June 13 2017

Catching Up With Shroud of the Avatar and It’s Developers

I’ve been behind a bit, as I am sure you have noticed. So, I am taking the time to catch up on things here and there as able. Why don’t you do it with me?

First, if you have heard ANY rumors I myself as a Shroud of the Avatar player am leaving the game, just NIX that! Love the game and am not going anywhere. I have decided I held more assets than I could use and am selling some of them down.

If you are interested you can see MOSTLY full lists here. Prices are negotiable, I’ll bring the ones that are high down in time, and would love to hear from you!
WTS – HUGE List of Items – With More Coming! – 6/11/17 r2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

House and Basement Deeds for Sale – Large List – 6/13/2017 r1 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Being that I also own an online store, it was an easy decision to take this activity into that. As such I am also selling at Caveloot.com I have a LOT to add to the store, but items are being added daily!

I am also willing to purchase items, accounts, and other things at bulk, OR sell your items for you on commission!! Want something sold on commission or want to sell quickly? Just drop by they Caveloot.com store and use the contact form to drop me a note and I will go over the commission program with you. If you’re looking for a quick sale, send me the list!

Contact – Caveloot.com

Now that my plug and efforts to dispell any false rumors are complete, let’s see where I last left off in the SotA news!

I am sure you know that Portalarium does spotlights on Player Owned Towns. Did you know MMO Examiner posted a piece, about them doing that?

Shroud Of The Avatar Highlights Player Town Port Phoenix – MMOExaminer

Need some new Bling Bling? How about a Ring? Go Chaos or Order (Ankh) with one of our community own on Shapeways, Whitefyre Crafts By Andrew Head.

Whitefyre Crafts
By Andrew Head

Kicking back in the recliner and firing up Shroud of the Avatar on a PS4 or Xbox One? Hmm.. *imagines it*. Yeah, call me old school, but I just can’t personally imagine not being on a gaming rig with good gear, but to each their own.

Fact is, it has not crossed off the list, that could be possible some day. Ultima Codex tells you more about it here.

Shroud of the Avatar: Console Ports May Be Explored, “Eventually” – The Ultima Codex

Ok folks, that’s all for today! I WILL have more coming soon and until then, I hope to see you in the other world!

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May 28 2016

Reporting That I have collected All of the Ultima Virtues in Real Life!

Sort of anyway. I mean if the artwork is Denis Loubet’s, turned from virtual into 3D printed item, and you buy one of each, that sort of qualifies! Which is the collection I have been reviewing for you for something like a year now, and the last two items from Alternate Universe, Denis Loubet’s store on Shapeways, came in today!

Before I show you cool photos of the entire collection, though, let’s take a quick look at the two last pieces I was waiting on.


I purchased honesty in blue plastic as I had not tried any of the standard plastics on the virtues. I expected this to be a smooth plastic but instead it is sort of grainy with some texture to it. I like that a lot more as it gives the piece something to feel and touch. As I did expect it is very light, so depending on whether you like having weight or do not like having weight will make this a right or wrong choice for you.

Last but not least is the Swept Ankh. This is the smaller of the two versions in the store, and I ordered it in Matte Black Steel. For my personal preferences, I like the weight of this piece a lot more than the larger one, but it all depends on your personal tastes.

Without further Ado, enjoy these awesome photos to properly enjoy the eye candy!

May 13 2016

Have Some Compassion and Heart For Denis Loubet on Shapeways

It is time for another review of one of Denis Loubet’s Pieces From Shapeways! This time, I am taking a look at the Heart version of Compassion done in Raw Brass.

Like all the virtue medallions in the store, the jewelry itself is typically cool. Same design around the edges and a nice 3D Heart in the center. Rune’s spelling out compassion on the reverse side.

What surprised me though is how SHINY the raw brass. It is even shinier than the gold finishes I have reviewed previously. Perhaps the only piece that is as shiny I have done so far is Rose Gold Plated. So if bright and bling is your thing you might want to try the Raw Brass.

BONUS LOOT! Speaking of Shapeways and 3D printing. Be sure to check this out!

May 7 2016

I’m In Love With Denis Loubet On Shapeways

Or rather it is time to review my favorite creator on Shapeways, Denis Loubet on Shapeways, and his Love in Polished Gold Steel.

I am jubilant with the finish on this piece. It is very evenly colored with no blemishes that are evident. It has a nice finish on it, but it is not made to be over the top glossy which I do not like as it looks like you are trying to hard.

A finish I can give a 100% positive recommendation on for Denis Loubet’s Medallions!

The Black Ball Chain in my photos is from a pack of 30 I picked up off of Amazon. The exact ones I ordered out of stock but the image is a link to a comparable package at a good price if you need some!


April 18 2016

Denis Loubet and Gem Treasures on Shapeways – Codex, Courage, and Serpents oh my, oh my, ohhhh myyyy

I did an earlier Shapeways on a piece I had ordered in Polished Gray Steel, The Humility Medallion. This one I am about to talk about also came from The Alternate Universe store by Denis Loubet. This time, we are taking a look at his Courage medallion first.

If you did not read the review in question, do so while I wait. Ok great so, now that you read that, you know I felt the color did not seem like what I expected, and there was a sort of gradient taking place on the back giving me the impression it was coated wrong in some way.

I would say I was correct! This piece came in without any of the gradients, and the color is more what I would expect. So something to keep in mind if you get something you think MAY be off and if it bothers you (I did not mind in this case), contact them. No matter how good you are, mistakes happen, and I have heard they are good about fixing them.

What you see now is the newest edition to the Alternate Universe store. The “Codex Medallion Revisited”, ordered from Shapeways using Matte Black Steel.

I am sure you have already noticed some white posts. What that is is where the black coating did not get into the crevices fully. I have what I need to take care of this myself and once I do your won’t be able to tell the difference.

I have noticed in general that the Bronze, Grey’s, and Blacks seem to have a higher chance of coming with an issue like this. Either inconsistency in the color or a spot(s) that did not get completely coated. Something to be aware of. On the other hand, I have seen no issues with any of the brighter colors such as Copper, silver, gold, etc.

I ordered this in Black because I knew most people would get this piece in silver or gold. I fully admit it is more meant for such a color, but I am trying to do a wide variety in my collection and be a bit different on some. I also don’t like wearing flashy pieces often.

As far as the design work itself goes it is fantastic!!!! I expected a more round and even medallion, and this has a lot more going on than that. It has a concaveness to it that keeps the weight down even though it’s larger. I’ve tried to show this in some of the photos with the pennies.

Overall I love it! If I was ordering again, I think I would do it in Bronze. I plan on fixing the white spots in a day or two though and wearing it shortly after! Another winning piece.

Frank Baxley Tweeted these over on Twitter if you want to take a closer look at a couple of other options.

Finally (no really, finally. I need to eat dinner and get ready for bed!), hot off the presses Gem Treasure Designs has added 3D printable version of his officially licensed, Lord British, “Silver Serpent Pendant” to Shapeways.

Used under license from Portalarium. This is the first officially licensed Shroud of the Avatar piece of jewelry!

From Shroud of the Avatar, “Few remember the great earth snake, from whence Lord British took on this symbol. Now all those who would fight by his side, wear it, so they might know each other and recognize their mutual devotion to the lands of New Britannia!”.

I do NOT have one from the store on Shapeways I can review for you. I do have one of his previously made Silver versions that you can still buy (there’s a link on the Shapeways store). I am jubilant with it, and you can do a search to find reviews I have done in the past if you want to know more.

This gives you a chance to get your own, at a lower cost, and with other options.

March 27 2016

Denis Loubet Adds 3D Porcelain Printed Ankh on Shapeways ~+~ Stan Lee Autograph Giveaway

Denis Loubet recently announced the addition of a new item to His Shapeways store. Check it out!

This 3D Printed Ankh, in thickly glazed porcelain, is available on my Shapeways storefront…

Posted by The Art of Denis Loubet on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stan Lee and Geekfuel Subscription Box has teamed up for a giveaway. Valued at $250.00 an autographed copy of an “Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir” (Deluxe, Slipcase, Signed Edition)”.

You can use this link to enter the giveaway.

Don’t win and want to buy a copy? Here you go on Amazon! Both versions. You know, in case you do not wish to spend a lot for it and didnt get one in Geekfuel this moenth because you don’t subscribe.

March 14 2016

GET 10$ OFF ON SHAPEWAYS ~+~ My Humility Both From Denis Loubet and You ~+~ Following on Shapeways

Ok, first up – use this Promo code on Shapeways if its is your first order for that account. If it’s not your first order then I suggest haveing your wife, mom, dad, and each of your kids making an account and getting some shopping done! HERE’s THE CODE d3rfi [pullquote]HERE’s THE CODE d3rfi[/pullquote]

Humility and some musing on what it means to me. If you don’t care skip to the next horizontal break for the next topic.

Humility is a virtue that hit’s very home for me. Over the last three years, I have had a blog rate which averages at close to 3 per day and continues still at that average. I am not embarrassed or ashamed by this; I am proud of it. I enjoy it; my work helps people, and it is allowing me to explore ways to achieve true happiness in my life.

It has also caused a lot of recognition for me in particular communities and with certain people. More than I have ever achieved as an individual.

I think that you could have two things happen to you as an individual when that happens. Perhaps more, I am unsure. One that is obvious to me is, of course, it could boost one’s ego. I will sometimes feel a definite ego boost when I am retelling a story to someone about this thing that happened.

That is not wrong. One should have pride in their work, and you deserve to have a little bit of an ego. These emotions help give you drive, creativeness, and allow you to understand them in others. Balance is important, though, the Yin Yang that applies to so many things. Ego and pride both have their place. At the proper times and in the proper amount.

For me something indeed happened I never expected, though. It made me feel very undeserving. It often still does, as if I am doing something wrong. It often makes me feel like, hey.. I just do this thing because I had fun with it and wanted to lend a hand to people. Yeah, I wanted some credit and recognition but this thing *insert a thing* is way more than I could have ever even hoped for and thus it is more than I deserve!

For me.. The result of all that added together is I feel very very humbled. It has made me want to be a better person and as a result, of that, I have become a better person and continue to strive to be even better. For emotionally, even if not always logically, I do feel that I need to earn those things given to me by my readers, those I work with, and those that promote me.

I have changed and grown more as an individual in the last three years than in the decade or more before. Not all of them have been good; some have been due to growing older, and I have no control of them. However the changes I can change by choice have been for the better in my life are very much due to this virtue.

So Humility as a symbol from Denis Loubet on Shapeways is a piece that I will deeply relate to when I wear it. Also, I hope that when I have this one on, and my ego is more than it should feel it’s weight, and it will remind me that I need to be a bit more humble as well.

Onto the actual product review!

I’m just going to skip onto the metal/finish on this as we already know how the medallions come out on these. Denis did a fantastic job; they are ten on a 1-10, or I wouldn’t be doing these out of my very very tight and limited yearly budget.

Polished Gray Steel, though? Honestly? I don’t know that is what this is. I suspect there may be an error in this piece from Shapeways. Perfectly ok as these things happen, and it doesn’t bother me. Considering the number of parts I have ordered they do a good work and errors IF this is even one is obviously the exception.

I make mistakes and so I will always expect them and TRY to be understanding of them from others, so long as it’s within what is reasonable for a human who is trying.

I may be wrong, though. My first impression was this was bronze or copper by mistake. I compared it to some of my other pieces, and while close it does have a slight variation. In inspecting it under the light, the finish also does not look as evenly applied as most. Finally, it looks nothing like the images that the website generates for this finish. Those are generated and have a disclaimer but regardless this is night and day!

Ok so, if I were a normal customer I would drop them a note, and I am sure they would correct it. So don’t take this as a negative review!

Instead, I am going to order my next piece in the same finish type again. If it comes out more like how I expect I can confirm it was just an error and do a review of the actual piece.

If not, then well know the Gray just isn’t all that Gray. End of the day if it was a mistake, this piece is unique as its a blend of a couple or some such. Jet cleaning issue? Did a clog come loose? I find it intriguing and fascinating and will be happy to own one that’s a slight bit different. If it was my only one and I had been dead set on gray? Or if this was a precious metal? Different story!


You can follow users on Shapeways. That said, I would appreciate it if you followed me! The benefit to you is getting sneak peeks at my upcoming pieces as well. Although that is not a guarantee every time as I do have other people that place orders, Kickstart, and other such things on my behalf so that I can sometimes surprise people regardless.

As a blogger though my credibility for projects is often based on my analytical’s. I don’t what all I will be doing with Shapeways in the future but if it’s not hurting you to do so, increasing my followers may be of help to me. Thank you!


If you are interested in Denis Loubet’s work jump to his page here and choose following on the upper left.

March 4 2016

Key of Truth On Shapeways

I have been reviewing the Denis Loubet pieces on Shapeways now for some time. I still have a lot of those to go so I don’t know when or if I will ever be able to do a review on this piece or not. I certainly hope the finances allow it at some point as it looks sweet!

Regardless it is very cool, related to Ultima, and get’s into that whole 3D printing thing that I was talking about in another piece recently.

