThe Ultima Codex.

MMORPG Also did a piece on this:
$6M and CountingSotA Shroud of the Avatar News – MMORPG.com.

Article over at Redbull.com: Shroud of the Avatar: Ultima in all but name.

Yes, in full disclosure I am biased. One of my guild members made the front cover of this piece over at Gamers Nexus. So this is a must see! *chuckles*.

Shroud of the Avatar's Impressive Stability & Beautification – Richard Garriott Interview | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

I thought it was pretty cool that Shroud of the Avatar made an article by CNBC! Fans give millions to fund fantasy Avatar video game.

March 9 2015

Pieces of late

So Richard shared this recently via twitter. Some Real life jousting is going to be taking place at Britannia Manor! If you have been to a renaissance faire before, chances are what you saw where actors. It IS POSSIBLE you have been to one before though in which it was SCA jousters that take it very seriously, are very safety minded about the entire thing, but make no mistake do the real thing (with in reason of safety of course). Ive been to one such and it is awesome! Looks like Richard brings it home!

A’ Plaisance, Ltd.

Source: Richard Garriott on Twitter: "@TheSpoonyOne You may get your chance!!! Watch this space!!! http://t.co/9GJoRfZqUL Return of real jousting to Britannia Manor!".

If you haven’t gotten your R14 hat yet, the Mad Hermit has done a how to for us for The Silver Jester Carnival Mask! So visit the drive-in, crank your tesla coil, and watch the flick!

Shroud of the Avatar How To Get The Silver Jester Carnival Mask – YouTube.

If you missed the wedding of Keira and Roper then be sure to head over and visit the forum thread where vows that where spoken, screen shots, and other things of like nature are taking place!

The wedding | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

If you enjoy decorating or are thinking about just trying it out, be sure to get involved in the R15 decoration contest! Judging takes place on March 20th. You can see the details over here:

The R15 Decoration Contest | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

And from my side of things, very late. Im sure youve gotten it by now, but to be through.. Update #114!

As always I would encourage you to listen to Lord Baldrith and Asclepius bring the news to you in a fun and entertaining discussion format!     Newscasts – Echoes from the Caverns.

Visit the official update 114 yonder,
Update of the Avatar #114 – 2015.02.27: Underworld Funded and Final Week Push, Crowfall Funded, Jabbering Bertha, SotA’s 1st Wedding, Rick’s Spectral Mines, and More! | Shroud of the Avatar.

The always helpful official summary:

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

Play Release 15 Now!
Underworld Funded – Now Entering Final Week!
Crowfall Kickstarter Funded in 3 Days!
Final Week for Massively Kickstarter
First Wedding in New Britannia
Rick Holtrop’s Spectral Mines
In-game Community Weekend Events
Sir Frank’s Writing Contest (with Prizes!)
Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
Changes to Store Credit Conversions
Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
This Week In The News
Upcoming Events


Speaking of the first wedding. If you missed it, not to worry. The Insane hermit person we all love and know that goes by the Mad Hermit once again went around people and recorded this thing for you!

Shroud Of The Avatar First Wedding In New Britannia – YouTube.

If you missed them and need them, then wow.. is this going to help you out. Release 15 instructions:

Release 15 Instructions – Unity 5 is Alive! | Shroud of the Avatar.

Did you catch Chris Spears post about the Economy?

Time to talk about economy! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

It has been a very long time since I have heard much from Markee Dragon on the topic of Shroud of the Avatar. He published this over on Youtube telling us why hes been quiet on the topic.

Shroud of the Avatar | What I Am Waiting For – YouTube.

Essentially, I’m waiting for the game to be officially released as a complete package before I invest my time in developing a character.-Markee Dragon

Ok, its official.. Ultima maps being mounted at the Smithsonian? That’s just cool. Thanks for sharing this one Cranberry!

Ultima IV Map Exhibition Preparation – GIS in Imagery Series – GIS Lounge.

