July 5 2017

SotA R43a Map by Birko and TOURNAMENT FOR THE KING

Wow! Birko makes and impressive map. Like that thumbnail your seeing? Then go get the whole thing in full size!

Novia_Overland__R43a.jpg (7862Γ—5671)

Novia R43 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Looking for a Tournament or just something cool to do in Shroud of the Avatar?


Hear ye, Hear ye!!

You are cordially invited to join the Orders Guilds for the third year in celebrating the birth of our King, @Lord British, with a PVP event. as a part of the Kings Day Festivities.

This year we will be hosting the event during the Birthday Bash Telethon, July 6th.

Get the details over here.
TOURNAMENT FOR THE KING | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

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February 19 2016

Grab Some Metal Folding Chairs and Hope Some Wrestlers Swing Them At Each Other In Shroud of the Avatar

Another event you may be interested in if part of the SotA community, posted over in the forums.

Sandillox Wrestling Federation *Beginning at the End* 2pm NBT 2/27/16

Sandillox Entertainment would like to present *~Beginning at the End~* Windy Fields Stadium located in Rift’s End
Event to start 2pm NBT Sat Feb 27Th

zone to Majoria or Apollox Evanheart

So head on over and get the full details on the post. Please let them know The Caverns sent you!


June 10 2015

Few Hump day Quickies as my afternoon delight on lunch

And a lot of extra spelling and grammar mistakes to go with it as a result!

Looks like Duek Violation has something going on…

Hail Avatars,

I have found this stuck on the wall of my website! I wanted to share it with you… it seems to be important in some way! Take note: this will only be viable information in the player town of Vengeance!
-Duke Violation


I havent had a chance to take a look at this yet, but its going into my to do folder! Looks like Browncoat Jayson is working on a tiem based calendar for New Britannia!


A couple of my favorite goofs are at it again and sewing unreliable information among the inhabitants of Shroud of the Avatar with their guide! VYRIN AND WOMBY!

Be sure to check out the R18 Unreliable Travel guide, one of my favorite series!


Now we all know that Vyrin and Womby REALLY like books and writing by now. We also know that R19 hopes to bring player published books into the game. So… Thats why we have this!

Many of us are extremely excited for book publishing to go live. A recent tweet from Lord British himself indicates this will be possible in R19, subject of course to the normal disclaimers.

Therefore it’s time for a community-wide and community-run writing project: The SotA Community First Series! We hope this will be counted as the first player created series of the game, and that it will start with the whole “community first”.

The idea is simple. We want as many members of the community to offer one piece of writing each. This can be a story, poem, song, etc. Post your submission in The SotA Community First Series submission thread. Everyone can contribute! It only makes sense that you do not publish a piece of writing that will already be published by Portalarium (from one of the contests). However, feel free to submit something you’ve already written.

This series will come at an important time when we can join our efforts to reflect the progress of the game and the strength of the community. It will hopefully honor Portalarium for the hard work of getting us to this point.

Submissions can be made until midnight CST before the public release date of June 25. (This would be the night of June 24/morning of June 25).

Once the release goes live, every author remains the publisher of their own work. No one person or group “owns” the series. You are responsible for printing copies of your writing submission, or finding someone to do it. Then players will trade their books in game to try to collect them all. There will be book trading meetings and parties hopefully! It can become an R19 quest! That is the beauty of this effort, you will most likely want to encounter the other authors in game to collect all the volumes.

When all submission are in on midnight of the 24th, I will randomly assign volume numbers to help keep track of our entries and what we’ve created. When you publish your work in R19, please add “SotA Community First Series, Volume #” to whatever title (or lack of title) you have for your work.

Once there is a wipe, or finally when Episode 1 is released, each player can recreate their books, and make it a persistent part of the game world. In Episode 1 it will be a great retrospective of the active writing community at the time. Hopefully it will also be a great player-created collector’s item!

