December 14 2014

Shroud Of The Avatar With TheMadHermit & Holt Ironfell (Gag Reel) – By Sharm

Eldirk!!! Eldirk!!! Dammit, where is my orange smoothly? It’s a double feature with part two put up by Sharm! I have been waiting here on you for an hour!!!!!!!

Bring some Loaded nachos with that also, don’t forget the black olives! And some Mozzarella sticks… QUIET!!!! The second Movie is about to start and this one has Holt in it also!!!

Shroud Of The Avatar With TheMadHermit & Holt Ironfell Gag Reel – YouTube.


(edit note; updated also to include Sharm in credits. Sorry about that!)

November 16 2014

Poets Circle writing contest

Be sure to get in on the Poets Circle competition if your a writer!

“Oh no! Not another writing competition!”

Oh yes! But this time, it’s a Poets’ Circle competition, a Guild that has brought you things like: SotA Minecraft, A Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam, In-Game Music, and Unkillable, Mass Murdering Psychotic Jesters!

We have a special treat: INCREDIBLE PRIZES for those of you who want to write this November, but did not want to write a whole novel for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).
Presenting “A Bard’s Tale” Competition!
-Holt Ironfell

Head over to the forum for the full posting:
"A Bard's Tale" Competition by Poets' Circle! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Need help getting your entry polished before submitting it for the contest? Go get help from your fellow writers at the Round Table!
Shroud of the Avatar Writing Round Table.

Table with some Ankh Quills

July 19 2014

Let’s make Music

If you have some musical talent then be sure to take a look at some of these links. Portalarium is crowd sourcing music for the game and they have a asset request spreadsheet to go along with it (as well as the bounties!). Now Warning – if you look at this you may see some references to things in game you have not heard of or seen before so there is a bit of a spoiler warning going on.

First you want to go here!

Music Submission Process | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Then you’ll probably want to grab the spreadsheet that shows what they are looking for.

Crowdsource Music Request List + Naming & Placement Guide.


June 4 2014

The Magic Coin

A few people took a shot reading a story piece by Holt Ironfell, including Lord Baldrith of the Caverns! So take a listen to all these fine pieces!


Lord British's Magic Coin (ft. Sharm) by Poets' Circle.

Lord Baldrith

Lord British's Magic Coin (ft. Lord Baldrith) by Poets' Circle on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

Grand Duke Kailef

Grand Duke Kailef

via Lord British's Magic Coin (ft. Grand Duke Kailef) by Poets' Circle.

CDB Village 2

June 1 2014

Lets Make Music! Further more, it’s a Poets’ Circle event!

If you haven’t caught the news the Poets’ Circle wants to get the community involved in the music. You can find the thread over this way…

Music Making Month Marathon Megathread (of the Avatar) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Here’s a little bit of what Holt had to say but head over for the full thing.

We’ll take the melodies, chord progressions and patterns that fit best into the game and build on them with professional sounding instruments and composition techniques. The original composer(s) will be credited alongside whoever re-orchestrates and co-composes the final song.

To help things along, I too will be recording a chord progression and/or melody every day of June, for 30 days.

Our quest is to generate a huge pool of ‘seed’ ideas that can be shared, developed and collaborated upon by the Shroud of the Avatar community. We want to turn a selection of these ideas into incredible songs for use by Portalarium, as a permanent representation of the community’s support for the game’s development.

Rise to the challenge, Avatars! Whether it be 8, 16 or 32 bars, get those notes down and lets jam! Music is multiplayer, and Poets’ Circle has discovered that when we play it together, incredible things can and do happen.


March 20 2014

Poets’ Circle Presents – Holt Ironfell & Sharm “By Shattered Moonlight”

Some new music so go take a listen!!

Holt Ironfell – By Shattered Moonlight (feat. Sharm) by Poets' Circle on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

This is a demo of an idea for night music in Shroud of the Avatar. The Spoken Word at the end is based on the yet unfinished tales I’ve been writing about Holt & Company. The words will not appear in the final in-game version, so consider this an exclusive! 🙂

“We are separated and lost… there’s an ocean between us, and it’s made of sweet starlight and a shattered moon. I have the only memory of your eyes and your lips to guide me through the void… still I hear you, the woman you were, after all these endless years. But now I’m coming, my love… I’m coming… I will find you.”
Holt Ironfell

Ankh Quill

March 15 2014

Want to get your music into the game? Think you have what it takes?

Are you a composer? Do you want to have your music considered for in game use? Not sure how to go about accomplishing that?

The Bards of Poets’ Circle have all the answers you need and are the ones to help you accomplish this! You do NOT need to be a member of the Poets’ Circle in order to submit your music for consideration!

All the details and submission form can be found over at the Poets’ Circle site. You need not worry the Poets’ Circle has a royal warrant from Lord British!

It is the sacred duty of Poets’ Circle to nurture, protect & promote those who lend their art to the Guild & to Lord British.

The Bards of Poets Circle Guild | Submissions for In-Game Consideration.

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March 14 2014

Voice over Demo by Sharm

Some of my favorite news is that of the Poets’ Circle!

So coming at you from Holt Ironfell if you missed it:

Sharm sent me a demo of a voice over: … it captures the vibe my short stories are building toward. Well done Sharm!

Sharm gave me a demo that really resonated with some of my current thinking of the Holt Ironfell short stories and where they are going. This was after listening to one story …. she has no idea how close to the mark she is. Definitely captured some of the vibe though, really good work Sharm! <3

Sharm – Forsaken (Spoken) by Poets' Circle on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

Ankh Quill