March 6 2015

The Shape of Things to Come Competition – Saturday March 7, 12 PM CST

First off in the manner of full disclosure, I must admit I am very biased about this event in that its my guild that is doing it!

I can however, extremely proudly state that I have had nothing to do with it! Tomorrow is my first day off work in about two weeks and I wracked up a few 14 hour days in there. Hence, why I say proudly.

From the first mention of the idea of this, to the actual running of it on Saturday I have had zero involvement. Instead on my breaks, my lunches, or while scarfing down dinner before bed each night I have gotten the enjoyment of the next best thing to being involved in SotA stuff.. watching my friends and guild mates doing such a cool thing.

The event is already a success for me. Ive gotten many smiles on many stressful days. Thank you all! For the rest of the community, please help them make it feel successful by attending!! They have worked very hard to bring this to you, and I for one plan on being there!

You can visit the official thread here! Let them know I did something worthwhile, and tell them Stile sent you!
The Shape of Things to Come Competition – Saturday March 7, 12 PM CST | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Locals in this out of the way village have invented an interesting party game. Players divide into teams, and try to form a shape which is called out by a leader. The pattern can be simple or complex, and points are awarded to the team that forms it most quickly.

The Caverns wants to host this game for our fellow avatars. We will be gathering at our outdoor garden arena in the middle of Solania (/zone Vyrin) on March 7 at 12 PM CST. Teams will be determined once the game begins, and avatars will only be able to use in-game chat for communication. Points will be awarded, and winners determined. Fabulous prizes will be concocted somehow.

The shapes you will be asked to form will all be familiar items that represent “The Shape of Things to Come” for SotA.

Please join us in sharing in this new Solanian tradition!

Thanks to all of you who are planning on attending! Here is the detailed information for those who are interested…

The competition is held at The Caverns Arena in Solania pictured above. (/zone Vyrin)

Players will be divided into 2-4 teams based on the number of people that show up. Each team will occupy its own quadrant of the arena. Players will be randomly divided so there are an equal number on each team.

Spectators are welcome, and can sit in the stands. We have invented a new form of seating for the judges of the competition and out special guests called “blink seats”™. As the name says, they are only accessible by using the new R15 skill, blink.

The leader (Vyrin) will stand in the center of the arena and call out a shape to be formed by the groups. There will be three rounds of three shapes each. The first round the team that wins will get 1 point. The second round is 2 points and the third is 3. Shapes will be increasingly difficult. The scorekeeper will place a small ankh to designate each point on a special scoring table for each team.

Teams can only work using in-game chat to from their shapes. No external game communication is allowed (honor system). Part of the fun will be trying to sort yourself into the shapes with everyone talking at once.

There will be three judges to keep an eye on the action. Once two judges agree a group has formed a shape, that group is declared the winner. Teams will be designated by a colored band on the ledge behind them: red, green, silver and stripe.

At the end of the game, the team with the most points will be declared winner and will have their names immortalized in a book to be published about the event by Vyrin and Womby. Each winning team member will receive a free copy post-release.

Introduction Post Image

The arena

February 8 2015

A whole lotta more stuff!

I think from what we are seeing so far it is clear that Shroud of the Avatar will have some strong ties to the single player game Underworld Ascendant which comes from Ultima Underworld, a game near and dear to my heart (and in my collection!). As such I put a page for it under the links section of my site and I plan on kickstarting it (just waiting to see if we have a cross promotion right now).

Well, im not the only one! The community is already getting a wiki going and its being done by a lot of names you should recognize. Go read it for yourself!

UnderWiki: The Underworld Ascendant Wiki – The Ultima Codex.

Looking for a lot in game? Not sure where to find one? Saw an empty one don/t need it but will share it? There was a thread for that for R13 and tradition is being carried over into R14. So go find it here and tell them the Caverns helped you find them!

R14 available lots!!! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Do you like to decorate houses? Testing the decoration system for R14? just want to win free stuff? Then enter the decoration contest!

