March 29 2015

News for the masses

So if your in R16 yet, you may want to do the hat quest.. oh wow, I’m suppose to be doing that tonight.. Right…

*The next day*

So if your like me you got your R16 hat quests done a bit later then planned, then got side tracked and forgot about a blog draft you where working on!

If your not like me you may need to know how to do that which is where one of my favorite Hermits will help you out!

Shroud of the Avatar: How To Get The Black Lepus Mask – YouTube.

Looks like SotA got a little press over on this Italian website for R16.

Shroud of the Avatar: Release 16 – MMORPG ITALY.

MMORPG did another large piece on Shroud of the Avatar for R16. You can find that just by clicking over….

Shroud of the Avatar | Release 16 – Defying Tech-Debt | MMORPG.

On a similar note if you had missed it here was a really good one that MMORPG posted for R15.

Shroud of the Avatar | Release 15: Unity 5 and Crafting | MMORPG.

Not to be missed, they also did this one for R14!

Shroud of the Avatar | Robert Lashley | Shroud's Release 14 Walkabout | MMORPG.

Worth playing put out a piece in regards to Shroud switching over to Unity 5.

Worthplaying | 'Shroud of the Avatar' Upgrades To Unity 5 Engine.

Here it is again, footage from the first wedding in Shroud of the Avatar compliments of the Mad hermit. I really wish I could have made this event!

Shroud Of The Avatar First Wedding In New Britannia – YouTube.

Holt Ironfell has a tribute song up over here that you can listen to and if you really like it you can purchase a copy.

Forsaken Stones (Trance Tribute to Shroud of the Avatar) – YouTube.

Be sure you read this interview from the Escapist with Starr Long. Great interview!

| | The Escapist.

I am excited that Tracy Hickman will be doing a book for Underworld Ascendant. It’s definitely making the news and Gamsutra was one of those that did a piece about it.

Gamasutra – Press Releases – Tracy Hickman stretch goal for Underworld Ascendant.

Ankh Quill

March 6 2015

A few pieces of old news!

Yes, Stile is still alive! After a lot of work hours im STARTING to get caught back up on enough life stuff that fell behind, im not just dipping my toes back into playing catch-up on SotA stuff.

Ill still get all the stuff in my vault out to you, even if its a bit old. Might be some things you didn’t see on your own elsewhere that are of interest to you!

Thanks to my team for their support in picking up my slack in times like this! Ok, and launching…3…2..1…


I do plan on doing some news pieces on Underworld Ascendant. I do not know how heavily I will cover things on that but I definitely feel its connection to Shroud of the Avatar is so great it can’t be left out on my site! I am a backer myself and was very excited by this announcement and made sure there was money in my account to cover it!

Tracy Hickman is writing a Novel! Woot! I must get this!

700k Stretch goal reached! Tracy Hickman novel unlocked!

via <a href=”;s=11″>OtherSide on Twitter: “700k Stretch goal reached! Tracy Hickman novel unlocked! Next up, LIZARDMEN! @trhickman”</a>.


New to SotA? Haven’t been on in a while? Need to meet some people? Go on the welcome quest! They are being ran every two weeks. Here’s a recent forum thread:

<a href=’′>Welcome Quest in R15 this Saturday the 28th! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum</a>.


US Gamer has a nice little article over here. The title pretty much says as much as I would!

<a href=’’>Axe of the Blood God Episode 2: Lord British Offers his Blessing | USgamer</a>.


Richard shares a photo of the sheer volume of people at Pax East 2015 with us on twitter.

<a href=’;s=11′>Richard Garriott on Twitter: &quot;OMG! This is but a fraction of the thousands in line for the opening of @PAXEAST2015;</a>.



February 8 2015

A whole lotta more stuff!

I think from what we are seeing so far it is clear that Shroud of the Avatar will have some strong ties to the single player game Underworld Ascendant which comes from Ultima Underworld, a game near and dear to my heart (and in my collection!). As such I put a page for it under the links section of my site and I plan on kickstarting it (just waiting to see if we have a cross promotion right now).

Well, im not the only one! The community is already getting a wiki going and its being done by a lot of names you should recognize. Go read it for yourself!

UnderWiki: The Underworld Ascendant Wiki – The Ultima Codex.

Looking for a lot in game? Not sure where to find one? Saw an empty one don/t need it but will share it? There was a thread for that for R13 and tradition is being carried over into R14. So go find it here and tell them the Caverns helped you find them!