One part of the Key of Three, representing the Principle of Truth, this key unites with its brethren to be used in finally acquiring the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom in the 1985 CRPG Ultima

You could get it done in different materials and colors since you would order three pieces to combine into one key. Great cosplay item from an awesome game series and certainly a neat item to be added to Shapeways.

Head on over to the store, read the rest of the details and see what the other options are! Do me a favor and if you order, just say “The Caverns sent me.”. It’s not hard!


Side Tunnel!

So I am guessing by the number of reviews this thing has on it, this is one of those things everyone else knows about and I came into the know late. At least, it SEEMS cool but while I have installed it, I haven’t put it to use yet. The reviews back it up.

What am I talking about? This Google Chrome app (I am guessing you can get it for all browsers but you would need to check). It is called “Honey” and it fills in discount codes for you when your ordering from websites.

I can’t begin to tell you how much time I spend doing searches for a promo code when I am about to place an order for this or that, usually going through a bunch of them that do not work before finding one that does and all that sort of thing. This is a cool thing!

So then after I set up the cool app I see they have one of those share the joy with your friends referral program sort of things. If you’re interested in it, here you go! joinhoney.com/ref/fhmtlk

If you’re not interested, that’s good too. Peace!

February 28 2016

Let’s Get Into the Spirit with Shapeways and Denis Loubet

You got it, it is time to do another review on one of the Denis Loubet pieces from his Shapeways store. This time we are taking a look at Spirituality in Polished Bronze Steel.

Displayed on a bedding of Spider Silk is a piece I really like. I did not show scale on the images this time as it is the same size as the last several medallions.

The ankh has different depths at how far it comes out from the base metal. Its very clean cut, easy to see, really love the detail!

I like this as its a darker and duller metal without being black. Yet at the same time it has just enough sparkle that you will know its metal.

The back for some reason is by far more reflective and sparkly then the front. I am guessing that may have something to do with a broader and more flat surface. I like that aspect though as the front is what I and others would see when I am wearing it. At the same time if I was take show it to someone more personally than that, it adds another level of depth to the piece.

Top rating on this on all aspects, the metal is great, and the detail on this medallion is amazing. I am wearing this one for the next few days!

February 27 2016

Project Idea for the SotA Community

One of the things the Shroud of the Avatar Community does well is work together. Whether it is coming together to create graphics, music, or code they have a record of coming together to deliver amazing and ground breaking products.

One of the things I have seen a lot of the community members involved in, is 3D printing. 3D printing is taking off by storm of late and everyone that can, seems to be dabbling in it in some fashion. I myself Kickstarted a Tiko last year and am looking forward to that coming to my home soon!

Not everyone may realize how much interest in this there is. as I am seeing it everywhere but very scattered. A piece on Twitter, Facebook, a forum, A group here or there. Add it all up and it seems pretty significant.

I would like to see a 3D printing community launched from the Shroud of the Avatar community [pullquote]I would like to see a 3D printing community launched from the Shroud of the Avatar community[/pullquote] so am tossing the idea out there for anyone that may have an interest.

Focus on things related to SotA and the Ultimas, so long as they do not break any copy rights or TOS’s and all that. As well as the stuff those in the community make, and anything else that has an interest to the Gamer’s and our other interests.

I dont have the time to run such a site, but i’d be willing to host and help get one set up if someone wanted to do it. Obviously this is going to be a smaller audience interest as it would be limited to those who have 3d printers. It could also be used for discussion, helping each other out with file conversions, maybe some printing services, links to other online resources, etc..

I don’t feel it would hurt anyones Shapeways business, and only those files people WANT to share would be shared and that are ok to do so from legal standpoints. Just an in addition to, I would love a resource like this that is driven from this community, whether i’m involved in it or not.

So if you like this idea please feel free to run with it. Contact me if you would like any assistance but if not, no worries!

Until we do get such a community resource of this nature I would not only would like to invite those among the community but also to ask, come visit my discussion forums. I created a forum for 3D printing and have made it public. This will give us a place to share some tips, suggestions, ideas, and files, until such a time as someone is willing to put some work into a better resource.


The examples I have shown on this post are just a few I have seen. I can easily think of at least another half dozen 3D prints I have seen from the community. I know little about 3D printing but know I am looking forward to learning and printing both! Lets help each other out where it makes sense.

Start sharing downloads of your favorite public domain files on my forum as well as links to your favorite online resources. I have created some posts already for both of these purposes. It is not a good long term solution, but a great way to get started and bring this part of the community together and then maybe we can do something bigger from that point?

Ankh Quill