March 18 2016

Sandillox Presents *~*Name That Tune*~* 3/26/16 2pm NBT – Shroud of the Avatar ~+~ Recap Band on Little Geek Lost

Sandillox Presents *~*Name That Tune*~* 3/26/16 2 pm NBT – For full details head over to the event posting in The Shroud of the Avatar forums. Tell them The Caverns sent you!

My favorite band happened to go on my favorite Geek Podcast! That would be Recap had a talk with Little Geek Lost. Little Geek Lost has been kind enough to help Echoes From The Caverns do some voice casting in the past if you were not aware!

Either way if you are interested in hearing Recap talk about their new album and stuff, check this out.

EDIT: Original Link was incorrect. Here is corrected link.

March 16 2016

New Britannia Theater Troupe to Present In Shroud of the Avatar – Where is Shooter Jennings!

That’s not the official title, of course, just taking some poetic license there!

I am sure that no by doubt you fully know that Shooter Jennings debut his album Countach in Shroud of the Avatar.

WHERE DID HE GO DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE EVENT? If you didn’t know, he vanished right during the midst of the party from the Bear Tavern. WHAAATTT???

Then later he shows up in a Tower in Vengeance… AND TO THIS DAY, NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!! [pullquote]AND TO THIS DAY NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!![/pullquote]

Well The New Britannia Theater Troupe knows, and Fourteen talented voice actors are going to come together and with the help of Avatars Radio you will find out!

The adventure will broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. You can also join the listening party at the Bear Tavern in game as well! [pullquote]9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT[/pullquote]

Here is a quote from Asclepius of the NBTT himself that he just turned into me on a scroll.

The recent Shooter Jennings party for the launch of his album “Countach” was possibly the biggest thing to ever happen in game. But the question remains – why did Shooter disappear at the height of the party in the Bear Tavern? And why was he found much later in a tower in Vengeance? What happened to him between those times?

As a result of extensive research, the New Britannia Theater Troupe can bring you, for the first time, the real truth behind these events, and the dramatic, previously unknown secrets that threatened to rock the very foundations of New Britannia.

Fourteen of the community’s best voice actors have come together to create a compelling and dramatic tale of bravery and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds. They have poured their hearts and souls into this production, and I consider it to be one of the finest we have ever produced.

You are all invited to return to the Bear Tavern – where the adventure initially started – for a Listening Party. The adventure will be broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. Join us for an ale (or two) and hear the adventure unfold as we share in the experience together via the Aether Vibration Amplifiers.

The Bear Tavern is in Beran’s Reach, north of Brittany, or just zone to Gabriel Nightshadow. See you there!

Lord Asclepius

There is a forum thread with the details as well that you can also post a note in. Go over, post a note and put on it “Stile sent me”. Please? That way they know, I don’t just sit on my ass? *winks*

January 8 2016

Lord British on Vinyl! Lets help him go Platinum!

You most likely have heard about this from another source already as I am a bit late getting it out. It has been very busy over the holidays and I am getting back into a normal routine again.

Anyway if you haven’t heard I wanted to make sure it was not my fault! Richard Garriott will have a guest appearance on Shooter Jennings upcoming album “Countach” and is a tribute album for Giorgio Moroder.

From the editorial review on

“Countach” features guest appearances from modern folk songstress Brandi Carlile, Antichrist Superstar Marilyn Manson, country-rock pioneer Steve Young and even Lord British himself, computer game leviathan Richard Garriott.

I can tell you that this is immediately going on my wish list and I am picking it up with my points when I have enough.

You can get it in LP as well!

June 28 2015

Podcast – Chat with Richard Garriott

Video Game Break has a podcast in which they had a chance to talk with Richard Garriott.

I got to finally sit down with Richard Garriott and talk Ultima 7, Ultima Online, and his new game Shroud of the Avatar. It was a bucketlist moment for me, and Ultima was a HUGE part of my video game upbringing as well as fostered my love for the RPG.

You can head over and get the full thing here:

March 21 2015

Tuesday’s Newsday

So, hopefully some of this isn’t to old as not to be of use.. man, when I start catching up on old news pieces, you guys are going to go “really.. that old Stile?”.. Meanwhile so that I am not of complete waste:

So this piece really caught my attention. Its over at Gamers Nexus and its focus is on Richard Garriott and Chris Roberts talking, space.. Why did that catch my attention? What a combo on that topic!. Fun and short read even if my musing wasn’t!

Chris Roberts & Richard Garriott Playfully Discuss Zero G Physics [Video] | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

Miss the most recent Church of the Dark Star? Visit Amber Raine’s thread where she even posts the audio for you! Church of the Dark Star – Saturday Services | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Matterio posted a thread over in the Sota forums announcing the SotA community app has went Alpha.

SotA Community App | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Umuri did something pretty cool. I really am not even going to try to explain this thing, you just need to check it out.

Ok, so I’ve been working on a functional almost fully self-crafted house decor entry, and now that it’s done for this release 16 hours positioning and 6k boards later, figured I’d run a contest.

So, hidden on this lot are a number of apples, I won’t say exactly how many, but first one to find them and post screenshots of them at each apply with /loc showing wins 100k gold. So you have to ask yourself, did you find them all? Or maybe you didn’t and your post will tip someone off to where their missing one is? Good luck! Since no one’s put an entry up yet, The following reward applies, for every apple you are missing, your reward is cut in half, and the remaining apples rewards are still open.

So whoever finds the final apple gets 50k, the second to last gets 25k, third to last gets 12.5k, etc

Head on over and see the full details. Go check the place out, I hear its really cool!
Scavenger Hunt for 100k gold! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ok, disregarding anything else, this is one catchy title!

Con Man: Quick … Take My Money!

Tracy Hickman is strongly supporting this project. It has some amazing people involved and it really looks awesome. I figured while not really SotA related it was a cool blurb that many might be interested in.

Con Man: Quick … take my money!.

Need some combat lessons? Heres a class that took place you can watch!

Combat Lessons – From Novice To Master (Introduction) – YouTube.

Published on Mar 21, 2015
A combat lesson by Net
Assisted by Gaelis Trajan
Commentary by Amber Raine

Shroud of the Avatar has passed 6 million dollars… HUZAH!! HELLLLL YEEAHH!!! Well, to tell you all about it, who better then the Ultima Codex?
» Shroud of the Avatar: $6 Million RaisedThe Ultima Codex.

MMORPG Also did a piece on this:
$6M and CountingSotA Shroud of the Avatar News –

Article over at Shroud of the Avatar: Ultima in all but name.

Yes, in full disclosure I am biased. One of my guild members made the front cover of this piece over at Gamers Nexus. So this is a must see! *chuckles*.

Shroud of the Avatar's Impressive Stability & Beautification – Richard Garriott Interview | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

I thought it was pretty cool that Shroud of the Avatar made an article by CNBC! Fans give millions to fund fantasy Avatar video game.

March 6 2015

Good luck Recap!

My love and best wishes to the Recap Band! In case you missed it, they are playing a live gig this weekend on Saturday at New York. You can catch the details on their upcoming concerts section of their kick ass web site:
Recap – Electronic Rap Rock – Hudson Valley, NY.

I honestly was considering going to New York for this Show this weekend. 12 hour drive each way and having to be back to work on Monday and all.. But well.. 12 hour drive each way, have to be to work on Monday, and its my first day off work in 2 weeks tomorrow.. not this time!

Dan, Dom, Steven,

All three of you have shown me nothing but friendship and love since the first day we had a chance to interact with each other. You have given me your trust, many times, and that alone will always mean a lot to me.

Now.. Show them who can play! Dan. Bust out with that trumpet live man, It’ll bring the place down! Even Tull had the flute going!

Home is a State of Mind

Home is a State of Mind

Not just a fan, not just a friend, but someone who sees all the talent you guys have in MANY areas, and who knows you will achieve whatever you choose to. Truly admire your energy, your spirit, and your choice to live how you want. Your a fantastic role model to my child and the children of many others. BE WHO YOU WANNA BE!

February 7 2015

A Whole lotta stuff

The Mad Hermit never seems to stop putting out pieces of aid to the community! Need gold? He is going to show you how to be rich beyond your dreams and then you CHOOSE to live in a little hovel alone somewhere in the woods.. because your CRAZZZZYYYYY…

Shroud Of The Avatar – Money Making Guide – R14 – YouTube.

All Reporters Gathering! This is a thing! How cool is that? Winfield posted about this new occurrence taking place over in the Sota Forums. Heres a little snippet of what he has to say!

To discuss how news and information from inside New Britannia is reported and documented.
To compare ideas to help consolidate and prevent duplication of services.
To envision how information will last for decades for all to use.
To share knowledge about existing or planned services.
To educate each other on best methods for discovering, uncovering, reporting, and documenting information.

Now I know your saying.. “Stile, how soon are you getting in on this?”. To be honest, I am not. I think its fantastic, a great group and they have my support! However for me personally I have a dull plate of projects and activities that I am already trying to wrap up so I can maintain my core stuff and focus on my guild and new in game projects. Im not going to add new projects to my plate! Although I hope to maybe poke my head in from time to time as time allows.

However I think this is a fantastic opportunity to grow a great community within our big community. TWO THUMBS UP!

So were in R14 now your playing it, the graphics are looking good. Maybe some things still need some work. Well, compare it to where we where are R13 and where we are going by catching the R13 Post Mortum!

Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 13 Postmortem – YouTube.

Kenneth Kully got something really cool in the mail and it shows you why being a part of this community is so fantastic! Head over and see what he had to say and exactly showed up in his mail!

In Which Rustic Dragon and Richard Garriott Leave Me Humbled – The Ultima Codex.

Ultima Underworld returns via Kickstarter – Article over at bit Gamer

Ultima Underworld returns via Kickstarter |

The Bear Tavern Brawl is hosting an event this Saturday! “Tag Team”, Read all about it!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Tag Team! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The Recap band.. LIVEEE IN NEW YORK!!!!!!! How cool is this??!?!?!?!?!?

Our first local NY show is happening! 3/7 @ The Skyline in Middletown.

Damn, wish I could go!!

Recap on Twitter: "Our first local NY show is happening! 3/7 @ The Skyline in Middletown.".

The Bear cavern starts a new community group called “The Beran League”

To one and all,

The community of The Bear Tavern has slowly but surely grown over its recent past, attracting visitors from all walks of life. Now well beyond the scope and scale of that originally intended, it has been decided that a different approach should be taken to support the community as a whole. As such, on the evening of the 3rd of February, the High Council of Beran’s Reach voted on and approved the formal creation of The Beran League, an organisation encompassing a range of Towns, Guilds and Businesses. This represents our first step in founding something bigger, a move which promises to deliver greater opportunities and events for those who wish to be involved. Our little community has begun to grow up.

This isn’t the only news. Alongside our current circle, our long-term friends within The Moongate Travellers together with their Player Town of Rifts End will be joining us. I would like to wish them a formal welcome, a matter that seems somewhat redundant since we know many of them well already! I look forward to go out into the world alongside the good folk of MGT470 on dungeon raids and event nights in the future.

Go catch all the details!
The Beran League – Guilds and Land Owners Unite | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

News Cast by Matthew over in the Google community can be found here!

Episode 11 is here!.

It looks like if I am understanding this correctly, that home decorating services are being offered.

Need design work done for your home in #NewBritannia ? Like this page and….

The Shroud of the Avatar Box art was revealed!

Shroud of the Avatar on Twitter: "Heya @djWHEAT Care to add SotA: FV box art to Twitch Games Directory?".

Shroud of the Avatar Alpha Testing Release Box Artwork

Massively has an article up about the free hat quest in R14

Shroud of the Avatar's release 14: FREE HAT | Massively.

German Shroud of the Avatar interview! our Lord British tweeted about this over here, Richard Garriott on Twitter: "Hope its complimentary, don't speak German: Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – Interview via @gamona".

You can go view the interview here, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – Interview.

Until I send more your way,
Stile Teckel

October 19 2014

The new Britannia Theater Troupe – Why is their R11 event Historical?

As you have seen they are putting on a play in the game for R11. If you have missed the press on this… are you on Mars? Ok, seriously though, if you have, Kenneth Kully just put up a nice post on this over at Ultima Codex you can check out!
So There’ll Be an In-Game Theatre Production During Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 11 Next Week – The Ultima Codex.

So I have two things!! First, because its shorter. Kenneth mentions he did not know there was a New Britannia theater Troupe! Im sure many don’t, as even though its been talked about, a lot goes on and its hard to follow up with everything. So if you want to learn more about the Troupe, go here!


Secondly and finally, I am typing a post in a forum to someone, and thought “I really should share this as a blog”. Bottom line – Why do I think this event is so important?

Ok, its a dry run, yes. Its a test run, sure. It may not work as well as desired even with a little practice ahead of time on R11, etc.

But… its majorly historical. There’s a Theater stretch goal for the game. Its an EXTREMELY important feature of the game to both Starr and Richard.

This represents literally, the first group of people putting on the first event like this, to what one day in the game may be a major aspect of game play that takes place on a regular basis by many groups.

For that reason I want to do as much video recording, airing, etc as possible. Also it will take a lot to keep me away, as I want to say “I was at the first one!”.

I hope YOU can make it!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe