May 10 2014

History making Inde Games – Shoutout for Alkalabeth does an article about historical Indie games which includes a mention of Alkalabeth and Richard Garriott.

What was the greatest age for indie games? – Photo | Red Bull Games.

Akalabeth: World of Doom (Apple II)

Programmed in BASIC by fresh-faced Richard Garriott, Akalabeth: World of Doom is recognised as one of the very first RPG titles. Created when Garriott was still living with his parents, the game was originally sold in plastic zip-lock bags before it gained more widespread publication in 1980. Garriott would go on to form Origin Systems and his famous RPG series Ultima is considered to be a spiritual successor to Akalabeth. Such was his success that Garriott later became one of the world’s first space tourists.

Framed Alkalabeth

May 4 2014

Ultima 1 – The Board game – Free download

Ultima 1 has had a board game created for it.

You can read about it here

Entirety of Ultima 1 Ported to Print-And-Play Board Game | The Escapist.

I don’t know what the copy right concerns may be for something like this, but I guess the creator either checked into it or felt it was ok.

One thing I did find frustrating is HOW to download it, short of grabbing a TON of individual images. There is a dropbox link that after 10 minutes of searching i found for you.


*chuckles* not meant as a dig at the creator at all and I hope he is not insulted if he sees this:

I’ve even created a single ZIP file that has all the files in one set zip file! It’s big at 80+ meg but it has everything plus the rule book!

I guess its a matter of perspective. I remember owning my first 20 meg hard drive. On the other hand Im at about 21 TB’s of HD storage now at home (sorry Mad Hermit, I passed you up!). I could even see adding another 6-8tb in the future.. and 300+ gig caps with my internet provider would be a concern! So to me this was small!

The down side to this item is you have to print it all out. It also looks like youd have some cutting and the like to do as well. More work then im willing to jump into, but hopefully its self published soon for those that just want to buy a copy! I am a bit OCD’ish about such things, if I was going to print it it would be on card stock, full color, and I would be making perfect cut’s with a Matt board. The costs for paper and ink combined with the time, end up being more then If I just bought it from somewhere πŸ™‚

If you print it out and try it, come back and drop a comment on what you thought! Or send me a review and I will publish it for you.

Ankh Quill

May 2 2014

Hoe of destruction becomes reality!

Ok, a lot of jokes can be made here and I fully admit that I’m working hard to avoid them. Seriously though this latest creation of William O Billman II is awesome! For you old Ultima fans that Remember the Hoe of Destruction, a real life version has been created! I love the handle on this thing. If you do not remember it from game, then it’s not going to mean much to you.

Be sure to also check out his Shroud of the Avatar Geocaching project’s with a Shroud of the Avatar theme

GC50PW1 The Wisps of Braemar (Unknown Cache) in Maryland, United States created by Captain XJ and Starbuck2011.

Awesome stuff! I hope to never upset this man as this thing could do some serious damage.



March 16 2014

Celebrating the Birthday of ultima 8 – Origin Museum style!

At the Suggestion of Joe Garrity, To celebrate the 20th Birthday of Ultima 8 lets take a look at the Ultima 8 Lost Vale Developer notes. Wait – You never heard of Ultima 8 the lost Vale? Thats because it never happened! It was a expansion for Ultima 8 that just never made publication. However thanks to Joe Garrity and his work the dvelopment documents for it WHERE preserved!

They are hosted over on Ultima Codex as well as a summary write-up of some of what they would have meant story wise. You can download them as a .pdf as well. Here’s the direct path:

The Lost Vale Plot Documents.

Happy Birthday U8!

Ankh Quill

March 16 2014

Yesterday was Ultima 8, 20th birthday

According to Ultima Codex.. Wait a minute. 20 years? DAMMIT! I’m getting old!!!

Right then. Apparently Yesterday was the 20th Birthday of Ultima 8. To me it also signifies the death of a fantastic series as it was the last Ultima game! We shall pretend 9 doesn’t exist! *winks* (Although it wasn’t bad just not near what we had come to love).

Here’s to 20 years from now celebrating Shroud of the Avatar Release 20!

So pull your Ultima 8 off the shelf and go through it for a few minutes before putting it back as a way to celebrate!

Here is the article from Ultima Codex

Ultima 8 Was Released Twenty Years Ago, As of Today.

Ultima 8

Ultima 8