R14 available lots!!! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Do you like to decorate houses? Testing the decoration system for R14? just want to win free stuff? Then enter the decoration contest!

Decoration contest! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

As a side note I’m really excited to see how many of my guild members are in this event. GO TEAM!

Bear Tavern has another PvP event taking place called Guild vs. Guild. Taking place on 2/22/15 go read about it all here!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Guild vs Guild (Expression of Interest) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ankh Quill

February 7 2015

A Whole lotta stuff

The Mad Hermit never seems to stop putting out pieces of aid to the community! Need gold? He is going to show you how to be rich beyond your dreams and then you CHOOSE to live in a little hovel alone somewhere in the woods.. because your CRAZZZZYYYYY…

Shroud Of The Avatar – Money Making Guide – R14 – YouTube.

All Reporters Gathering! This is a thing! How cool is that? Winfield posted about this new occurrence taking place over in the Sota Forums. Heres a little snippet of what he has to say!

To discuss how news and information from inside New Britannia is reported and documented.
To compare ideas to help consolidate and prevent duplication of services.
To envision how information will last for decades for all to use.
To share knowledge about existing or planned services.
To educate each other on best methods for discovering, uncovering, reporting, and documenting information.

Now I know your saying.. “Stile, how soon are you getting in on this?”. To be honest, I am not. I think its fantastic, a great group and they have my support! However for me personally I have a dull plate of projects and activities that I am already trying to wrap up so I can maintain my core stuff and focus on my guild and new in game projects. Im not going to add new projects to my plate! Although I hope to maybe poke my head in from time to time as time allows.

However I think this is a fantastic opportunity to grow a great community within our big community. TWO THUMBS UP!

So were in R14 now your playing it, the graphics are looking good. Maybe some things still need some work. Well, compare it to where we where are R13 and where we are going by catching the R13 Post Mortum!

Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 13 Postmortem – YouTube.

Kenneth Kully got something really cool in the mail and it shows you why being a part of this community is so fantastic! Head over and see what he had to say and exactly showed up in his mail!

In Which Rustic Dragon and Richard Garriott Leave Me Humbled – The Ultima Codex.

Ultima Underworld returns via Kickstarter – Article over at bit Gamer

Ultima Underworld returns via Kickstarter |

The Bear Tavern Brawl is hosting an event this Saturday! “Tag Team”, Read all about it!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Tag Team! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The Recap band.. LIVEEE IN NEW YORK!!!!!!! How cool is this??!?!?!?!?!?

Our first local NY show is happening! 3/7 @ The Skyline in Middletown.

Damn, wish I could go!!

Recap on Twitter: "Our first local NY show is happening! 3/7 @ The Skyline in Middletown.".

The Bear cavern starts a new community group called “The Beran League”

To one and all,

The community of The Bear Tavern has slowly but surely grown over its recent past, attracting visitors from all walks of life. Now well beyond the scope and scale of that originally intended, it has been decided that a different approach should be taken to support the community as a whole. As such, on the evening of the 3rd of February, the High Council of Beran’s Reach voted on and approved the formal creation of The Beran League, an organisation encompassing a range of Towns, Guilds and Businesses. This represents our first step in founding something bigger, a move which promises to deliver greater opportunities and events for those who wish to be involved. Our little community has begun to grow up.

This isn’t the only news. Alongside our current circle, our long-term friends within The Moongate Travellers together with their Player Town of Rifts End will be joining us. I would like to wish them a formal welcome, a matter that seems somewhat redundant since we know many of them well already! I look forward to go out into the world alongside the good folk of MGT470 on dungeon raids and event nights in the future.

Go catch all the details!
The Beran League – Guilds and Land Owners Unite | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

News Cast by Matthew over in the Google community can be found here!

Episode 11 is here!.

It looks like if I am understanding this correctly, that home decorating services are being offered.

Need design work done for your home in #NewBritannia ? Like this page and….

The Shroud of the Avatar Box art was revealed!

Shroud of the Avatar on Twitter: "Heya @djWHEAT Care to add SotA: FV box art to Twitch Games Directory?".

Shroud of the Avatar Alpha Testing Release Box Artwork

Massively has an article up about the free hat quest in R14

Shroud of the Avatar's release 14: FREE HAT | Massively.

German Shroud of the Avatar interview! our Lord British tweeted about this over here, Richard Garriott on Twitter: "Hope its complimentary, don't speak German: Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – Interview via @gamona".

You can go view the interview here, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – Interview.

Until I send more your way,
Stile Teckel