March 25 2016

General Status Update

If you follow me at all you know that for almost a week to go by without many pieces is a bit unusual yet also not a reason to worry, it happens.

Wow, has it been a rough week! Had a day at work that I didn’t get out until 11 PM! At this point, I haven’t had a night with 8 hours of sleep in a couple of days. I would love to grab more than that tonight but am grateful I will be able to catch 8. Have some plans tomorrow.

The plan is to catch up, at least, some things this weekend and I have a few articles I need or want to do. So unless something beyond my knowledge comes up, you should see some things coming out of The Caves!!

In the meantime, I will leave you with this!

Someone knew I liked Shooter Jenning’s Countach Limited Edition Shirt and was kind enough to get me one. Not only a fan of the art and the shirt, but I love the way the Wayfarer’s came out on the thing as I happen to be a fan of them. Own a pair I ended up getting for about 25.00 a while back (new, long story involving a lot of credits and a cyber sale).

So decided to model for you!

March 16 2016

New Britannia Theater Troupe to Present In Shroud of the Avatar – Where is Shooter Jennings!

That’s not the official title, of course, just taking some poetic license there!

I am sure that no by doubt you fully know that Shooter Jennings debut his album Countach in Shroud of the Avatar.

WHERE DID HE GO DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE EVENT? If you didn’t know, he vanished right during the midst of the party from the Bear Tavern. WHAAATTT???

Then later he shows up in a Tower in Vengeance… AND TO THIS DAY, NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!! [pullquote]AND TO THIS DAY NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!![/pullquote]

Well The New Britannia Theater Troupe knows, and Fourteen talented voice actors are going to come together and with the help of Avatars Radio you will find out!

The adventure will broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. You can also join the listening party at the Bear Tavern in game as well! [pullquote]9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT[/pullquote]

Here is a quote from Asclepius of the NBTT himself that he just turned into me on a scroll.

The recent Shooter Jennings party for the launch of his album “Countach” was possibly the biggest thing to ever happen in game. But the question remains – why did Shooter disappear at the height of the party in the Bear Tavern? And why was he found much later in a tower in Vengeance? What happened to him between those times?

As a result of extensive research, the New Britannia Theater Troupe can bring you, for the first time, the real truth behind these events, and the dramatic, previously unknown secrets that threatened to rock the very foundations of New Britannia.

Fourteen of the community’s best voice actors have come together to create a compelling and dramatic tale of bravery and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds. They have poured their hearts and souls into this production, and I consider it to be one of the finest we have ever produced.

You are all invited to return to the Bear Tavern – where the adventure initially started – for a Listening Party. The adventure will be broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. Join us for an ale (or two) and hear the adventure unfold as we share in the experience together via the Aether Vibration Amplifiers.

The Bear Tavern is in Beran’s Reach, north of Brittany, or just zone to Gabriel Nightshadow. See you there!

Lord Asclepius

There is a forum thread with the details as well that you can also post a note in. Go over, post a note and put on it “Stile sent me”. Please? That way they know, I don’t just sit on my ass? *winks*

March 11 2016

International Business Times Talks About Shooter Jennings and Shroud of the Avatar

This just dropped into my inbox. While I wish I could have stayed longer at the event I am glad I was able to, at least, show up! This could go a long way towards bringing more players into the game as well. It’s a nice write-up with some great info, and it’s a short read!

Why Shooter Jennings Premiered A Country Rock Tribute To Giorgio Moroder Inside A Role-Playing Game

If you haven’t ordered your copy of the album yet, go grab one!

Waiting on my CD to arrive but I did hang mine!

February 26 2016

Properly Displaying Your Pink Countach

Hopefully you have had an opportunity to listen to the New Shooter Jennings Album, Countach. I caught a little bit of it myself live inside the Video Game, Shroud of The Avatar but had to leave the party fairly early. As to why this is my first post on a Friday night? My Pink Vinyl copy arrived today in the mail and was waiting for me when I got home!

I don’t even own a Record Player any longer and I have no intention of opening this. Why buy it?

Well the artwork itself is superb! I figure the album can be hung as a poster and isn’t much more than a poster in cost. I LOVE the art on this. I have just the place for it. Add to that Richard Garriott is on it and while I wasn’t there long, I WAS at the Shroud of the Avatar party where the Album was Debuted. This is just full of nostalgia!

Whatever your reason may be for getting one if you did, you may be planning on hanging it. No worries, I put my experience as a shopper (I do it for a living) to work and found the best priced display for my needs on Amazon and am sharing it with you! May not meet the display needs of everyone but if you like this the price seems solid. I HAVE NOT purchased this yet! I am assuming from the reviews that it works as it is supposed to.

If you are a Prime member and not in a rush, get the no rush shipping and grab that media credit. This is Prime eligible and since I used a LOT of media from Amazon on a regular basis I actually include the no rush shipping credits into my price comparisons.

About No Rush Shipping

Now that was the one I shopped for my needs. I did a quick search for you for on some other options that have a good price, and decent reviews. I did not spend a lot of time making sure this is the best price though.

If your after not just display but also preservation, be sure to get UV protection. Even if you do not have sun exposure the exposure from the regular lighting in your home will cause damage over time.

All of that out of the way, I started saving some articles over the last couple of weeks on this entire album and it’s debut. I never ended up publishing anything because it would have been hard for most people to NOT catch it from another source.. Well, and honestly I had a very rough week last week and I am a bit behind. Also there was just no point in trying to share all of the articles.. to many of them!

Here are a few though just in case you didn’t see any of them.


Wide Open Country



[pullquote]DID YOU CAST YOUR VOTE?![/pullquote] If you feel this is the most anticipated album of 2016, be sure to hurry over and vote on it! It only takes a couple of clicks, they made it simple. As yes, I voted! My vote may not be honest if Recap get’s their next album out this year.. but it wasn’t on the list anyway so, I guess either way I voted truly for Countach!

February 13 2016

Television Commercial for Shooter Jennings Upcoming Album “Countach” on Youtube

If you missed it in the news previously, Shooter Jennings is going to debut this Album from within The Shroud of The Avatar Game on 2/22/16 at 7PM CST. Possibly a World’s first!

If you want to learn a little bit moer before that though, this commercial has been published over on Youtube.

If you haven’t yet you can hop over to Amazon and pre-order this in either CD, .MP3, or Pink Vinyl. That way you’ll be sure to get it right away. Don’t wait too much longer as it releases soon!