Decoration contest! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

As a side note I’m really excited to see how many of my guild members are in this event. GO TEAM!

Bear Tavern has another PvP event taking place called Guild vs. Guild. Taking place on 2/22/15 go read about it all here!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Guild vs Guild (Expression of Interest) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ankh Quill

February 7 2015

A Whole lotta stuff

The Mad Hermit never seems to stop putting out pieces of aid to the community! Need gold? He is going to show you how to be rich beyond your dreams and then you CHOOSE to live in a little hovel alone somewhere in the woods.. because your CRAZZZZYYYYY…

Shroud Of The Avatar – Money Making Guide – R14 – YouTube.

All Reporters Gathering! This is a thing! How cool is that? Winfield posted about this new occurrence taking place over in the Sota Forums. Heres a little snippet of what he has to say!

To discuss how news and information from inside New Britannia is reported and documented.
To compare ideas to help consolidate and prevent duplication of services.
To envision how information will last for decades for all to use.
To share knowledge about existing or planned services.
To educate each other on best methods for discovering, uncovering, reporting, and documenting information.

Now I know your saying.. “Stile, how soon are you getting in on this?”. To be honest, I am not. I think its fantastic, a great group and they have my support! However for me personally I have a dull plate of projects and activities that I am already trying to wrap up so I can maintain my core stuff and focus on my guild and new in game projects. Im not going to add new projects to my plate! Although I hope to maybe poke my head in from time to time as time allows.

However I think this is a fantastic opportunity to grow a great community within our big community. TWO THUMBS UP!

So were in R14 now your playing it, the graphics are looking good. Maybe some things still need some work. Well, compare it to where we where are R13 and where we are going by catching the R13 Post Mortum!

Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 13 Postmortem – YouTube.

Kenneth Kully got something really cool in the mail and it shows you why being a part of this community is so fantastic! Head over and see what he had to say and exactly showed up in his mail!

In Which Rustic Dragon and Richard Garriott Leave Me Humbled – The Ultima Codex.

Ultima Underworld returns via Kickstarter – Article over at bit Gamer

Ultima Underworld returns via Kickstarter | bit-gamer.net.

The Bear Tavern Brawl is hosting an event this Saturday! “Tag Team”, Read all about it!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Tag Team! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The Recap band.. LIVEEE IN NEW YORK!!!!!!! How cool is this??!?!?!?!?!?

Our first local NY show is happening! 3/7 @ The Skyline in Middletown.

Damn, wish I could go!!

Recap on Twitter: "Our first local NY show is happening! 3/7 @ The Skyline in Middletown. https://t.co/2aJzFLRCiq".

The Bear cavern starts a new community group called “The Beran League”

To one and all,

The community of The Bear Tavern has slowly but surely grown over its recent past, attracting visitors from all walks of life. Now well beyond the scope and scale of that originally intended, it has been decided that a different approach should be taken to support the community as a whole. As such, on the evening of the 3rd of February, the High Council of Beran’s Reach voted on and approved the formal creation of The Beran League, an organisation encompassing a range of Towns, Guilds and Businesses. This represents our first step in founding something bigger, a move which promises to deliver greater opportunities and events for those who wish to be involved. Our little community has begun to grow up.

This isn’t the only news. Alongside our current circle, our long-term friends within The Moongate Travellers together with their Player Town of Rifts End will be joining us. I would like to wish them a formal welcome, a matter that seems somewhat redundant since we know many of them well already! I look forward to go out into the world alongside the good folk of MGT470 on dungeon raids and event nights in the future.

Go catch all the details!
The Beran League – Guilds and Land Owners Unite | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

News Cast by Matthew over in the Google community can be found here!

Episode 11 is here!.

It looks like if I am understanding this correctly, that home decorating services are being offered.

Need design work done for your home in #NewBritannia ? Like this page and….

The Shroud of the Avatar Box art was revealed!

