October 17 2015

The Beran League – Part II

So last weekend I did a piece on The Bear Tavern and their growth into The Beran League. More importantly and the primary goal here is to keep you updated with the fact they are due to release in R23!

Since my last post several of their holdings have increased and that has been causing Vallas quite the bit of work as he stated in the forums!

Stop messing up my spreadsheets!
-Duke Vallas

Now, that was a jest of course. As someone that keeps community spreadsheets myself while it can be sometimes a lot to manage, its always also a pleasure and a joy to do so! Heck, im tired of downloading the updates to it Vallas!

Here you can see the summary format of their latest update.

Member Guilds.
Beran League Free Company
Knights of New Britannia
Moongate Travellers 470
Order of the Dragon’s Flame
Priory of Sion
Sacred Brotherhood of Light
The Bards of Poets Circle
The Bear Tavern
Three Rings

Accepting Guild applications.

Member Towns.
Beran’s Reach [Capital]
– District: Fox Keep [Metropolis]
– District: High Rock [Metropolis]
– District: Port Beran [Metropolis]
– District: Porth Mae [Village]
– District: (To be named) [Town]
– District: Victory Arena [Crossroads Village]
– District: White Oak [Metropolis]
Total size: 442,800 sq

Ardonair [Metropolis]
Caer Dracwych [Holdfast]
Faber’s Rest [Holdfast]
Fallin’ Green [Village]
Rift’s End [Metropolis]

Accepting land owner applications.

The Beran League Militia.
1st Battalion
– A Company
> 1st Platoon

*Includes mutual defence agreement between The Beran League and the Phoenix Republic

Update: 13 October 2015. Fox Keep has since grown AGAIN to become a Metropolis, pushing Beran’s Reach to well over the 400k marker. It’ll be included as one of a number of upgrades which will come into effect in R24. Still, plenty of space for R23. If you need any assistance for personal or community projects, please contact Vallas direct.

-Duke Vallas [BEAR], Tuesday at 5:45 PM

Now last week I talked history and where they are going. This week let’s look at stats and images! Over here on this thread in the forums:


You will find posts on maps, notes about the makeup of the town, and other announcements! Here are some of the images you will find there. Please head over, check things out, and tell them Stile sent you to them through The Caverns!




The Great City of Beran's Reach

October 9 2015

Beran’s Reach in R23?!

That is the plan as I understand it and this is not small thing that is taking place!

I remember when The Bear Tavern was nothing more than a concept and a website, trying to raise a Citizen’s pledge. I have been working with them on occasion since Kickstarter!

Christmas Dinner Contest 2014

To all of you at Bearn’s Reach and those who have supported them, I salute you for the path you have taken and what you have accomplished. Where you started, to where you are at now. Your group has always treated me with kindness and respect even if we do not agree on a topic. You have always included me as one of your own and shown me support where you have been able. Similarly you do the same with all in the community who are willing to work with you. Offering your time, advice, and resources as much as you are able to the betterment of all. What you have accomplished can truly be described as Epic!


So to see Beran’s Reach unrolling in R23 makes me smile!! As I understand the path this group has walked and while a fun one, it’s not an easy one! Being the news guy that I somehow became I get the opportunity to see and know a lot behind the scenes. So while I have not been able to personally contribute a lot of my time directly to this group, I have with no doubt feel like I have experienced it all with them.

R8 Bear Tavern Brawl Results

Being included in conversations, thoughts and ideas, and observing every part of their growth from the first day I truly know and appreciate everything you have all gone through to get to where you are now. Finally I have observed myself the values you try to uphold. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future!

Enderandrew Logo 1

Wait… You’re not familiar with The Bear Tavern or how Beran’s Reach came about? We need to not only get that changed but also get you up to date between now and R23 then! Let’s do this in more bite size chunks! I am going to do a series of posts between now and R23 each week. You will see them at some point between Friday evening and Sunday each week, until the weekend prior to R23 (I’ll be rather busy in game with the guild the weekend of R23, sorry!).

Browncoat Jason Logo

Let’s start with the who, what, when, where, how, and why! I am going to use the words of Duke Vallas himself from his post over at the official forum thread.

Gabriel Nightshadow Logo 2

The community of The Bear Tavern has slowly but surely grown over its recent past, attracting visitors from all walks of life. Now well beyond the scope and scale of that originally intended, it has been decided that a different approach should be taken to support the community as a whole. As such, on the evening of the 3rd of February, the High Council of Beran’s Reach voted on and approved the formal creation of The Beran League, an organisation encompassing a range of Towns, Guilds and Businesses. This represents our first step in founding something bigger, a move which promises to deliver greater opportunities and events for those who wish to be involved. Our little community has begun to grow up.

So what is our one-sentence vision?

To forge and maintain a strong and stable community, protecting the citizens of New Britannia while promoting fairness and honesty.

What is our mission statement?

To serve and defend both the crown and the citizens of New Britannia though strength, unity and honour. To create an enduring union of Land Owners, Guilds and Businesses to promote, free dialogue, integrity and prosperity. To act as a force for good, to defend the lands from evil and to forge a bastion of hope in times of need.

So how will this impact the community?

• Everything runs as normal. There is no change in how the community works as it stands. We remain a big, happy family. We retain the open and inclusive ethos that we always have.
• The Bear Tavern remains a key influential institution to lend strength to the cause. However I’m hoping that this visibly puts it on a level peg (like it was previously) with other member groups.
• We’ll probably found a ‘Free Company’ to allow those who want to join the community without needing to be guilded to make use of.
• All guilds and player owned towns retain their sovereignty, being run as they see fit, however we’ll work up a common law system that ensures that everyone in the community is being looked after.
• Future opportunities to expand the Militia as and when we get bigger. More Militia Companies? Local Garrisons in participating towns?
• Lord British is formally recognized as ‘the boss’.
• ‘The League’ can also be wheeled out to deal with problems as they arise? Businesses threatened by crime? A guild being pressured by a local faction? ‘The League’ will address the situation.

I would like to welcome everyone, be it individuals, guilds, land owners or businesses to join us within The League. We intend to found a prosperous and open long-term community that will serve the people of New Britannia. We realize that this perhaps will not appeal to everyone and there is no pressure to take part, however, if you’d like to get involved in an organization such as this and give the League a go, our doors are open. If you have any questions or comments, please post below, otherwise feel free to contact me direct either here or via The Bear Tavern forums (to be repurposed into The Beran League forums in the near future).



February 8 2015

A whole lotta more stuff!

I think from what we are seeing so far it is clear that Shroud of the Avatar will have some strong ties to the single player game Underworld Ascendant which comes from Ultima Underworld, a game near and dear to my heart (and in my collection!). As such I put a page for it under the links section of my site and I plan on kickstarting it (just waiting to see if we have a cross promotion right now).

Well, im not the only one! The community is already getting a wiki going and its being done by a lot of names you should recognize. Go read it for yourself!

UnderWiki: The Underworld Ascendant Wiki – The Ultima Codex.

Looking for a lot in game? Not sure where to find one? Saw an empty one don/t need it but will share it? There was a thread for that for R13 and tradition is being carried over into R14. So go find it here and tell them the Caverns helped you find them!

R14 available lots!!! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Do you like to decorate houses? Testing the decoration system for R14? just want to win free stuff? Then enter the decoration contest!

Decoration contest! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

As a side note I’m really excited to see how many of my guild members are in this event. GO TEAM!

Bear Tavern has another PvP event taking place called Guild vs. Guild. Taking place on 2/22/15 go read about it all here!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Guild vs Guild (Expression of Interest) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ankh Quill

December 15 2014

Help the Bear Tavern go shopping and maybe win a shirt!

No, really! The Bear Tavern is having a contest. Its fairly easy to do and the winning choice gets a t-shirt.

Here’s the link to the forum to go check out the details and find out how to provide an entry!
The "Create The Bear Tavern Christmas Feast" Competition.

via The "Create The Bear Tavern Christmas Feast" Competition. | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

My entry? 🙂

The dinner held at the second LotM meet.
Feat of the Manor Menu

September 28 2014

And the winner is…

Winners have been announced for the Bear Tavern 1V1, and they are…

Violation took first place! Second went to Net, and third place went to Archaon Avenguard. Congratulations guys!

You can view the results, comment, and all that good stuff on the thread over here. Tell them Stile sent you (you know, if anyone ever actually did that, it would be kind of weird. It just sounds good to say it!)!

Bear Tavern Brawl R10 1v1 No Holds Barred! | Page 3 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.