This thread will be for questions and discussing the series. Please submit your writing in the submission thread:


Let’s see what the community can do! Honor Portalarium! Encourage your friends!

Here is the forum thread to go see the details and get in on this!!!!


April 30 2015

Looking for a fight in Shroud of the Avatar R17?

Order of Vengeance has that covered for you with another PvP tournament offering! Now personally R17 is the release I start spending more time in game.. but, I have a LOT to catch up on so I dont know how soon ill start playing with the PvP much.. Maybe June or July for me. If you are not in my situation and ready to rock the PvP though, then this is cool. A month long leader board? I like it!

We will be hosting PvP Tournaments and giving you guys an actual leader board this release! Order of Vengeance is proud to host the first month long tournament in Shroud of the Avatar and will be accepting submissions of those willing to be openly flagged as pvp for at least 2 days each week during the release. Also, you need to play for a couple hours each time actively available for combat… more details to come!


How to sign up:
Please post a sign up by replying below or register on the site… there are two tournaments so you would need to register twice. Details on each will be provided in a couple days.

You can head over and view the official thread.. Try not to get attacked on the way!

Royal Warrant and ONBE Medal

March 24 2015

A few snippets

Preparing for R16? Firelotus is and she has the screenshot thread posted!
Release 16 Screenshot Gallery | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Introducing the Novian Academy of Arts & Sciences! Shroud of the Avatar’s first ever institution dedicated to the education of Avatars within New Britannia!

Did that catch your interest? Here’s the forum thread:
Introducing: The Novian Academy | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Don’t have a lot of play time? Then this may be right up your alley. A guide to get you going, step by step to level up posted over in the forums.

thread of gaylike — guide to follow | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

So the title of this event says a lot “The Gladiator’s Grid-Iron (BMC)”. This is a repeating event that has took place a few times already. You can keep an eye open for future dates as well as catch videos and screen shots though!

The Gladiator's Grid-Iron (BMC) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Gatsu made his own version of the SotA map and put it up on the forums to share with everyone. Let me draw you a map on how to get to the map….Going crazy on updating hidden vale map.. | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The winners have been announced for the 4B PvP Tournament. Congratulations!

Jacob Canaan
Bambino LudoVate

4B PvP Tournament (1v1 Ranged Double Elimination) 2.0 | Page 2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Don’t miss the SotA companion app!

SOTA Companion App | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The Caverns Guild is currently raising funds for a PoT and is past the 50% mark! If for some reason your feeling generous and want to help the group with that, you can do so over here. POT Donations |.

It’s a great group of people the you see heavily involved all over the community both as individuals and as part of the guild. I had not planned on running a guild until E1… They changed all of that and I could not be happier or prouder.

You might have bumped into them in game or maybe you went to one of their events (such as The Shape of Things to Come spotlighted in a weekly update by Portalrium a week or two back!). The guild roster includes Sophi, Dr. Shroud, Logain, Vyrin, Womby, Lord Baldrith, Blake Phoenix, Forgiven, F’lar, Iansmellis, Trelass, Lyran, Nyssa Teckel, and Zoey Parx! Wow, what a line-up right?!!

The PoT will be for the guild to use as a group with land available to all guild members! We’re sweating the goal a bit and getting a tad worried they may sell out. They also go up 20% in May so are looking at it more seriously! If you where not aware of the 20% increase in May yourself, now you know! Get your purchases made before then!

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March 22 2015

A few more things of interest so that Stile isnt totally slacking

Just chipping away at the back log and keeping up with new stuff!

So it looks like From Richard and his wife sharing some spider on a stick again this year, that it must be time for another Explorers Club event.
Richard Garriott on Twitter: "@ExplorersClub #ECAD2015 http://t.co/8mp8i6lfjW".

This was said! I think it would be awesome, but lets face it.. it needs to have a treasure hunting system to go with it! Give me a TH system and an official explorers club with a in game headquarters? Mark me down as president!!!
@thedirtypony333 @LaetitiaNYC @ExplorersClub I should ask if we can create a virtual clubhouse in the game!

