June 23 2019

Book Recommendation – American Predatory

I certainly don’t have the time these days to do long book reviews, like I once did. I wanted to at least take a couple of minutes to make this recommendation though!


Just finished an Advanced Read Copy of “American Predator” by Maureen Callahan. This was a bad ARC for me to read, as it sucked me in immediately and I had to take a bit of extra time where I could find it for a couple days to finish it off quickly. Couldn’t put it down without feeling pain at the need to keep reading!

I only find that once or twice a year… If I am lucky.

So if your looking for a great page turner, be sure to pre-order this one!


February 7 2017

Shroud of the Avatar Auction Spotlight – Sword of Midras Audiobook

If you haven’t picked up the Sword of Midras on Audiobook yet, this is a good chance to get it at a great price! Listed on Ebay with a Buy it Now of $8.32 and free shipping!

The Sword of Midras: A Shroud of the Avatar Novel

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November 6 2016

The Little Book of Gratitude 2016 by Vyrin – Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar community, as we come upon Thanksgiving this year Vyrin has extended a hand to collaborate some of the things us players are thankful for this year, for all eternity! Or however long the text remains in Shroud of the Avatar anyway, in book format!

If you want to be included, simply write your thoughts in a reply to this thread. Please limit yourself to 100 characters. (It’s those book length restrictions!) Even with the limit, there may be 2 volumes if we get many responses.

I will collect all the submissions and format them into a book or books available in-game for a very modest price.

I am exceedingly grateful that Shroud allows us the opportunity to capture things like this in-game. Please join us in giving thanks!

Head over and add your sentiments and tell them The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond sent you!

Indi Martin Caverns Guild Logo Full Size (Medium)

Vyrin is a member of The Caverns Guild and resident of the Player Owned Town of Neath and The Caverns Underneath. The Caverns Guild is both a guild and a think-tank, in which each of the members supports each other in their endeavors and projects as much as time and interest allow. Without any requirements regarding how much you play or how you spend your time.

We love the individuals that are enthusiastic and dedicated, but we also welcome the casual player with open arms.

We are recruiting and welcome players of all styles and walks of life. We are about maturity, no drama, having fun, and being open-minded about other people’s playstyles.

Most of all we just aim to be a happy home of people that share a similar interest. Shroud of the Avatar.

If you feel, we may be the right place for you, either as a town or a guild (or both), please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or another Caverns member about joining.

Ankh Quill

November 4 2016

Need to Know More About Housing, Lots, Raffles, or Related in Shroud of the Avatar?

Silis put together a “Player Housing Primer” for Shroud of the Avatar and put it up over on the forums for everyone to use. So if there is anything about housing that has ever confused you, this may be worth taking a look at.

This primer was created to help new players understand the housing system and answer a lot of questions that I was hearing after the raffle. I try not to go into too great of detail, I leave it up to you to decide what you want to discover on your own from here and what you want to research deeper. Please send any feedback, I hope I was mostly accurate in my data.

Player housing in Shroud of the Avatar is a fun way to take a break from adventuring and carve out your own spot in the world. It gives you a flexible way to express some creativity in the game and create a space with your friends or for yourself. To understand housing there’s a few initial concepts to run through quick as houses are placed on lots that are claimed with deeds. You may also need to pay taxes on lot to maintain ownership. Below is a brief overview of these ideas before we dive into the house itself.

Be sure to let em know thecaverns.net sent you, and here’s where you can get the info and let em know!


November 3 2016

Giveaway On Good Reads for Garriott’s New Book – Advance Reader’s Edition of Explore/Create

I personally have been waiting on this book for a while. So when I saw Richard Garriott spreading the word that 50 copies were being given away on Goodreads, I got over and registered quickly!

I am probably shooting myself in the foot spreading the word, but hey, It’s what I do.

Fear not if you should not win, for you can order it from Amazon!

Already Pre-order like I did? No worries. If you win the Goodreads copy, you can always cancel the pre-order on Amazon!

August 16 2016

Large List of Goodness for Shroud of the Avatar Players

If you are like a lot of Shroud of the Avatar players, then you are playing more now that the last wipe and the game has gone persistent has taken place. I know I am!

With more time spent playing, or even playing for the first time, comes a need for more tools. Luckily that is also when people start making more!

So here’s a lot of stuff. Not all of this new, some of it I just hadn’t passed along yet. Let’s go down the list!

Vyrin and Womby Bookstore

Book lovers fear not! Vyrin and Womby’s bookstores are open for business! I had a chance to speak with both of these book enthusiasts the other day, being as I am in the same guild with them, and they said business is doing well. Not only do they sell books in the game but they also write limited edition books they sell as well!

The R32 Unreliable Travel Guide is on sale now! Limited edition of 100 copies only!

Not only is that a perfect example, but hit the link to go their posts, read more, and tell them Stile sent you!

Markee Dragon continues to play, stream, and put video on Youtube to help you get your feet on stable ground in the game. Here are a few more great pieces he has done recently!

NBNN Number System Example by Vyrin and Womby

Going back to those books I was talking about earlier; a Bookstore is not the only project Vyrin and Womby have going. This one NEEDS YOUR HELP to succeed! If you are a book publisher that is.

Ever see that ISBN number on the back of your book? Ever break one of those down to see how much information it tells you? How about scanning it or typing it for search purposes? It’s an incredibly useful tool as it essential replaces the card catalog days of old.

Vyrin and Womby are making sure New Britannia has no less in the virtual world than we have in reality.

In order to keep track of the books we produce, Womby and I have decided to implement a book number. We call it the New Britannia Book Number, or NBBN. It functions like an ISBN on real books.

We would like to offer the opportunity for others to use a similar coding system in order to have a tool to more easily identify books across multiple players.

The NBBN consists of two sets of five numbers separated by a dash: 00000-00000.

The first number is the publisher number. The second number is a book number that the publisher determines.

Here is an example from an in-game book…

Go check out more and tell them I sent you! https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/use-the-new-britannia-book-numer-nbbn-for-your-player-made-books.58249/


Crafting? Not sure how to make something? Looking for more things to make? Don’t have the gold to buy recipes?

If the answer to any of those is yes, then SotACraft has your back. One of MANY crafting resources in the community I have been using, it has become one of my favorites. With wipes and updates taking place recipes have changed a lot. I have seen a few on their site that did not work for me, but overall they almost always do.

Is a nice row/table layout that gets the job done, especially when used in conjunction with other tools.


June 20 2016

The Alchemists’ Council: Chapter 3 – Part 1

The Graybosch & Higby Reading’s continue to take place on this fantastic book! Where each week Matthew Graybosch and myself share our thoughts and opinions on each chapter of the book. Chapter 3’s piece is longer then normal so is being done in two parts.

If you’re looking for a good book to read, this is one to take a look at. If you already have it, then enjoy these readings to help understand additional depth of the book! Additionally you can read response commentary directly from the author. How cool is that?!

March 17 2016

Explore/Create My Life at the Extremes – Richard Garriott de Cayeux, David Fisher – Around End of 2016!

There have been a lot of articles in the past about this book. Some by myself and some by other blogs. Topics have arrayed from speculation to showing release dates, to talking about revised dates, and for a while now speculation as to why the book is not showing on Amazon any longer and when are we getting this thing anyway?!

Initially, I figured it was an Amazon glitch and shrugged and have just kept watching. I had saved it in my wish list though and I keep seeing it there when I’m doing maintenance.

Here’s what it looks like for me.

Now if I try actually to follow that link anywhere, it takes me to a page with this message.

So I decided just to ask Richard for the status, as frankly I am very interested in getting this book as I know many are!

Looks like we will see it by the end of the year, and here is the official word from Richard Garriott. As well as what is going on with the item on Amazon (sort of).

It’s in route.
Amazon has listed it on and off for reasons I cannot fathom, on their own.

About the end of year.


Thank you, Richard, for responding to me on this, greatly appreciated!

Need something to read? Give Kindle Unlimited a try for 30 days free. As someone who has done this there I promise, no catch, and easy to cancel (In my opinion). For 30 days you have hundreds of thousands of books you can read for free on just about any device using a Kindle reader.