Shroud of the Avatar on Twitter: "Heya @djWHEAT Care to add SotA: FV box art to Twitch Games Directory? https://t.co/ceD3PsE4v1 http://t.co/snVj6P558l".

Shroud of the Avatar Alpha Testing Release Box Artwork

Massively has an article up about the free hat quest in R14

Shroud of the Avatar's release 14: FREE HAT | Massively.

German Shroud of the Avatar interview! our Lord British tweeted about this over here, Richard Garriott on Twitter: "Hope its complimentary, don't speak German: Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – Interview http://t.co/KPQZboprlT via @gamona".

You can go view the interview here, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – Interview.

Until I send more your way,
Stile Teckel

January 17 2015

Things of interest

Here’s another compilation of various pieces of this and that you may want to look closer at!

So I thought this looked pretty cool. Now the event already took place, but its a great concept and some photos are posted, so you may want to check it out.

The New Britannia’s Builders of Bemusing Bewilderments (4B) proudly present fully decorated 5-level town basement. With 4 level deep maze, dance floor, bar, DJ booth and much more. And of course – the cake.

Here’s the link to the thread to get the full thing!
The cake is not a lie! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Gaming Bolt published an article on their impressions for the game. This is a long article and many in the SotA forums feel the author seems to be lacking understanding in a lot of areas and has some miss-understandings about features.
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Hands On Impressions « GamingBolt.com: Video Game News, Reviews, Previews and Blog.

Massively put out a short little tid bit on elemental’s. Really short. You may already have the gist. On a related topic, I love the new air elemental. In fact I would love to have a 3-d printed model of one of them just so I could paint it!
Shroud of the Avatar's elementals run (not so) wild | Massively.

If you misses the R13 welcome quests, here is the thread for those events to see how it all went.
Welcome Quest in R13 – by Royal Warrant | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

House decoration prizes WIN MONTY! Thats right, if your into house decorating, you wont want to miss this one!

The idea is to give people some time and decorate their homes (having a decorated basement is a plus!) This time it will be a bit shorter since r14 is around the corner. But we had enough time for decorations before this, so people that already did some will have a slight advantage. First, second and third place will get a small reward in the form of some store credits. Donated by Gaelis Trajan and myself.

1st : 15$
2nd: 10$
3rd: 5$

Go catch the full contest details on the forums!
Decoration contest | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

November 11 2014

Check out these videos!

They Who Dwell in Darkness is a project put out by some of the members of The New Britannia Theater Troupe. First they wrote a play. Then it was recorded as an audio recording only, with voice acting and music. That in turned is played live on Avatars radio while those same people play their characters in Shroud of the Avatar and put on the play, typing the lines and using emotes in conjunction with the live radio broadcast.

If that sounds complicated, you should see what all takes place behind the scenes to do this and it’s amazing as I’ve watched them work on this how quickly they’ve gotten some serious work accomplished! When they started working on this projects I had no doubts they could put it together. I had some doubts that they could do it within the deadlines they gave themselves! Standing ovation guys!

A huge thank you to the Mad Hermit for his video efforts to capture this project! He put a LOT of time into this, as much if not more then anyone else. Truly awesome of him to do that! Lots of love from the Caverns Mad!

Shroud Of The Avatar They Who Dwell In Darkness (Live) – YouTube.

Now not to be left out when speaking of the Mad Hermit is his new video on a FULLY DECORATED Dukes Waterfront Castle! Wait, theres more.. here, read the details from the Mad Hermit himself!:

Join me as we take a stroll through this beautifully decorated Island Duke Castle commissioned by Winfield (Governor of PaxLair). All decorations were hand crafted using the in-game crafting system. The Duke Keep and Island Castle were generously donated by community member Spero Gottskraft. The decorations masterfully layed-out by the Great Decoration Designer Gaelis Trajan.

Now Enjoy his video and go give it a like!

Shroud Of The Avatar Fully Decorated Duke's Waterfront Castle – YouTube.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe