May 30 2016

Airman Cave in Austin Texas

One of the things I sometimes find very entertaining are the side conversations that come up on occasion with Richard Garriott and others, like Iolo, on Twitter.

Recently some conversation took place about Airman Cave, and well, I am The Caverns! I was curious! This place sounds really cool, and according to Richard Garriott, he went in many times. This place sounds scary! More on that in a moment, let me give you the mentioned convo.

So I did a little research. There is a great article written by someone describing the experience.

You cannot crawl through, you have to get on your back and ‘shimmy’ 1 cm. at a time to get through. Your arms are pinned to your side. Your face is inches away from the ceiling limestone, with its cold dank smell and rough cracked surface. The shimmy process goes on for about 20 feet, but takes long minutes to finish.

You can read the whole article over here on Austin Life.

Wikipedia has some interesting factual information about the place.

I haven’t had a chance to go explore the cave virtually with others yet, but have it on my watch list to do so soon! This video in particular looks like its well made.