If that doesn’t convince you, I am an Amazon *affiliate and this puts a little change in my pocket if you do it! Show me the love!

*Note affiliate or not, I never recommend a product I do not firmly believe in and use myself or have tested. If that is not the case I usually indicate so and why I am discussing it on the piece in question. I currently have almost three years of Kindle Unlimited paid for in advance. I love the product!

March 8 2016

RPOTA Contest Amped Up this Month by Bear!

If you have ever thought about participating in the Monthly contest over at RPOTA.COM this may be the month to do it! Seems like the Beran League kicked in some additional prizes this month.

Here is a flyer I snatched for you!

Here ye! Here ye! Biographers, Historians, Diplomats, Journalists, Story Writers, Quest Designers, Videographers and Musicians! RPOTA is in dire need of your amazing talents! Role-Players of the Avatar is hosting a monthly contest to award those most famous with their quill, camera, piano or lute! Piano or Lute you ask? Why yes! A new module has been added for sharing ABC files, so an accompanying contest was also created!

Journey to the RPOTA website, and share in the grand adventure!

RPOTA 03-2016 Contest

Of very special note for the Marse contest, the wonderful community of Beran’s Reach has offered to sponsor ADDITIONAL prizes for the writers[pullquote]Beran’s Reach has offered to sponsor ADDITIONAL prizes for the writers[/pullquote] at RPOTA.COM! Thank you VERY much Tahru for taking such an interest in the creativity throughout New Britannia! Here are the contest rules that were presented:

Promotion for: The Beran’s Reach Community and RPOTA
Judges: @Aimend – @Duke Vallas [BEAR] – @Tahru
Judging Requirements: Completely subjective.
Writing Requirements: Story contains reference Bear Tavern or Victory Arena
First Place: $50 Add-On Store Credit + Stone Bear Statue
Second & Third Place: Bear Mask (even is there are ties)​

Good luck artisans of New Britannia! I hope the success of these contests inspires others to take to quill and ink or pick up flute and harp! LONG LIVE SHROUD OF THE AVATAR!

Good luck to you and tell them The Caverns sent you!

February 27 2016

Tracy Hickman has Mad Skillz!

I have been familiar with Tracy Hickman’s work long before he was a develope for Shroud of the Avatar or Underworld Ascendant. I just ran into his novels by accident as I am an avid reader in the same genres he writes in. So as I grew older it was cool to find out that my independent choices in authors and game developers is so universally accepted as a leader in their art.

A book review of “Doom of the Dragon” by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s talks a bit about their world building skills.

“Doom of the Dragon,” the fourth and final book of the Dragonships of Vindras series, [pullquote]is an excellent example of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s world-building skills.[/pullquote] “Doom of the Dragon” follows the continuing exploits of Skylan Ivorson, Chief of Chiefs for the Vandrasi people. The Vandrasi are patterned after actual Viking archetypes, which makes this series more realistic.

You can go read the entire article Deseret News here: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865648105/Book-review-Doom-of-the-Dragon-is-an-excellent-example-of-authors-world-building-skills.html?pg=all

You can pick up the book here on Amazon

Oops! You just fell into a pit trap segway in The Caverns! Book Recommendation for you Kindle Unlimited Readers. Or those that just want to buy a new book besides the above, either way I suppose.

So I finished up the series I was reading the other night and had to the dreaded thing that happens all to often. Scrolling through the book browser on my Kindle app trying to decide what to read next. I really was getting tired of reading Sci-fi Trading, Mining, and Pirate chasing. I haven’t been much in the mood for fantasy of late. Decided I needed something Urban but damn, I DON’T want all the romance and Sex.

So after a lot of searching I found the perfect fix and am LOVING it. A Comic Vampire Horror series called “The Tome of Bill”. I am a bit into the second book which so far is superior to the first, which was great on it’s own.

No BS nonsense in this series. Just good story, good writing, good characters, and a lot of chuckles in between a fun story and plot line. A+ Recommendation as something a bit different from all the stuff coming out anymore to freshen up the interest in picking up a novel from Stile Teckel for this one!

Not a Kindle member subscriber? You can join up for 30 day free trial. That’s how I got hooked. Gave it up for 2 weeks and had to go back!