Now.. This.. This.. I just got my Ebay Deal of the day email (or I just read it, something like that). Saw this, and was laughing my ass off. I think I have found the official Food for The Caverns. I mean, how can you beat something called “Quest Cravings PEANUT BUTTER CUPS”, which are protein bars? Its Yummy, its a travel ration, and its called Quest cravings? Sorry if your not amused, but I had to share! I seriously wonder if they are tar getting the Fantasy Gaming Genre when they name stuff like this πŸ™‚

Wish I was sitting in on one of the marketing meetings. I bet it goes something like this. “So Bob, they have those Cliff Bars.. aimed at the hiker, biker, etc. I had this idea. You know, these damned video gamers keep dieing staying up all night, not eating or drinking, playing games. THEY need this stuff the most! Think of the market.. We call it “QUEST CRAVINGS!!:”.

Here’s what Id jump up and yell if I was at such a meeting… “Coming up next… AvAtars Crunch! Trail Mix for Shroud of the Avatar gamers. It is a blend of everything you need for probiotics, daily vitamin blend, fiber, potassium, and Extra large doses of vitamin D3. It’s aimed at the 40+ year old gamers primarily but good for all ages! The Guardians Circle will be these little fudge rounds that have Magnesium, Bcomplex, Calcium, and B12.”

All joking and make believe aside, check out the real product, I couldn’t make THAT up!
Quest Cravings PEANUT BUTTER CUPS Box of 12 – 20g PROTEIN BARS

Need to work on your PvP skills? Just learn some? Net is giving PvP lessons in game. You can see the details on his thread here:

Combat Lessons – From Novice To Master (Introduction) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

I JUST created a new Facebook group called “Shroud of the Avatar Collectors”. This is a group for those who collect, sell, and trade Shroud of the avatar collectibles or items related to the game. As an avid collector with a large collection, I love the idea of having a group specifically geared towards this, where selling and buying and trading are welcome rather then frowned upon, etc.. So…. do what I always do when I want something and someone else isn’t already doing it. Make it happen!

It’s an open group, so please come get added!

(29) Shroud of the Avatar Collectors.

Be sure to check out some of the concept art being posted by Denis Loubet over in the forums!

Ultima II cover might have possessed

via Ultima II cover that never was. | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

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February 11 2015

A collection of several pieces of SotA related news from different places

I swear, I wanted to add “and grooving together to a pict” to the end of that title, but figure not many would get it.. so onto business!

Ok, first off the press you don’t want to miss the official – Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 14 Postmortem! Im sorry, I havent watched it yet so cant give any cliff notes! If you have, comment with something for my readers!

Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 14 Postmortem – YouTube.

Actiontrip has an article up titled “Richard Garriot’s RPG Gets Nearly $6M”. Really I think the title sums up this piece but it wont take you long to read it if you want to check it out!

It is positive and I liked it, just more of a summary piece though.

Richard Garriot's RPG Gets Nearly $6M.

What I liked about this piece is that its not a gaming site but rather The International Times!

New RPG β€˜Shroud Of The Avatar’ By Richard Garriott Aims For 2015 Release.

“Lot Claiming Sequence (SAMPLE)” was edited recently. Wait, what, you didnt know about that project of Koldars? Here it is for you again. Unofficial and based on current data only so subject to change and be in error.

Lot Claiming Sequence (SAMPLE) – Google Sheets.

14.5 Welcome quest is taking place!

You are invited to join the Welcome Quest in Release 14.5! We are doing the Welcome Quest every two weeks each release.

It will be held on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 12pm central time. It is added on the Avatar’s Circle community calendar for easy time zone conversion at http://avatarscircle.com/community-events/

To join in just “/zone Dara Brae” and you will pop in there. Dara Brae will be active 30 minutes before the event and 15 minutes after the event starts.
-Duke Graegoir

Read it all here and tell Duke Graegoir Stile says hi!

Welcome Quest R14.5 – No RSVP needed | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Darkstarr asks that you post a review over on steam about Shroud of the Avata, especially if its positive, and why its important! Note that while I have not done this I plan on doing it the next time I launch steam to get in game.

Steam Review Request | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

For the PvP crowd – 1v1 Double Elimination! With The Bear Tavern!

Bear Tavern Brawl – 1v1 Double Elimination | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

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February 9 2015

Another chunk of various news pieces

Here’s several more things that you may want to check out!

The first one is EPIC! Birko made a map over in the forums titled “Ardoris Less Ardurous” and wow, is it! He made a map of the city and numbered everything, gave it a legend, and labeled it. Talk about one useful tool! I hope this is kept up until and after E1!

Go check it out and tell him the Caverns sent you!

Ardoris Less Ardurous | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Polygon did an interview with Richard and its an extremely good write up. Ill give you a little clip of it but be sure go to read the full thing!

With nearly $6 million raised and 50,000 people spending an average of $115 each on Richard Garriott’s still-in-development role-playing game, Shroud of the Avatar looks like it will get its full release by the end of the year.

As Richard Garriott's new RPG approaches $6M, he eyes a 2015 full release and book trilogy [correction] | Polygon.

So you PvP’rs are going to want to take note of this event posted by Net “4B PvP Tournament (1v1 Ranged Double Elimination)”.

When: 2014-02-21 21:00 UTC (February 21st, 3pm CST)

Where: Brave Coast – town lot on the highest hill (/zone Net)

1st place – 250 repair kits (+ Ome’s album ‘Glimmer of Light’ (digital), given away by Sole)
2nd place – 100 repair kits
3rd place – 50 repair kits

Head over to the forum and catch the whole thing. Tell Net Stile said hi!

4B PvP Tournament (1v1 Ranged Double Elimination) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

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February 8 2015

A whole lotta more stuff!

I think from what we are seeing so far it is clear that Shroud of the Avatar will have some strong ties to the single player game Underworld Ascendant which comes from Ultima Underworld, a game near and dear to my heart (and in my collection!). As such I put a page for it under the links section of my site and I plan on kickstarting it (just waiting to see if we have a cross promotion right now).

Well, im not the only one! The community is already getting a wiki going and its being done by a lot of names you should recognize. Go read it for yourself!

UnderWiki: The Underworld Ascendant Wiki – The Ultima Codex.

Looking for a lot in game? Not sure where to find one? Saw an empty one don/t need it but will share it? There was a thread for that for R13 and tradition is being carried over into R14. So go find it here and tell them the Caverns helped you find them!

R14 available lots!!! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Do you like to decorate houses? Testing the decoration system for R14? just want to win free stuff? Then enter the decoration contest!

Decoration contest! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

As a side note I’m really excited to see how many of my guild members are in this event. GO TEAM!

Bear Tavern has another PvP event taking place called Guild vs. Guild. Taking place on 2/22/15 go read about it all here!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Guild vs Guild (Expression of Interest) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

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December 24 2014

First PK Invitational – posted by player Killer

So if PvP is your main thing, your may want to get in on this.

Prize Pool : 15$ Store Credit

1. Place : 10$ Store Credit
2. Place : 5$ Store Credit

There will be either 4 or 8 Wildcards for this Tournament. This Tournament most likely won’t place at one day. i will record every fight and i will try to edit something neat out of it πŸ˜‰

Wilcards will be handed out to different Tournament Winners / PVP Guild / Any person that showed off hes worthy.
-Player Killer

So head over to the forums to read all the details and participate if your interested. Tell em you found your way from the Caverns!
Discussion in ‘Release 13 Events’ started by Player Killer, Dec 15, 2014.

via R13 – First PK Invitational | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.