September 15 2015

Sir Frank chats with Denis Loubet

So Sir Frank was just recently in Austin, hanging out with the big boys and doing interviews!

He got this posted up over on You Tube so since we could not join him in person we where able to join him virtually!

Something I was not aware of until recently is that you can buy some of Denis Loubet’s classic art as pendants! This is really cool.. Except for the part I have no money to buy any, they look awesome!

April 23 2015

Ok, so you Got Milk or what not but what are you going to drink it in?!?

Relics by Rild has the answer to that. What you need is some Shroud of the Avatar Glassware!

Shroud of the avatar Glass

SotA Logo Pint Glass — Relics by Rild.

Don’t forget the shot glass as well, although I am going to talk more about the pint glass!

Now the timing on these was pertty cool for me. I was recently setting up my kitchen to make it fast an easy to drink waters with flavor additives (I.e. Cool Aid, Tang, Mio, etc). A glass at a time… So I ordered up a handful of these babies and.. have been using nothing else for a couple of weeks!

I am choosing to hand wash mine for better care and to keep them in shape, however to do a proper review I did run one through the dishwasher. No issues at all! Came out as sparkly nice as when it was new.

Now I don’t know where Rild is at on the “numbers” of things, but these are from his first run and while completely cool, hes making some revisions before ordering the more final second run. So rares people!

He also is going to be releasing a Colored version and was nice enough to allow me to do a review on it and share it with you. So keep an eye on it coming from the store.. It has a full picture of Lord British on it and you will be able to tell Richard next time you see him “Hey, I drank from you!”… Ill leave the conversation in which the two of you discuss the context between the two of you 🙂

So below are a few images of the glasses in my collection. I am keeping one of each “unused” with my U6 and U7 potion bottles. The rest are on the kitchen fridge ready to be grabbed and used! Ill be ordering at least a few more as he adds more versions, personally.

Word is, we have a new coin coming also! Frank Baxley on Twitter: "For my few twitter followers and @RichardGarriott . Waiting to breathe life into the Golden Oracle.".

Have Shroud related things you are selling and want me to do a review and pass along the word? Contact me!

April 22 2015

MORE COINS~ Frank the Coin Man!

So one of the awesome things I got to do while in Austin was see one of the earliest and best friends I made related to Shroud of the Avatar. I think you all know him… Sir Frank!

Its with great pleasure I got to add his personal coin to my SotA related coin collection. Youll see it in the horrible photo (I so need a decent point and shoot camera) I took below. Its the black one with the shattered moon on it. Come on.. you have seen it before I am sure!

He brought one of those for all the attendees. Even above and beyond a Chaos. vs Order coin was handed out! Not to worry, you CAN buy these at a very reasonable price over at Relics by Rild.

Relics by Rild

*whispers* I really hope those weren’t any different then the store ones or I may cry. I gave mine to Dennis Loubet!

Sir Frank coin added to Collection

*waves hands for a different topic*

*chuckles* on a side note, I recently subscribed to Loot Crate. If you havent before, do it once! Its fun! I mention it here as Sir Frank joined me for the experience.

Here are a few photos of that:


I was fairly happy with this crate. One of my negatives would be.. Why in the hell would you use a red shirt? A logo can be adjusted as far as colors.. So lets send Geeks RED shirts so they turn all their laundry pink? *sighs and shakes head*. Another red to separate for a new load? May be weeks until you have enough reds? Red t-shirts = bad!!!!

Liking the blowup crown. Fun game room prop for my Tabletop room! Same with the Harry Potter Luggage tag (its going on my game room door as a hang tag/sign). Not so sure about the 4gb Game of thrones USB.. Not very portable and doesn’t hold a lot. That may go up on ebay!

Game of Throne magnets are a win! Game room fridge for sure! I have mixed feelings about the bow tie. I often wear a tie in life and I could GET AWAY with wearing a regular tie printed like this one was.. But the chances ill ever be able to wear the bow tie in a real situation plummets because its a bow tie.

All in all though I am happy with my crate, and keeping the subscription at this time!

What where your thoughts on it if you got one? Drop it in the comments!

March 10 2015

Nibbles and tidbits

Really good interview from Redbull with Richard Garriott over here. Some nice screen shots as well! Definitely worth a read.

Shroud of the Avatar: Ultima in all but name.

Don’t miss out on Sir Frank’s writing contest! Hes giving away cool prizes to the winners. You can hit the official forum thread here!

Sir Frank's contest | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

So we’ve all been excited about the community application for mobile that’s been being worked on. You mobile fans will be happy to know Brenton started putting together something for us as well! Crafting, Bestiary, and other cool things! What’s more hes allowing people to get in on the testing also!

Hello. Let me begin with a quick story of how things changed for me. Up until release 14 I had participated with my dev+ account but only to a certain extent out of a bit of frustration. I started off extremely involved from the kickstarter, watching every hangout and chatting in the forums, IRC, etc. Over the time I had to back off and withdraw a bit however. The experience was just really buggy and slow for me and so I had a hard time staying involved being unable to walk through towns and participate in events,etc. Then came r14 and I decided enough was enough and made a trip to my local pc store and upgraded my rig quite significantly. And then…Finally! I could actually walk through Owl’s Head and Ardoris and spin my camera, look around and enjoy the beauty of a game that was unfolding before me. I was hooked again, and it felt great. I was able to go to places people were posting about and try these things out. I was so excited with the everything now that I decided my experience needed an app that I could reference while playing. Bringing up maps and crafting recipes, knowing places to find certain creatures, etc. And so, in the last couple of weeks I made this:

Head over and check out the whole thing! There’s even video!
A little Story and an iPhone App | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

February 25 2014

Improved fonts and new Fonts

Sir Frank and Dame Lori have some new font packages for you. Dame Lori updated her fonts and Sir Frank did a new font version that have a more printed or typewritten look. So if you need some New Britannia Fonts, go over and Catch Dame Lori’s update on it, read all the details, and download them.

Update to Fonts & New Font by Sir Frank – Forsaken Virtues – Shroud of the Avatar.

Or if you would like a Demo. Here you go:
Sir Frank and Dame Lori have some new font packages for you. Dame Lori updated her fonts and Sir Frank did a new font version that have a more printed or typewritten look. So if you need some New Britannia Fonts, go over and Catch Dame Lori’s update on it, read all the details, and download them.

Ankh Quill

February 1 2014

An update on Heraldry!

Sir frank has posted an update on Heraldry in the forums. One I am very happy about. I feel this is great news!

Heraldry | Page 73 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

So, here’s some good news. We’ve sent images to Portalarium, and will follow up with more as we have them ready.

SVG files work best with our website, but Portalarium would like us to send PNG’s, so that is a relief for me.

I had thought we would be limited to sending them a text file of the blazon, and they would build arms from a database of symbols.
I am very happy to have been wrong. Submitting PNG’s gives us a lot more flexibility.
Sir Frank

Here are some questions I have posted and if I hear back on any of them I will share them!

Have you just sent some some test images to get a feel for whats going to work? Or have you started submitting actual player crests? Still following the start with LotM crests and working down plan? Will you be contacting players?

As a side note, Myrcello also posted the Pantheon crest (I am assuming this is official but do not know for sure!)

Pantheon Crest and Shroud of the Avatar Crest

Pantheon Crest and Shroud of the Avatar Crest

(Note For Tumblr users. If you see this posted twice, no worries. Im testing out different auto publishers to see how they post to it!).