August 21 2018

Keeping up with Shroud of the Avatar, It’s Community, and it’s Developers

Hello fellow Spelunkers!

First I have to apologize. I have been waiting until I had enough pieces to get a new one of these out and a few days ago I realized I was way past having enough and should be posting the second one by now, with what I have! Ooops!

So let’s do this thing.

I mean, what can I seriously say? What words can top this title? Not really fair you know? It’s like looking at a level 6 Rouge and saying, ok go for it, roll your hiding skill to hide from Dragolich the dragon, in a fully lit room, which is also his hoard, after he was just talking to you, and you haven’t moved, and he knows where you are. Unless your Bilbo and have a Ring of Unlimited Invisibility, with Unlimited Charges, forget it!

It Took 26 Years To Find Ultima 7's Lord British Hiding In This Secret Room | Kotaku UK

This article is about Cryptocurrency, but makes mention of Richard Garriott in it and gives an update on his property in Austin.

Cryptocurrency and real estate: Two worlds collide

This is an absolutely fantastic historic write-up on Ultimate Collector!

The history of “Ultimate Collector”, Garriott’s stab at social gaming – Slashie's Journal

Time for Popcorn!!

You have the pieces put out by MMORPG and similar sites, to check out if you missed them.

This week’s Shroud of the Avatar patch includes an R2-D2 lookalike in homage to Star Wars – Massively Overpowered

Shroud of the Avatar’s 56th update is live, with a big PvP update and bug clean-up – Massively Overpowered

Shroud of the Avatar teases Polynesian cosmetics, example player-built dungeons – Massively Overpowered

Player Made Dungeons to Debut in Q4 2018 – Shroud of the Avatar –

Shroud of the Avatar works on global visual improvements, throws Shooter Jennings album release party – Massively Overpowered

A Bumpy Start to Release 56 Causes a Rollback and a Retry – Shroud of the Avatar –

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July 10 2018

Shroud of the Avatar, It’s Developers, & Community In the News

The last few months I have been unable to publish this piece, but rest assured I am still here and other then the short pause, nothing has changed! Glad to be picking it back up again and let’s just get straight to it!

Starting off, it’s pretty hard to discuss video gaming history without at some point bringing up the name Richard Garriott. That’s exactly what is taking place on this piece, posted at US Game. Exploring Ultima and Teletype RPGs, Plus #24 on Our Top 25 RPG Countdown

Austin game developer Richard Garriott brought a crew of child explorers — including his own — to the North Pole in April. They flew the Austin flag while they were there and presented that flag to the mayor on Tuesday.

If you missed the fact he did this a while back… He did.

You can read more about it on Statesman. Family flies Austin flag at North Pole, presents flag to mayor

If you know the history of Richard Garriott, you know that it all started at a Computerland. Who was the man behind the Computerland? Find out about that and more in a new book coming out, which details the history of Richard Garriott.

About John Prosper Mayer

Massively Overpowered has a nice little article over here talking about some of where Shroud of the Avatar is going now. A quick read, so not going to take up a lot of your time to check it out!


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July 24 2015

Support Mike Nystul creating games!

If you are looking for a good Patreon to support in which you get something back and input on what is made, then this is one to pay attention to. Not only that but the name may be familiar to many of you as Mike Nystul worked at Origin, as well as, ya know, being in a couple of Ultima games!

Following his Patreon i’ve been pretty impressed with the variety of things hes working on as well as putting them out at a decent rate. More importantly is these are steps he is taking towards a new career and as such he is taking input seriously as to what to create.

This is an opportunity that if your needing some gaming aids or even a complete game to jump in and support him and at the same time get some things you would like to have made! Game creation by request is a great concept so check it out!

What I will be creating – Original Role Playing Games. Support for existing games (or generic material). Original board and card games. Fun stuff gamers can use to have fun playing games.

Head over and check it all out and think about supporting him!

March 22 2015

Gems from all over

Rasmenar is planning on a Dragon cave run and showing people how to get bling bling!

Spoiler Alert! If you want to discover the secrets of the Dragon Cave on your own, don’t read!

Head on over to the thread for the full details! Tell them the caves led you there! Treasure in the Dragon Cave | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

If your a fan of Sherry the mouse you will want to view this image/artwork posted over in the forums as tribute to Sherry.

Sherry | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

I am sure you heard the news. A feature I REALLY wanted in game is going to be implemented… STREET NAMES!! At least thats the word from Dippy Bird currently. A great thread for working as a community to come up with the proper street names is underway over the hill.

Street Names – Brainstorming Thread | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

More coming soon from The Caverns as we continue to clear the backlog over here! For now, Stile is taking the rest of the day off. PEACE!

Ankh Quill

September 7 2014

Ultima Auction spotlight – Ultima 9 CHEAP!

Looking for a complete Ultima 9? At least it appears to be complete.. and the best part? You can buy it now for 19.99 + shipping, which is Economy so fairly low (shows 3.99 to me).

That’s a good price in my opinion. I often see this particular one up for double and sometimes triple that.

So if you want to add this to your collection jump on it!

Ultima 9 Big box for.. 20.00? Seems legit! Check it out yourself.

Ultima 9 Map

July 1 2014

Ultima Underworld Franchise coming back

If yous a SotA fan you MAY be an Ultima fan as well. So while I am primarily about Shroud News and information, I do include some of the more compelling stuff regarding Ultima from time to time. This is one of those I felt needed to be done!

Otherside Entertainment has announced they are rebooting the Underworld Franchise. They are calling it Ultima Ascension! This should be cool. My concern is I won’t make time for it as ill be neck deep in SotA by then.. but hey, maybe I can squeeze it in when the servers are down. It happens!

Home – OtherSide Entertainment.

Welcome to OtherSide Entertainment! We’re a brand new game studio focused on rebooting classic game franchises. For our first title we’re bringing back the classic Ultima™ Underworld franchise, which we’re calling Underworld Ascension™. Our team include some of the folks who created the original franchise. When we made the original we looked to redefine the fantasy RPG genre. With the reboot we’re going right back to innovating, and our goal is to make the franchise more vital than ever. We are just getting started so little to see as yet, but rest assured, in the weeks to come we will be showing more and more. In the mean time we’d love to hear from you, because as fans you are an essential part of this franchise. Hit us up on Twitter @otherside_games and let us know what you loved about the Underworlds. Stay tuned here for updates and news.

–Paul Neurath, Founder


May 29 2014

Ultima Collectible of the day

Ok, hopefully I can put these out again on a regular basis. Was having some issues with my spy network.

While this is not on my personal wish list, it’s not something I have seen pop up on Ebay to often so some of you collectors may have an interest. Ultima Warriors of Destiny – Hint book only! With a buy it now and free shipping (my favorite kind of auction as long as the buy it now is reasonable).

Ultima Warriors of Destiny Hint Book

Ultima 5 box

May 17 2014

Ultima Collectors Ebay auction of the day – Coins!

Ultima coins!

The pricing on these is seriously good. So good I had to firmly remind myself, many, many times, that I can’t afford to put together a set of these!!!

If your missing your Ultima 1 coins, grab a gold, 3 silver, and a copper!

If I could afford it, id love to buy this guys entire inventory. Wow!!! Have a great big huge glass jar of them…

Ultima Gold Coins

Ultima Silver Coins

Ultima Copper Coins

Ultima Coin Set

Coin Set

May 10 2014

Ultima collectiable of the day

Really nice buy for an Ultima III over on eBay. 40.00 + shipping for what appears to be a complete U3 and that looks like it is in fantastic condition? If my finances where a bit better I would be all over this. Its even the right version for me for nostalgia purposes since U3 was the first game I ever played, on a PC! I am going to regret having to pass on this one for quite some time!

Ultima 3 on Ebay

Ultima 3 Cloth Map