January 28 2015

The Mad Hermit Works magic with The Helpful Mage!

Awwwwww yeaaaahh, thanks Mad Hermit!

In the mood for a voice acted play with music? Then The Mad Hermit has you covered, right over here! PLEASE give it a thumbs up on Steam even if you prefer watching it on Youtube!

Steam Community :: Video :: Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents – The Helpful Mage.

Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents – The Helpful Mage – YouTube.

The Mad Hermit

November 16 2014

Those who Dwell in the Darkness – Presented by the Mad Hermit!

He came, he saw, he then showed it to all of you in its full glory!

The New Britannia Theater Group Proudly Presents, “They Who Dwell In Darkness”.

This is an edited version of the performance held live on October 25th in Valemark. Actors from around the world voice-acted their roles which was simulcast on Avatar’s Radio (and broadcast in-game via the Aether Vibration Amplifier) while typing their lines and controlling their characters.

I was asked to record the event, which I did, but then felt compelled to create the “Made for TV” version of it. Enjoy!

Author: Gabriel NightShadow

Voice Actors:
+ Amber Raine
+ Asclepius
+ Static Grazer
+ Lady Adnor

Editor and Producer: Asclepius

Music Credits
“The Field of Dreams” by Paulis Jurgelevleius
“Small Loss” By HorrorPen
“Anger Lonely (3M loop) by Natlyea
“The Mad Scientist” by BossLevelVGM
“Walls and Lamps” by Alexandr Zhelanov
“BellHell” by Ove Melaa

All music can be found on:

For full information about the production see the forum post:

Link to Shroud of the Avatar – New Britannia Theater Group Performance of “Those Who Dell In Darkness” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxWPf…
Standard YouTube License

Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Group Presents – They Who Dwell In Darkness – YouTube.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

November 11 2014

Check out these videos!

They Who Dwell in Darkness is a project put out by some of the members of The New Britannia Theater Troupe. First they wrote a play. Then it was recorded as an audio recording only, with voice acting and music. That in turned is played live on Avatars radio while those same people play their characters in Shroud of the Avatar and put on the play, typing the lines and using emotes in conjunction with the live radio broadcast.

If that sounds complicated, you should see what all takes place behind the scenes to do this and it’s amazing as I’ve watched them work on this how quickly they’ve gotten some serious work accomplished! When they started working on this projects I had no doubts they could put it together. I had some doubts that they could do it within the deadlines they gave themselves! Standing ovation guys!

A huge thank you to the Mad Hermit for his video efforts to capture this project! He put a LOT of time into this, as much if not more then anyone else. Truly awesome of him to do that! Lots of love from the Caverns Mad!

Shroud Of The Avatar They Who Dwell In Darkness (Live) – YouTube.

Now not to be left out when speaking of the Mad Hermit is his new video on a FULLY DECORATED Dukes Waterfront Castle! Wait, theres more.. here, read the details from the Mad Hermit himself!:

Join me as we take a stroll through this beautifully decorated Island Duke Castle commissioned by Winfield (Governor of PaxLair). All decorations were hand crafted using the in-game crafting system. The Duke Keep and Island Castle were generously donated by community member Spero Gottskraft. The decorations masterfully layed-out by the Great Decoration Designer Gaelis Trajan.

Now Enjoy his video and go give it a like!

Shroud Of The Avatar Fully Decorated Duke's Waterfront Castle – YouTube.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

November 6 2014

Ready, take 2, action! Those who dwell in the Darkness – LIVE!

Various members of The New Britannia Theater Troupe are doing it again! Live an in game “They Who Dwell In Darkness”.

If you missed this last time, please go view the great video by the Mad Hermit!

Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Group Presents – They Who Dwell In Darkness – YouTube.

So be there on 11/8/14 at 10AM CST.Same bat channel, same bat location as last time in Valemark – Paxlair.

Avatars radio will play a pre-made audio file of the play by the voice actors who at the same time will be playing their characters, in game, presenting the play!

Wow – that’s some serious work!

Come show your support!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

October 19 2014

The new Britannia Theater Troupe – Why is their R11 event Historical?

As you have seen they are putting on a play in the game for R11. If you have missed the press on this… are you on Mars? Ok, seriously though, if you have, Kenneth Kully just put up a nice post on this over at Ultima Codex you can check out!
So There’ll Be an In-Game Theatre Production During Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 11 Next Week – The Ultima Codex.

So I have two things!! First, because its shorter. Kenneth mentions he did not know there was a New Britannia theater Troupe! Im sure many don’t, as even though its been talked about, a lot goes on and its hard to follow up with everything. So if you want to learn more about the Troupe, go here!


Secondly and finally, I am typing a post in a forum to someone, and thought “I really should share this as a blog”. Bottom line – Why do I think this event is so important?

Ok, its a dry run, yes. Its a test run, sure. It may not work as well as desired even with a little practice ahead of time on R11, etc.

But… its majorly historical. There’s a Theater stretch goal for the game. Its an EXTREMELY important feature of the game to both Starr and Richard.

This represents literally, the first group of people putting on the first event like this, to what one day in the game may be a major aspect of game play that takes place on a regular basis by many groups.

For that reason I want to do as much video recording, airing, etc as possible. Also it will take a lot to keep me away, as I want to say “I was at the first one!”.

I hope YOU can make it!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe