October 27 2016

Shroud of the Avatar Release / Halloween Party

So Amber Raine just posted this over in the SotA Facebook Group. Something you may want to check out!


Up from the ashes they did rise
Look of shock and confusion filled the Avatars eyes
As Skeleton, Zombie, Wraith, and Ghost
Popped the cork on the keg to see who could drink the most

A party it was they sought to begin
and invited you are so join right in
The Day of the Dead is but 3 days away
And as it should be, Hallowe’en is being celebrated today!

FireLotus shall lead the troops away from the war
So leave your swords and bows next to the door
The bar is stocked with the best of Novian brew
So there is only one thing left to do

A new type of dance craze alike the monster mash,
A plague across the nation has taken holdfast
Here in Jade Valley we shall party til the rising of the sun
Scaring the the children with the dance called “The Starrlton”

Avatars it is that time again. Time to put down the swords and pick up the beers.
Time to stop killing and start partying!

Avatars Radio proudly Presents the Traditional FireLotus Release Party
We shall be celebrating the joy of a new release, new places to explore and so much more!

Join us for companionship, partying, and grand amounts of prizes!
Add-on Store and In game prizes given away during this event. You must be present to win.

Contact Mal Hari for Directions.

TIME: Friday, October 28th 2016. 2pm – 4pm NBT
Location of Party: Jade Valley

March 16 2016

New Britannia Theater Troupe to Present In Shroud of the Avatar – Where is Shooter Jennings!

That’s not the official title, of course, just taking some poetic license there!

I am sure that no by doubt you fully know that Shooter Jennings debut his album Countach in Shroud of the Avatar.

WHERE DID HE GO DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE EVENT? If you didn’t know, he vanished right during the midst of the party from the Bear Tavern. WHAAATTT???

Then later he shows up in a Tower in Vengeance… AND TO THIS DAY, NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!! [pullquote]AND TO THIS DAY NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!![/pullquote]

Well The New Britannia Theater Troupe knows, and Fourteen talented voice actors are going to come together and with the help of Avatars Radio you will find out!

The adventure will broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. You can also join the listening party at the Bear Tavern in game as well! [pullquote]9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT[/pullquote]

Here is a quote from Asclepius of the NBTT himself that he just turned into me on a scroll.

The recent Shooter Jennings party for the launch of his album “Countach” was possibly the biggest thing to ever happen in game. But the question remains – why did Shooter disappear at the height of the party in the Bear Tavern? And why was he found much later in a tower in Vengeance? What happened to him between those times?

As a result of extensive research, the New Britannia Theater Troupe can bring you, for the first time, the real truth behind these events, and the dramatic, previously unknown secrets that threatened to rock the very foundations of New Britannia.

Fourteen of the community’s best voice actors have come together to create a compelling and dramatic tale of bravery and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds. They have poured their hearts and souls into this production, and I consider it to be one of the finest we have ever produced.

You are all invited to return to the Bear Tavern – where the adventure initially started – for a Listening Party. The adventure will be broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. Join us for an ale (or two) and hear the adventure unfold as we share in the experience together via the Aether Vibration Amplifiers.

The Bear Tavern is in Beran’s Reach, north of Brittany, or just zone to Gabriel Nightshadow. See you there!

Lord Asclepius

There is a forum thread with the details as well that you can also post a note in. Go over, post a note and put on it “Stile sent me”. Please? That way they know, I don’t just sit on my ass? *winks*


October 16 2015

Banish the Darkness

Coming to you on 10/17/15 at Noon is a new full cast audio production being presented by The New Britannia Theater Troupe! Not only full cast but music and sound effects! I do a small “appearance” in this one myself!

You can listen to it for the first time on Avatars Radio!

If you want to enjoy listening to it with other people there will be a listening party in Shroud of The Avatar. The listening party is taking place in the Player owned town of Wizard Rest owned by Lord Baldrith! To join the party Feel free to /zone Asclepius or /zone Baldrith.

Asclepius posted this over at the SotA forums.

(From a notice in Avatars Circle by Amber Raine)

Sat, 17 October, 12:00 โ€“ 14:00
WhereWizards Rest
DescriptionThe New Britannia Theatre Troupe is proud to present the next segment of the on going saga written by Gabriel Nightshadow – Banish the Darkness! With the use of the Aether Vibration Amplifier and Avatars Radio – This will be a listening party. Join us in Wizards Rest for a few mugs of mead and great company as we gather round to listen to and meet and greet these fantastic voice actors.

To all the community – we would love you to join us as we air this awesome production. Filled with humor, drama, tragedy and triumph, it is a play not to be missed. It is a radio play, and will be airing on Avatars Radio at 12:00 CST this Saturday. While you do not have to be present to enjoy this amazing production, we want to make a social occasion from it, and Lord Baldrith has set up bleachers so there is plenty of room to party and meet and greet the actors. Aether vibration amplifiers are set up and ready.

We will also endeavour to provide drinks for anyone who has a thirst!

Look forward to seeing you there!!!

[Edit = /zone Asclepius or /zone Baldrith if you are lost!]

Last edited: Yesterday at 7:15 PM
-Asclepius, Yesterday at 6:59 PM

There’s a small possibility a life event may keep me away from the party, but most likely I plan on being there myself! Hope to see you and tell me Stile sent y.. err.. um.. Let’s skip that this time!

March 21 2015

Tuesday’s Newsday

So, hopefully some of this isn’t to old as not to be of use.. man, when I start catching up on old news pieces, you guys are going to go “really.. that old Stile?”.. Meanwhile so that I am not of complete waste:

So this piece really caught my attention. Its over at Gamers Nexus and its focus is on Richard Garriott and Chris Roberts talking, space.. Why did that catch my attention? What a combo on that topic!. Fun and short read even if my musing wasn’t!

Chris Roberts & Richard Garriott Playfully Discuss Zero G Physics [Video] | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

Miss the most recent Church of the Dark Star? Visit Amber Raine’s thread where she even posts the audio for you! Church of the Dark Star – Saturday Services | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Matterio posted a thread over in the Sota forums announcing the SotA community app has went Alpha.

SotA Community App | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Umuri did something pretty cool. I really am not even going to try to explain this thing, you just need to check it out.

Ok, so I’ve been working on a functional almost fully self-crafted house decor entry, and now that it’s done for this release 16 hours positioning and 6k boards later, figured I’d run a contest.

So, hidden on this lot are a number of apples, I won’t say exactly how many, but first one to find them and post screenshots of them at each apply with /loc showing wins 100k gold. So you have to ask yourself, did you find them all? Or maybe you didn’t and your post will tip someone off to where their missing one is? Good luck! Since no one’s put an entry up yet, The following reward applies, for every apple you are missing, your reward is cut in half, and the remaining apples rewards are still open.

So whoever finds the final apple gets 50k, the second to last gets 25k, third to last gets 12.5k, etc

Head on over and see the full details. Go check the place out, I hear its really cool!
Scavenger Hunt for 100k gold! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ok, disregarding anything else, this is one catchy title!

Con Man: Quick โ€ฆ Take My Money!

Tracy Hickman is strongly supporting this project. It has some amazing people involved and it really looks awesome. I figured while not really SotA related it was a cool blurb that many might be interested in.

Con Man: Quick … take my money!.

Need some combat lessons? Heres a class that took place you can watch!

Combat Lessons – From Novice To Master (Introduction) – YouTube.

Published on Mar 21, 2015
A combat lesson by Net
Assisted by Gaelis Trajan
Commentary by Amber Raine

Shroud of the Avatar has passed 6 million dollars… HUZAH!! HELLLLL YEEAHH!!! Well, to tell you all about it, who better then the Ultima Codex?
ยป Shroud of the Avatar: $6 Million RaisedThe Ultima Codex.

MMORPG Also did a piece on this:
$6M and CountingSotA Shroud of the Avatar News – MMORPG.com.

Article over at Redbull.com: Shroud of the Avatar: Ultima in all but name.

Yes, in full disclosure I am biased. One of my guild members made the front cover of this piece over at Gamers Nexus. So this is a must see! *chuckles*.

Shroud of the Avatar's Impressive Stability & Beautification – Richard Garriott Interview | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

I thought it was pretty cool that Shroud of the Avatar made an article by CNBC! Fans give millions to fund fantasy Avatar video game.

November 6 2014

Ready, take 2, action! Those who dwell in the Darkness – LIVE!

Various members of The New Britannia Theater Troupe are doing it again! Live an in game “They Who Dwell In Darkness”.

If you missed this last time, please go view the great video by the Mad Hermit!

Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Group Presents – They Who Dwell In Darkness – YouTube.

So be there on 11/8/14 at 10AM CST.Same bat channel, same bat location as last time in Valemark – Paxlair.

Avatars radio will play a pre-made audio file of the play by the voice actors who at the same time will be playing their characters, in game, presenting the play!

Wow – that’s some serious work!

Come show your support!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

October 18 2014

Lord British, you asked for it, very well then, you got it! THIS IS FOR YOU!

They Who Dwell in Darkness

Towards the end of the R10 Post Hangout, Richard Garriott mentioned in sort of a passing remark that Avatar’s Radio playing something live, that people in game where able to put actions to would be pretty neat. Ok – No I am not quoting him here, its a loose paraphrase/interpretation that im using my own words to relay ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, who would be the best group of people to do something like that? Hmm.. Well, How about the New Britannia Theater Troupe? A group of voice actors, writers, audio editors, agents, public relations, community leaders, etc… from the community that Amber Raine of Avatars Radio also happens to be a member of and works closely with? Sounds like that might be the right group!!

So some members of the New Britannia Theater Troupe came together and did what they do best.
Author – Gabriel NightShadow
Voice Actors – Amber Raine, Asclepius, Static Grazer, and Lady Adnor
Editor and producer – Asclepius

They have recorded a play that shall air on Avatars Radio on Saturday 10/25/14 at 10am CST, 11am EST. This is NOT an Echoes from the Caverns Podcast this time though, this is something more! Because when this airs on Avatars Radio those same voice actors shall meet in game, and perform it for you!

Paxlair will be building the theater troupe a stage for the production. Invites are being sent to Lord British, Lord Darkstarr, Firelotus, and others. Community leaders are being contacted.

The full combined resources of Avatars Radio and The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond are being applied to get the word out to every community member possible. For they are attempting to honor and meet the request of Lord British himself!


I think that this is an amazing thing being done. It has been put together in a very short time. The story was written, people met and recorded it, Audio editing took place all with a short deadline. Furthermore you have multiple groups from the community coming together to work on this project together.

We know that one of the stretch goals in game will be theaters in game for players to do this sort of thing with. This is the first step towards one possibility of what we will see within the game. It may not be perfect – its a first attempt. Its been put together quickly and a lot of things that they do not even know to consider but will seem obvious afterwards may occur.

I personally though, having worked with this group on numerous projects and having seen the amazing skill each of them possess combined with great passion and love, have no doubt this will be fantastic.

Help make this the best event ever possible! Spread the word and if you can come to it, please do!!! If you use Twitch, please, air this! Lets show this to the world. Record, Make videos, post them on You Tube, take screen shots! Let show them why the community in Shroud of the Avatar is the best around and why Shroud of the Avatar is something to take very seriously.

If you want to contribute to this event in some way, have ideas, or suggestions please contact me. I will help coordinate with you and the Troupe so they can determine if it makes sense for this event! Word is they are looking for maybe a few opening acts *winks*.

Finally, please keep an eye open for more updates. They are still looking at a lot of additional things to make this even better (if that’s possible and can be managed!). You will NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! More to come….

You can find the forum thread for this event here:
Something very special this way comes | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe